I will be dealing with salvation of the whole man- body, soul and spirit.

Once Saved, Always Saved???
We are saved by God's grace through FAITH.

Law VS Grace
Those of you who THINK you are saved by the law then you better be keeping ALL of it all of the time.

My Testimony
Danny Bunn preaches on a few things the Lord has done in his life since he became a Christian. 30 minutess doesn't give a person much time to share just a few of the things that the Lord has supernaturally done to prove himself strong on the behalf of those who are his.

Well, I am debating some people online so here is one of my more indepth replies. It is hard to believe the length that mankind will go to show that God doesn't care about your body or soul just your spirit. It helps them to justify junk they go through without making a commitment to the word of God, studying it, memorizing it so as to fight the fight of faith better, lay hold on God's promises and doing the spooky, seeing the word of God fulfilled in your life.
Full Salvation God