Jesus is like a lamp and he is called light in the word of God. God of the O.T. is called light and now when God came in human flesh, he was as a lamp shining light and he is exposing the unfruitul works of darkness. One day all the junk done in secret will be brought to the light. Even though the things done in darkness are now coming to the light and people are pretending that they are proud of sexual perversion, it hasn't come into the light of God's love, God's truth, or by God's Spirit or there would be repentance. A turning away from the evil to God and his love, his peace, his purity, his over all life.

Gay did mean happy, light hearted and that surely doesn't fit the homosexual community. If we use some common sense, we can plainly see that man and man sexually speaking is a mis-match but woman and man is a perfect setup. The gentials, the lubrication and so on was designed by God Almighty. The Creator condemned man and man sexually speaking just as he did woman with woman. The Bible calls it giving them over to a reprobate mind. Think about it! Homosexuals have one of the highest suicide rates in the world. They can't live long in that kind of behavior, it is too hard on them, too demanding. Read Romans 1 in the Bible, KJV. It spells it out in fairly plain terms. As the old saying goes, "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." God created us and knows all about us. He knows what makes us tick, he knows us inside and out and he also knows that he is the only one who can satisfy our inner most need. I am not getting very deep into these issues right at the moment. I am just giving a little food for thought. God commanded mankind to multiply and replenish the earth, man with man can't do that but man with woman can.

Children of Gay Couples Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

“This is the Way God Made Me”

“NIV Promotes Homosexuality/Sodomy”

Testimony of Ex-Gay / Homo / Drag / Transgender No More! JUSTIFIED!!! AMEN!!
What he needs to understand US that God is a healing God JUST as he is a delivering God. Just as deliverance is in salvation SO is healing. HE even admitted that faith is the key but he is confused about what faith is and what it accomplishes, so to speak.

Sexual Orientation is Not "Born That Way"

Charlene Cothran - Gay Activist Finds Christ )
11:55 Chose this day.. I have said time and time again, God wants all saved but we don't decide our day of salvation, he calls, convicts and we better answer. He might not call again.
14:55 is incredible and on to 16:25 and then keep listening till 18:12
I just hate it when they use the word "gay" as a person in perverted sex. I tell people I am gay at times but not as much as when I was with my kids. I then tell them gay means happy, light-hearted, it does NOT mean perverted sex

ExHomosexual Men Pt2 (I want to know that God!)
There is NO sin that God/Jesus cannot deliver us from.

ExHomosexual Men Pt3 (I thought I was born gay)
Jesus is the ONLY one who can really set us free in any area that we are having problems in or whatever we are losing at.

Former Homosexual Speaks Out Part 1
It sounds like this guy met the Jesus Christ of the bible.

A Former Homosexual Speaks Out Part 2
He continues with a lot of right on comments in part 2 of his testimony.
Around 2:30 he says things that bring fear, concern in me since my kids are being raised in a fatherless lifestyle or a many man lifestyle. I don't know how many men my ex wife has had in the last 10 years. She keeps them away from me and I am the one that raised them mostly by myself the first 5 and 6 years of their lives. I potty trained them, taught them to walk to talk. I taught them to read and write and memorize scripture, etc. when I was with them. They are gone now and I haven't seen them for over 10 years but I know God is still God and we all will stand before him and be judged with what he has given us in this life.

Are People Born Gay? Genetic and Epigenetic Determinism in Homosexuality
The scientist has a lot of things worth hearing.
2:19 motive arguments and he must blow his brains out to accept them.
10:00 Usually kids are raped or played with while they are young.
11:00- 12:10 have your mind blown Brainwashing is basically what it is.
15:10 Do you look for your keys if you have them in your hands?
16:18 Genetics is used against the homosexual argument.
16:55-18:00 If you have a twin brother who is a misery, the other will be a misery???
21:35- 21:51 The genetic argument is dead in the water… Genetics work against homosexuality NOT for it.
31:42 high percentage of drug abuse in homosexuality.
52:00 till the end is very good closing comments.
Most of this talk was worth listening to.

Ryan Sorba Discusses The Born Gay Hoax Part 1
Part 1 of his talk deals with how he shares a lot of facts proving the sodomites are telling lies to push their agenda..
Ryan Sorba Discusses The Born Gay Hoax Part 2
This part 2 of his talk and he makes a lot of very good points. Then there are questions and answers at the end.

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