The Book of books!

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I am NOT talking about the books of books, there is only one book called the bible for the English speaking people and it is the KJV. It speaks with authority because the one who is the Author of that Book spoke with authority. It is a book unlike any book ever written. It is filled with things from the mind of God. I think of some of the other so-called bibles that I have read or skimmed and skimming was all that was needed. I had a lot of problems with a lot of verses in those books which claim to be bibles and when we think bibles we tend to think something that came from God but I do not even believe many if any of the ones who are coming out with the new bibles believed in an inerrant, infallible book or even a set of manuscripts that we call God's word. Check out some of the other articles comparing the KJV with the NIV. Most of them are into it for the money, the prestige that goes with being the few who know the "original" languages. I was listening to a tape of a very well known "bible" scholar and he was debating a Catholic theologian. The "bible" scholar made a comment which totally threw me for a loop. It went something like this, "Even if it wasn't 'originally written in the Greek and it was written in Aramaic- God has still preserved his word for us in the Greek." I said to myself, "Wait a minute this guy can't say that, he is the one who said at another time that there are no translations that are perfect and if that were true then there can't be one perfect if it came from the Aramaic to the Greek. He wants both sides of the fence, so to speak, and that's called straddling it. If there isn't a perfect translation in the English from the original languages then there most certainly can't be a perfect Greek translation either, based on his words regarding the KJV being a translation from the Hebrew and Greek to the English.

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