"Life or Death? You Can Choose!"

         Does the media, either t.v. or newspaper know when life begins? What about the government? With all of our scientific knowledge, is it all that complicated to tell when life begins? Quoting from the Idaho Statesman: "Two 16-year old girls charged with first degree murder in the death of the fetus kicked the 16 year old mother in her stomach in a fight over the baby's father, authorities said." (Fri.,Oct.23'92)
         What did the paper said they were charged with? Murder! Can you believe it? That's right, the government knows when life begins. That occurred in Nashville, Tenn.

         Now let's go to New York, quoting from the Idaho Statesman again. "A doctor accused of severing the arm of a baby in a botched abortion on a woman who was nearly eight months pregnant was convicted Monday of assault and performing an illegal abortion." (Tue.,Feb. 23'93)
         Why did they say, "botched abortion"? It was botched because the abortionist didn't successfully kill the baby. If he finished the job and threw the baby away, he would have been fine.
         Abortion is being performed at the rate of over 1.5 million a year in America alone and we hardly ever hear a word about it. The reason being that most successfully kill the baby and nothing is heard concerning them. The pro-choice people are doing all that they can to promote their agenda. By the way since we are dealing with life, the only other choice is death. So to be pro- choice is to be pro-death. Since we are speaking on abortion, we must deal with another subject, that being sex. Because of mankind's selfishness, he wants to do whatever makes him feel good whether others are affected or not. His goal is to feed his flesh. But the God lets us know in his most holy word that he will not be mocked, what we sow we will reap.(Check Gal. 6:7) Do you think that it is just a coincidence that we have all these sexual diseases going around? I would like to discuss one of the biggest diseases, that being AIDS. I was reading an article in the Idaho Statesman, which was entitled,"Study:AIDS will have little impact on U.S. lives." I said to myself, "What are they talking about? There are millions that have the disease in America right now and we don't see a slowing down in the near future either." So I read the article and what I read shocked me, to say the least. It says in the third and fourth paragraph, "AIDS is concentrated among gays, drug-users, the poor, and the under-educated, the study said - 'socially marginalized groups' with little economic, political and social power.' As a result, the council concluded, AIDS 'will disappear, not because, like smallpox, it has been eliminated, but because those who continue to be affected by it are the socially invisible, beyond sight and attention of the majority population." The above article is under the sub-title HEALTH. (Feb.5'93)

         The reason that it shocked me was because the liberal media is doing everything that they can to encourage the type of lifestyles that are mentioned above by encouraging the homosexual lifestyle as an alternate lifestyle and giving the under-educated false information in regards to the dangers of playing with drugs and sex.

         Quoting from another publication, "When my wife and I were visiting China in 1986, as we stood in Tian'An Men Square in Bejing, the largest square in the world, we were shocked to see the reports about the results of the One Child Policy in China were true. Before us on the square, out of the hundreds of thousands of families out for a Sunday stroll, there were almost no young Chinese girls in evidence. There were at least nine young boys for every girl. In my research I had discovered that the result of the rigorously One Child Policy in China since 1978 has been that out of all live births, nine boys were being born for every female child. When we questioned Chinese officials about these reports and our own eyewitness impressions, they were confirmed that the 9 to 1 ratio of boys to girls is a fact. The Chinese have developed several methods to determine the sex of the fetus early in pregnancy. Since they can only have one child, most Chinese couples choose to abort the female fetus and keep trying until they conceive a male fetus. If a woman has a second pregnancy she is forced to abort it. If she becomes pregnant a third time she is forced to undergo sterilization.

         "Whenever a Chinese couple successfully avoids the authorities and has a second child, a fine is levied of one year's income. The Chinese naturally would like to have their family name to continue and to have a male child return from school at age 18 to help contribute to the family income. A girl will naturally not continue to the family name and she will go off and live in her husband's home and help support his parents, not her own. For all of these reasons, most Chinese couples abort female fetuses and try to only bear a male child. For thousands of years the male-female balance of human populations has remained close to 50-50. For the first time in history, human biological testing techniques and self-interest have combined to produce a massive sexual imbalance in the population of the largest nation on earth (one quarter of the world's population). The social, political and military ramifications of an excess 125 million young men without the hope of ever being married and finding stability in a home are already giving nightmares to the political planners in China.
         "They went on to say that the one child policy was essential to stop famine in China, this unexpected disproportion of boys to girls was already being discussed in the party meetings as the greatest potential social problem that China would face in the next decade. With a base population of 1 billion, 100 million people today, this imbalance of boys to girls will produce an unprecedented situation in human history. In the late 1990's China will have an excess of 125 million Chinese boys of military age with no girls for them to marry and no prospects of their ever having a family of their own. This same phenomenon is now being reported in India, Korea, and other Asian countries. When this group of 125 million military age young men is added to the armies that these huge countries already possess, it is possible to see the Biblical prophecy of a 200 million army from the 'Kings of the East; is not only literally possible; but it is a terrible reality facing our world in the late 1990's. Two thousand years ago God described the consequences of such events in telling John that the 'Kings of the East' would have an army of 200 million." 'ARMAGEDDON- Appointment with Destiny' by Grant R. Jeffrey pgs. 148-150.

         We think that we can throw off the restraining bands of God from off the earth. God sits in the heavens and laughs. (Check Psalms 2:1-7) We are not as big as we think. America will repent or America will fall.
         In conclusion, a thought from the Idaho Statesman dated Wed.,Jan.27'93 under the sub-title: EDUCATION and the name of the article is: "Teachers get tips on sex ed". The article is about teaching students to abstain from sex. Finally they are back at square one, what we have been teaching in this country from the beginning. We are to do right, sinning doesn't pay whether we are speaking of drugs, sex, or whatever else you might name. God's way is the right way and the only way if you truly want to live. But we must come to him through Jesus Christ the Lord. God came in human flesh and became a sin offering for the world and all who receive Jesus as Lord (Master) and Saviour (One who delivers from sin) become new creatures. Just think- the highest life and the best life possible and it's free just for the asking. So ask him to come into your life, to forgive, to cleanse you. He'll give you victory. He promises to furnish you with your every need as you look to him. That is incredible!