A Few Videos dealing with Evolution/Creation and Atheism

Even if all the data point to an intelligent designer, such an hypothesis is excluded from science because it is not naturalistic. -Dr. Scott Todd, Kansas State University, Nature 401(6752):423, Sept. 30, 1999

newpulse (3K) Mount St Helens: An Explosion That Rocked the Worldviews

newpulse (3K)Human Evolution: Is That All You Got?
I have debated a lot of evolutionists, seen a lot of their claims for transitional fossils, monkey men, etc. BUT all so-called proofs for evolution has been discredited a short time later. Here is another transitional fossil that went to the junkyard of human ressoning, so to speak.

newpulse (3K)What is the 'Best' Evidence God Created?
Audiences across the globe have been thrilled with this colorful, eye-catching presentation on some of the most astounding evidences of God's handiwork. The talk builds to an unforgettable conclusion! Do you know what the 'Best Evidence' is that God created?
I must say that I did not agree with his statement at 46:56 about it does NOT matter which version you want to use. IT MOST CERTAINLY DOES, the new bibles are junk and are causing the falling away, they have thousands of contradictions in them. The KJV was the last and perfect bible to come from the correct manuscript line.

Watch these videos on "Creatures that Defy Evolution"
eyes (2K)
y_clr (2K) Woodpecker Defies Evolution

y_clr (2K)Chicken Egg Defies Evolution

y_clr (2K)Pacific Golden Plover Defies Evolution

y_clr (2K)Dragonflies Defy Evolution

y_clr (2K)Bombardier Beetle Defies Evolution

y_clr (2K)Evolutionary Assumptions - Life from dead chemicals?

y_clr (2K)Evolution and our Education System

Above are some short clips from the series, "Creatures that Defy Evolution" This is just a few short clips from his videos, they would be worth your time and money to get the whole series and see how silly evolution is.

Some more videos by Dr. Jobe Martin

Dr. Jobe Martin and Dan Breeding: Gibbons - The World's Greatest Acrobat (Pt 1 of 2)

Dr. Jobe Martin and Dan Breeding: Gibbons - The World's Greatest Acrobat (Pt 2 of 2)

Creation Proclaims - 2.3 Porcupine

Creation Proclaims - 3.1 Alligators

Creation Proclaims - 3.5 Rattlesnake

Creation Proclaims - 3.4 Cougars

Creation Proclaims - 2.5 Dinosaurs

newpulse (3K) Are there animals whose existence defies Evolution?

newpulse (3K) Does DNA prove you were made by an intelligent designer?

Kent Hovind was Right all along!

Dr Dinesh D'Souza POWNS atheist Hitchens (Presuppositional Apologics)

An Atheist Police Detective finds Jesus by Using His Detective Training Techniques

newpulse (3K)Evolution VS God

Amazing Testimony of An Ex Atheist

This scientist does a very good job at tearing evolution apart and exposing just a few of their errors.
Mike Riddle - 4 Power Questions To Ask An Evolutionist (1 of 4)

Mike Riddle - 4 Power Questions To Ask An Evolutionist (2 of 4)

Mike Riddle - 4 Power Questions To Ask An Evolutionist (3 of 4)

Mike Riddle - 4 Power Questions To Ask An Evolutionist (4 of 4)


How DNA Destroys Evolution - Mike Riddle Part 1

How DNA Destroys Evolution - Mike Riddle Part 2a

How DNA Destroys Evolution - Mike Riddle Part 2b

How DNA Destroys Evolution - Mike Riddle Part 3

How DNA Destroys Evolution - Mike Riddle Part 4

How DNA Destroys Evolution - Mike Riddle Part 5

A Good Question, An Amazing Answer! The full debate is below.

Christian - Atheist Debate at UNCG Greensboro - Full Debate
The full deabate did not go near as good as it could have went if the Christian debaters KNEW that the sun does go around the earth, that God does have a perfect word and it is NOT in the new bibles that they were quoting from. The KJV was the last bible to come from the correct manuscript line, ALL new bibles come from corrupt Hebrew and corrupt Greek manuscript lines. The atheist debaters weren't reproved for a lot of nonsense they used such as the fossils of supposedly monkey men which have been proven false years ago, that evolution was a false relgious system, etc.

The Watchmaker (Teleological Argument)

Evolution- Fact of Fiction- Adrian Rogers
Adrian Rogers preaches on the nonsense called evolution.

