Danny Bunn deals with more silly quotes from "atheists" even though atheists don't exist in reality. I posted the comment below on my other atheist video which is worth repeating here.
In The Minds of Men
Chapter 14 pgs 394, 395

The central issue in this debate is the belief in the existence of a Supreme Being. Julian Huxley, grandfather of Thomas Huxley and one of the foremost evolutionists of his day, was an unabashed atheist. He pointed out in 1959 that Darwin's real achievement was to 'remove the whole idea of God as the Creator of organisms from the spear of rational discussion' (Tax and Callender 1960, 3:45) The belief in a Supreme Being may at once be recognized as the one essential characteristic of a theistic religion. It is perhaps surprising, however, to find that the belief in a nonexistence of a Supreme Being is also considered to be a (nontheistic) religion. Thus, atheism was formally declared to be a religion by the United States Supreme Court in 1961, together with Buddhism, Ethical Culture, Secular Humanism, and others that do not teach a belief in the existence of God (Bird 1979). The Atheist Church of America and the American Ethical Union, for example, are both bona fide tax-exempt religious organizations.

THINK about what you read. We are all religious but we NEED GOD not religion as man defines it.