Gun Control!!!

The Gun Control Issue is getting big in these last days. It was supposedly solved a long time ago with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendent enforces our right to bear arms. WE HAVE THE RIGHT to keep and bear arms UNLESS we have shown that we don't deserve that right anymore.
I personally think the best definition for Gun Control is "Hold the gun steady, aim and fire."

A Quote from Mark Twain:
"The Southern communities are just as peaceful and religious as the Northern. The Southerner may be more highly cultured, and anything he does is naturally conspicuous. Carrying a revolver is a fad, just a fad or a fashion; but the revolvers are mightily harmless. Of course there are desperadoes on the frontier, but that is the only part of the world they live in. Their deeds give a false character to their district. I have carried a revolver; lots of us do, but they are the most innocent things in the world." - "Mark Twain Put to the Question" interview, Adelaide South Australian Register, 10/14/1895
Color code emphasis is mine.

As I keep sharing with people, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Outlawing guns will not stop the killing. If outlawing something is the answer then outlaw people and there won't be any more murders with guns or anything else. Then there will be no one using the guns or hammers or axe or chain saw or frozen turkey or whatever to kill with since there will be no PEOPLE to do the killing."

PROOF that guns saves lives
As I say over and over and over, if you "outlaw" guns then ONLY outlaws will have guns and you are in a bigger mess than ever, crime WILL increase since the innocent people are at the hands of the intruder and he has the gun, you don't.

Piers Morgan Finally Gets Fired By CNN : Live On TV 2014 | HD Video
Piers Morgan is one messed up individual but this video is EXCELLENT.

Armed Good Samaritan Praised for Saving Cop's Life in Shooting Standoff
The reporter names a couple of mass shootings BUT then she says that there was one shooting you MIGHT NOT have heard about. The media does NOT like reporting when good things are done by citizens with guns. That is a NO NO with most of them since the majority want gun control and it NEEDS to take place so the government can take over and control the citizenry with little trouble just a Hitler and others did.

BEST WORDS EVER SAID Regarding Gun Control & 2nd Amendment -Ted Nugent
I an sharing this with you mainly because of his comments on big time murderers being let out on parole a few years later since they were so nice and lets them go to kill more people. We HAVE one SICK PERVERTED government. I believe we are going to get to see just how perverted they are in much deeper ways in the very near future.

Sheriffs Across U.S. Rise Up Against Obama Regime
I love to hear from Sheriffs acoss the land who are for the Constitution. They have my vote.

Why Good People Should Be Armed
This is probably one of the best videos I have watched on why gun control is NONSENSE

BREAKING: The NRA Just Sent Obama A BRUTAL Warning That He Will Never Forget

Anti-Gun Host Gets OWNED On National Television!
The cute host of this program gets put in her proper place by a gun toting intelligent man.

It Only Took This Army Vet 3 Minutes To Destroy Obama's Gun Control Plan

Gun Control -- No matter what your opinion, you need to see this

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