The God Particle - Todd Friel
NOW if they can just convince people that this Particle that they call "God" is another of the missing links AND can get the majority to "believe" it then they are well on their way to ANOTHER grant, ANOTHER story, ANOTHER copout. Oh well, we all live and learn or at least we pretend we do.
Common sense tells me that it is just another "false" god particle, the Higgs Boson Particle which hasn't been found yet like the missing links from monkey to man have never been found since they were NEVER there to be found. "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,"
God Particle: Higgs Boson - Todd Friel

Common Designer (Romans 1:20)
"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:"

The video below totally destroys the belief by atheists, agnostics, and evolutionists that DNA proves evolution, it does just the opposite for any thinking person. Information comes from intelligence, it does NOT come from matter and energy.
How DNA Destroys Evolution by Mike Riddle.

Lee Strobel - Is The Bible Bogus?

Ph.D. Turns from Atheism to Christ

The Trouble with Atheism (1 of 7)

The Trouble with Atheism (2 of 7)

The Trouble with Atheism (3 of 7)

The Trouble with Atheism (4 of 7)

The Trouble with Atheism (5 of 7)

The Trouble with Atheism (6 of 7)
What is sad about this video, he seems to think that Roman Catholcism is Christian and it isn't. They are speaking on religion in this part and as far as religions, the Roman Catholic Church is next to Atheism in killing people who would not submit to their ways or beliefs JUST as Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Mao Zedong killed millions who would NOT submit to their authority. Both systems, Roman Catholicism and Communism built on atheism killed millions.

The Trouble with Atheism (7 of 7)
In this one where he is interviewing Richard Dawkins, Dawkins tries his best to say that all the killings, murders done by Marx was because of Marxism and NOT atheism. I thought that was funny.

The Great Dinosaur Deception Exposed - Dr. Thomas Kindell

In the link below, the creationist does a very good job showing that man lived with dinosaurs, that the bible is true speaking of the one true God and other cultures knew it too, etc. I believe a lot of creationists need to stay away from the bibles that they quote from UNLESS they really study the issue regarding the new bibles and that is the biggest problem with this video. It has a lot of very good information in it though so check it out.

Creation Evidence from South America

A Question That the Atheist/Evolutionist Couldn't Answer
THE video above is WELL worth your time in watching, I am sure you will learn some things you NEVER knew.

Rupert Sheldrake - The Science Delusion BANNED TED TALK
Rupert Sheldrake blows "science, falsely so called" to pieces in this short video. I agree with a lot that he says but NOT all.

Ravi Zacharias Answers Stephen Hawking - Part 1

Ravi Zacharias Answers Stephen Hawking - Part 2

Ravi Zacharias Answers Stephen Hawking - Part 3

Atheist professor destroys evolution

New discoveries disprove evolution

Evidence presented - Darwin was wrong!
A few scientists show that evolution is wrong and won't work.

Evolution Gets Owned

And they call us fools?

World Famous "Atheist" believes there is a God
Anthony Flew was an "atheist" most of his life BUT NOW he admits that there is a God. But sad to say it does not seem that he knows the true God of the bible, he just knows that there is a Creator. DNA helped him to see clearer, he knows that a program needs a programmer. The video below is his thoughts on Richard Dawkins, one of the high priests of the atheist movement.

Antony Flew: Richard Dawkins is a Disgrace

Evolution: Not a theory but a joke

If the video above doesn't show you the stupidity of evolution, I don't know what to say to you. You have totally quit using your brain.

y_clr (2K)
Scientists: The Theory of Evolution is wrong (part1)

y_clr (2K)Scientists: The Theory of Evolution is wrong (part2)

Fingerprints of Creation

Why DNA Proves Evolution Is False by Dr. Kent Hovind

DNA Proves Creation

How DNA killed Evolutionism- Part 1 of 4
How DNA killed Evolutionism- Part 2 of 4
How DNA killed Evolutionism- Part 3 of 4
How DNA killed Evolutionism- Part 4 of 4

Earth is 6,000 Years Old

Starlight And A Young Earth - Dr. G. Charles Jackson

Alternative Views of Creation - Dr. G. Charles Jackson (Dr J)

UFOTV® Presents : Forbidden Science - Shattering the Myths of Darwin's Theory of Evolution

The man in the video above says a lot of interesting things that is worth listening to. I am not in agreement with certain things he says but he makes a lot of good points that needs to be answered. I do not think he is a creationist and he deals with that too.

