The side of my car looks like this...

Close ups...

Now here are some of the comments that has been left on my car in little notes by the pro-abortion side. I will be making comments regarding their mindset. It is like they are not human, just programmed to say certain things and no thought whatsoever goes into their comments.

The first note I received says,
"Abortions fuc.... rule!" (The person drew a picture of a clothes hanger.)
COMMENT: The word "fuc..." was spelled out in the note that was on my car, I just don't have an x-rated page and I don't want one. Clothes hangers went out with the dark ages. If this person did a little studying, he or she would know that there are many abortionists, legal and illegal and they have the equipment and the "know how" to keep right on doing it even if it did become illegal again.
He, she or it also said "abortions... rule". Sometimes when I picket I dress up like the Grim Reaper at Planned Parenthood and I carry a sign that says, "Abortions Rule!" with blood going down the sides. Remember I am the Grim Reaper and with me representing death then it is logical that I too believe abortions rule just as the person who put the note on my car.

"Look my family is against abortions, but you shouldn't show disgusting sh.. like this. My 2 1/2 yr. old said, "It's broken baby or a broken monkey. This is wrong, kids shouldn't have to see this. You are fuc.... disgusting. Ya son of a bi...!"
COMMENT: First I see he admits that it is disgusting. It seems by this man's admission that little kids know a baby when they see one and many adults don't seem to know that it is a baby that they are killing by abortion. Kids need to grow up knowing what their parents stand for or stand against or why they "don't stand" period. If I was pro-abort then I wouldn't want my child to see what I am for either. My child might come to the realization that I am as disgusting as the picture.

"Dear Prolife-
"It's nice that you have an opinion on the abortion issue but you have offended me and probably a lot of other people. Please have a little respect. Your pictures are inappropiate & unnecessary. It is not your business to 'preach' to other people. Mind your own business.
"St. Luke's & Planned Parenthood are not killing babies for a living, they are saving lives by keeping a family out of the welfare system and out of poverty. It is not your problem if someone has an abortion. It is your problem if you have to pay more taxes for someone who can't afford a child. I would love to discuss this issue w/ you. If you would like. I never really understood the motive of a pro-life opinion. Call me to discuss not to preach. 713-....
-Pro Choice"
COMMENT: I didn't give her complete phone number since I don't figure I should. Now this one is a girl, a teen-ager I would say. I called the number that she left me and I got her answering machine. I left her a message and gave her my phone number but she never called me back. I didn't really expect her to. Usually when a pro-abort tells you they will talk with you and then they find out that you are for that, they back out. At least that has been my experience with the majority that I have spoken to. They don't have answers, just emotional rhetoric and most of it isn't factual.
She also said that St. Luke's and Planned Parenthood are not killing babies for a living and then she goes on to say they are saving lives by... (I am thnking how are they saving lives as I am reading this.) She goes on to say, "By 'keeping families out of the welfare system and out of poverty.' "
Now all of you thinkers out there, think about this one. Planned Parenthood and St. Luke's Hospital are saving lives by "keeping families out of the welfare system and out of poverty." This person's conclusion is "don't have babies or you will go on welfare and into proverty." Now that is a person who uses her head for a hat rack and nothing else. Only poor people and welfare people have babies. Wow, that is a new one on me, I didn't know that.

"And you are just as sick for advertising it!"
COMMENT: Well a few things I see in this. This person agrees that abortion is sick since I was told that I am "just as sick for advertising it." This reminds me of what Planned Parenthood said one time when they were supposedly quoting me. They said that I liked the picture that I use (the baby's head) when I picket. They make good journalists, that is basically the way that the media whether t.v. of newspapers quote me, totally wrong. I said, "I like using the picture cause it makes the pro-death people mad." They left out the word, "using" which changes the meaning entirely. I hate the picture, I think it is disgusting. The pro-abortion side should love it, it shows what they are for.

"I agree with you 100% with the abortion issue. However - - - - please be more senative(sp) to children!!! These horrific pictures are at eye level for my 4 year old . He is shaken and horrified. This issue is for adults & teens & possibly preteens. Take the da.. picture off!! It is not an issue for toddlers."
COMMENT: Have you noticed how the majority of the ones who write me are defending their little ones but not the little ones who are being aborted. They don't realize that we are social creatures and it will come down the line to us and probably sooner than we think. Nobody would speak up for the blacks, they were non-persons too until a man came along who did and we had a war to set the blacks free. It looks like we need another one. Just as the Supreme Court was wrong when they determined that blacks were non-persons, you can do with them whatever you like, they are wrong again when they determined unborn babies are non-persons and you can do basically whatever you like with them too.

"All I can say about this fine array of signs is ....right.... excellent job advertising your stupidity. You are a poster child for abortion."
COMMENT:Now this guy, person tells me that I am "for" abortion because I show how ugly, evil it is to the world. Once again, I can't believe the logic that comes from these types of people.

"I applaud your taking a stand against abortion. I too feel that too many babies are murdered each and every day in this country. I pray for the mother, father, babies, and doctors preforming these unspeakable acts each day.
"That being said might I suggest that you remove the graphic picture from your car window. I have a six year old and a four year old and unfortunately I parked next to your car tonight. My evening will be spent first trying to explain the terrible image they viewed and second having to explain the terrible procedure. I think they are too young for this kind of discussion and I would have ???rathered??? protecting them a few more years.
"Please do not be offended. I truly believe you are a courageous person of morals and I know you will help people with your message, but please consider the audience you are addressing with your photographs."
(His name was scribbled at the bottom but I couldn't read it)
COMMENT:This is probably the only person so far that I think meant what he said. Even though I know quite a few Christian families that their kids are around that age and they know what abortion is and how evil and ugly it is. I am sure they don't comprehend it to any large degree yet but they know it is "wrong", so to speak. They might not understand why it is wrong but it is basic when a person sees a little baby torn to pieces or burnt alive that something is not right. Everybody must know what an evil government that we have that would allow such astrocities to take place everyday in America, approximately 4,500 a day.

And this is the last one that I received so far and this is the first week in March, 2002...
It said, "I bet an angry white male is driving this car. How many adopted or foster children do you have?"
COMMENT:Once again some deep insight. I see from reading this that probably only "angry white males" stand against abortion. The next deep thought by this person after I reworded it is: 'If you don't adopt or have foster children then you have no room to talk against abortion.' Would you say that I made a correct assumption regarding what they were telling me in the above quote?

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