The Birth (?) Control Pill

We have been taught so much junk that has been called education. There are many out there who are just trying to raise a bunch of educated idiots in this society. People who don't really think for themselves but take what they have been taught without questioning it as if it were absolute truth. Yet, there are many of them that say that there are no absolutes. I ask them, "Are you absolutely sure that there are no absolutes?" I don't usually get an answer. Let's discuss birth control.

"She was young, attractive, bright, and depressed. I had been working with her for some months trying to help her with her depression.

"She was under a lot of pressure and there were many conflicts that were contributing to her problem. I did all of the things that I knew to help her but none of them worked.

"One day she said to me, 'My doctor got me on the pill to regulate my period. Can the pill have any effect on one's emotions.' Absolutely yes! The pill can profoundly affect the emotions. She went off the pill and the depression disappeared. She still had difficult situations to cope with but now she was able to handle them.

"The pill, first approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1960, was the miracle drug, the answer to woman's problems. It was supposed to be perfectly safe, but it yielded a legacy that has produced great harm both to society and to woman.

"In order to understand this we have to know how the pill works and what it does to the natural system.

"The Natural System

"A woman's natural menstrual cycle is a wonderful example of the balance and wonder of nature.

"The main players in this cycle are the pituitary gland the ovaries which work in partnership. The pituitary gland is located in the front part of the skull and is connected to the brain. The ovaries are located on both sides of the uterus (or womb). Each ovary contains hundreds of ova (eggs). Each egg is housed in a tiny container called a follicle.

"A woman's cycle begins with menstruation. After menstruation the pituitary secretes a hormone called the Follicle stimulation hormone (FSH). It causes one of the hundreds of immature follicles to become mature, first on one side, then the next month, the other side. No one knows how it keeps track of which side it is on or which follicle to cause to mature, but it does. Scientists cannot explain this.

"While this tiny follicle is maturing, it produces a hormone called estrogen. This hormone does at least two very important things: (1) It causes a build up of the lining cells of the uterus. This change prepares the uterus for a newly fertilized ovum to implant. (2) It stimulates the lining cells of the cervix to secrete mucus. It is the changes in the cervical mucus that tell a woman when she is ovulating.

"Let us examine each of these in more detail:

"(1) The lining of the uterus: When the follicle matures, the ovum pops out of its little container (ovulation). Another pituitary hormone then causes further changes in the follicle which is now called the corpus luteum. The corpus luteum now produces the hormone, progesterone.

"The job of this important hormone is to complete the growth of the lining of the uterus so that it will be completely prepared for a pregnancy. If the pregnancy doesn't occur, the woman menstruates, starting a new cycle.

"(2) The Cervical Mucus: The cervix, Latin for "neck," is the cylindrical lower part of the uterus. The passageway through the cervix is called the cervical canal. The lining of the cervical canal is lined with mucus-secreting glands.

"At the end of the menstrual period these cervical glands are inactive, but with the onset of estrogen they become active and start secreting mucus. At first the mucus produced is of a tacky consistency but as the estrogen rises, the mucus changes and the consistency becomes clear and starchy like egg white. This is called fertile mucus because it preserves the sperm and helps it to enter the uterus. The presence of fertile mucus alerts the woman that ovulation is about to occur.

"When ovulation does occur and the corpus luteum begins to produce progesterone, the fertile mucus begins to dry up. The woman can easily observe the change in the mucus and thus knows when ovulation occurs. This is the basis of natural family planning.

"(3) The womb: When the ovum bursts forth from the follicle it is drawn unto the fallopian tubes which lead to the uterus. It spends about 5 days traveling through these tubes into the uterus. If fertilization occurs it takes place in the tubes and a new life begins.

"During those five days the hormones finish preparing the lining of the uterus making it nutrient-right to receive a new life. 'When the new life enters the womb it finds a womb that is perfectly prepared to receive it.

"Pill Description

"There are 44 different brands of the pill on the market, each with different combinations of chemicals in them which mimic some of the actions of the natural hormones.

"That is problem number one. They are not hormones, they are chemicals. They disrupt and supersede the natural hormones, they are chemicals. A lot about a woman's reproductive system is not understood. We do not know everything that the hormones do for a woman's body. Yet we disrupt the system without fully understanding what it is that we are disrupting.

"The pills prevent pregnancy by doing three things. They prevent ovulation (temporary sterilization), they prevent sperm migration (contraception), and they alter the lining of the uterus to prevent implantation (abortifacient). The various pills sterilize, contracept, and abort. How do they do these things?

"Temporary Sterilization

"In the natural system ovulation is triggered when the estrogen level falls. The very early pills contained a great deal of estrogen-like chemicals. These high dosage estrogen pills probably prevented the triggering of ovulation by keeping the estrogen-like chemicals high in the woman's system, but they had very serious side effects and now the high estrogen pills are not used for birth control.

"Current pills contain moderate, minimum or no estrogen. The rely heavily on progesterone. Four of them contain only progesterone (mini-pills). The mini-pills are the most commonly prescribed pills because supposedly they have fewer side effects than the estrogen pills.

"But how do they prevent ovulation? The pill manufacturers claim that the large amounts of progesterone suppress ovulation. That may not always be the case since a number of women show signs of ovulation and fertile mucus when on these pills.

"How, then, is pregnancy prevented? If ovulation is not always suppressed then the contraceptive or abortifacient characteristics must stop pregnancy.


"'Contraception' means that the sperm is contracepted (prevented) from reaching the ovum. In everyday jargon just about everything is called a contraceptive although many of the pills that prevent pregnancy do not act primarily as a contraceptive.

