Jews need Jesus like everyone else. Just as the Muslims are a big mission field and the fields are white unto harvest, the same truth applies to the Jews. God is doing a work in these last days and he is bringing those who see their need and act on it by repenting and receiving the Lord Jesus Christ unto his saving grace.

RE: Messianic Judaism? Can Jews believe in Jesus?
I liked a lot of what he said BUT I will also say that when Jesus Christ, the Messiah came, by his death, burial and resurrection he broke down the middle wall of partition that separated the Jews and the Gentiles, NOW they are one in Christ Jesus. Jesus did keep the ceremonies that he was talking about BUT we MUST also know that he has not established the New Covenant yet. When he did the Christians, all of them whether the Jew or Gentile Christian are NOT under Jewish rules and regulations.

How a Jewish Man Came to Believe in Jesus
At around 4:45 he is talking about Roman Catholicism and it is NOT Christian SO Christians were NOT the ones persecuting Jews. Jesus is a Christian guide and he was a Jew. The Roman Catholics think they are the one true Church, they killed not only Jews but millions of Christians who would not submit to their authority.

I did not want to believe in Jesus.

How a Jewish Man Came to Believe in Jesus

An Israeli Jew finds the true Messiah

Another Jewish believer in Christ (Yeshua)
You will notice from one of the Jews' comments here is they believe Christians hate Jews and kill them BUT she was talking about the Roman Catholic Church and it is NOT a Christian Church.

A Jewish Medical doctor convert to Christianity (Bekeerde)

The Testimony of a former Jewish man who converted to Christianity
It blows my mind that Christians like the one speaking really thinks that the Jews were killed because of Christianity and they bring up the Crusades and the like. IT is ALL Roman Catholicism, it is NOT Christianity. Christians NEED to wake up and study the past a little BUT most important, they NEED to get into the word of God.

Midrash: The Camel's Nose
A pretty good article for the Jewish Christian, I mean the Judizar...

Why Jews Must Believe In Jesus

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