I have given it long enough. A lot of Christians seemed to think that if Bush got into office we would be a lot better off than with Clinton. I am afraid that even this short time has shown otherwise. Their thought pattern was along the lines that if we got a Republican into the Presidency then things wouldn't be so liberal. I have been telling people over and over that there is not a hair's thickness regarding the difference in the Democrats and Republicans today even if there ever was a big difference, that difference has long disappeared. It goes this way, the Democrats get into office and make things worse then a Republican gets in and he leaves it basically the same as the Democrats made it when they were in. The next few years the same thing happens and finally we get to where we are now. Never really any improvements just going downhill slower since most don't see what is going on.

God is calling for America to repent or America will fall and she will fall hard. She is top heavy around the head, full or pride and thinking no one will mess with her. During the Bush Adminstration, she has killed countless thousands showing her power but playing the fool... She has done some sloppy junk in the past but she is getting worse. I think the federal government has gone power mad. They will kill, jail or whatever else they want to do to those who get in the way. The Constitution is just an old piece of paper that means nothing to them.

I knew if we got a man into office that wouldn't do anything to stop abortion, probably the top evil in America, then he wasn't worth having as President. Anyway since his taking office we have been going downhill faster than when we had Clinton in, if that is possible. It looks like it is. As I said regarding the Clinton Administration and I will say again now, "God raised up heathen kings to destroy his people before and he can do it again if he doesn't see repentance.

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