Stephen Meyer - Genetics Proves Design and Disproves Evolution PT 1 of 2

Stephen Meyer - Genetics Proves Design and Disproves Evolution PT 2 of 2

Thermodynamic Arguments for Creation - Dr. Thomas Kindell

Designed For Life - Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

A Conversation With Jonathan Sarfati

Evolution is history's greatest hoax - Darwin's theory is wrong

The atheist's Moral Relativism Debunked

The Best reply to Atheist, Evolutionist and Agnostic

How to Make an Atheist's Head Explode

Atheism Is Funny PART 2 !

Something from nothing? - Dawkins debunked in 4 mins
Dawkins has NOTHING to back up his points. He talks a good talk in reference to nothing creating something BUT his religion is his downfall. He needs Jesus like we all do.

Agnostic Richard Dawkins destroyed in debate by wiser Christian professor

I am not sure if Dawkins is changing his belief from atheist to agnostic or others are. Even though many seem to think that an agnostic is somehow more open minded since he is not dogmatic BUT that is not necessarily the case. I am doing a video on that so I won't type a lot here for the time being.

Richard Dawkins Duped and Fooled

Richard Dawkins goes insane!

ONCE again, Richard Dawkins has proven that we came from ape like ancestors.

Richard Dawkins Interviews John Mackay
It looks and sounds like John Mackay gave Richard Dawkins some new information to think about.

JOHN MACKAY on revelation TV creationism discussion fossils- Evidence or Nonsense= Part 1

JOHN MACKAY on revelation TV creationism discussion fossils- Evidence or Nonsense= Part 2

JOHN MACKAY on revelation TV creationism discussion fossils- Evidence or Nonsense= Part 3

Frank Turek Teaches an Atheist a Lesson

Dr. Frank Turek is asked if he can hold the "perfect" Word of God in his hand in year 2013
This one is sad, so very many believers are being deceived by the new bibles which are NOT bibles in reality, they are Satan's counterfeit. Frank has a lot of good things to say when he is dealing with atheists and the like but when it come to the bible version issue, he is completely lost.

Dr Francis Collins interview on CNN

Conversion of "Atheist" Dr Francis S. Collins (born April 14, 1950), M.D., Ph.D., is a physician-geneticist, noted for his landmark discoveries of disease genes, and his leadership of the Human Genome Project (HGP). He is director of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI).

Another Francis Collins interview

NOW the negative points of Dr. Francis Collins. We need to pray for him that he will see that the God that he claims to have come to know and his belief in evolution doesn't line up with his belief in God. He will have to choose between the two. Jesus said that we are either for him or against him. Evolution is against God and creation is for God.

Francis Collins and Evolution

Kent Hovind on Ken Ham Kent Hovind is one of my favorite Creationists. He is also a solid KJV man. He is down close to the bottom of this page but remember the last shall be first and the first last, so to speak.

DeGarmo & Key - Rock Solid...The Rock-u-mentary - Part 5 - "Teenage Suicide"

They lived close to me when I lived in Memphis, Tenn. They have some very important things to say before they sing their song.

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The famous atheist Richard Dawkins said: "I once asked a distinguished astronomer, a fellow of my college, to explain the Big Bang theory to me. He did so to the best of his (and my) ability, and I then asked what it was about the fundamental laws of physics that made the spontaneous origin of space and time possible. 'Ah,' he smiled, 'now we move beyond the realm of science. This is where I have to hand you over to our good friend the chaplain.'" {Dawkins, Richard, "Snake Oil and Holy Water," Forbes ASAP, Oct. 4, 1999, p.236}

Dawkins went on to object to the idea of asking the chaplain, and to state that science just didn't know yet, but might or might not know some day.

My point here is that Dawkins' expert, by telling him it was "beyond the realm of science," labels the Big Bang as speculation or miracle. As we have already seen, it is contrary to some of the most fundamental laws of science. Dawkins speculation that some day it may become scientific clearly shows us that his position is based on the faith that future science will show that if there was some scientific way that it could have happened. Right now it is against the laws of science, and those who accept the Big Bang accept it by faith. Other words for a faith-based world view are philosophy and religion. Many of the letters I receive clearly defend the Big Bang with religious zeal. Others have accepted it because the truth was twisted a bit when it was presented to them, and they believed that it was scientific.

How the Universe Began by Thomas F. Heinze