"The pill acts as a true "contraceptive" when it prevents the union of the sperm and ovum. It does this when it prevents the mucus from changing to "fertile mucus" since this type of mucus is necessary for the sperm to enter the womb.

"Does the pill always "contracept"? No, sometimes the woman shows signs of fertile mucus but she does not get pregnant. Why is that?


"Sometimes the pill works as an abortifacient. This happens because the pill alters the lining of the uterus. If a fertilized ovum reaches the uterus it cannot implant because the lining of the uterus is out of synchronization with the new life.

"In the natural state the progesterone is precisely timed. In its artificial state the timing is off. Rather than being nutrient-rich, the lining is leathery and harder than normal and a new life cannot implant.


"1. Pills introduce powerful chemicals into a woman's body that disrupt a normal natural process.

"2. We do not yet know or understand the complete implications of this disruption.

"3. They may be responsible for mood changes and unintended biological problems in the woman's body.

"4. They do not always act as a contraceptive. At times they prevent pregnancy by acting as an abortifacient.

"5. It is impossible to exactly determine each time how pregnancy is prevented since each month the woman's general health and cycle is different and her body is more or less successful at fighting the intrusive chemicals invading and suppressing her reproductive system."
(Dr. Howard Herning, consultant, OB/GYN, Carmel, California.)

Let's get some more thoughts on the birth contol pill from another individual:

"Take for example, the popular birth control Pill so widely spoken of in modern society; it was developed from a Mexican Camote plant used for this purpose by Mexican Indians. But science is impatient with collecting sufficient plants to make up Pills for the vast number using Pills, so science proceeds to artificially build a chemical compound SIMILAR to the active element in the plant. BUT this is then a synthetic or artificial hormone, isolated from the total complex of the natural plant itself (which perhaps had some built-in safe guards). So what happens? Now the Pill has dangerous side-effects which the TIME magazine of January 26, 1970, says includes reactions such as weight gains, forming of blood clots, causing of strokes, raising of blood pressure, migraine headaches, diabetes, liver disease, breast cancer, and possibly rheumatoid arthritis as well as psychological changes! Charges exist that the Pill also damages genetic structure and may damage the unborn fetus, like thalidomide. But while it is being investigated, millions and millions continue to be sold and used and an estimated 250 women die each year from its effects! Or listen to this description of a commonly used drug from a doctor's handbook, warning about its side-effects - but does the doctor warn his patients? - "Triamcinolone is a steroid...capable of causing toxic (poisonous) effects...also likely to cause flushing of the face, muscle cramps, sweating, mental depression, and a peculiar weakness of the pelvic, trunk, and shoulder muscles." If we were to list here all the possible bad reactions of many modern super drugs, including the final penalty of DEATH exacted, you would begin to ask yourself,
'IS NOT THE MEDICINE WORSE THAT THE DISEASE?' "(Page 38) "God-Given Herbs For The Healing Of Mankind" by William R. McGrath

Children are a gift from the Lord yet the way that you would hear it today, they are a curse. Remember you were a child once. Why not give other children a chance to live? You had your chance and they deserve theirs. The 'Pro-Choice' cliche' is just a bunch of political rhetoric. The one who should get the choice doesn't. How would you like it if I were 'pro-choice' and I decided whether you live or die? That is the type of pro-choice that the pro-choicers are. Choosing for others whether they live or die based on their own personal social convenience or inconvenience. They are living a lie. The killing must stop!

Speaking of birth control. There is another type of birth control, a spiritual birth control, keeping people from being born-again. In many ways, it matches up with physical birth control. Both need lies to be put forth as truth to keep people practicing their agenda. Don't tell the people participating the negative side, just the so-called positive. We are taught so many wonderful things that can happen if we keep our kids down to a minimum. But so many girls and women are not being told that they are being used as guinea pigs. One of the biggest exploitations of women is abortion. There are millions of women who have psychological and/or physical problems because of an abortion that they had. A lot of Christians are taught that God just wants certain ones saved so that helps us not to be too concerned about people when they reject Jesus, in turn, that will help keep Christians down to a minimum. It's good to have interaction with your wife and with your kids. It's good for Christians to have interaction with those of like faith. To spend time with them, to teach them things, to help them grow, to encourage them in life. Most of all, to lead them to know Jesus Christ, the very Author of life.

In the world you hear things like, "It's a woman's choice, a woman's body"; "Abortion is safe and legal." In Christian circles, some common ones are, "Roman Catholics believe in the Trinity so you know they are Christians" or "They believe in the born-again experience" or "They believe that a person is saved by grace through faith". All of the words sound good and are close to the same but if you get them to define these terms, they are totally different. Cults play word games just like so many other different people in different groups play the same game. It is almost like we are talking to people from another country and we need to learn a new language. For lack of another term, let's call this language, 'religionese'. We need to study different groups that we come in contact with, to see what they really believe. In the Roman Catholic church, grace is a work that we do, born-again is water baptism just as in many other cults, the Trinity is really more, they have four and Mary is the one most prayed to, sought after for help, guidance, etc. If you are a Christian, it might be a little harder on you, maybe a little more studying but it is worth it. They are people who Jesus died for. Reach out to them, don't be one of the reasons that they are aborted right out of this life before they come into the true born-again experience.

Through a lot of this paper, I was speaking on death, that is the reason Jesus came- to die for us to bring us back into a relationship with God. We must see our need as sinners, ask him into our lives as our Lord and Saviour. The Lord Jesus Christ will cleanse us from sin, empower us to live for him. If you see your need, have conviction of sin, come to Jesus today. He desires to save you, cleanse you, make you a new creature. Tomorrow may not come.