Dear Brother,

I send to you this mail in light of your position to enlighten the world on what I believe is part of the New World Order conspiracy. TheKenyan citizenry do not know about the imminnent measles "immunization" in Kenya set to commence on June 17th, 2002. You may not agree with my conclusions, but please do search the links and make your own judgement whether we are not in for some frightening catastrophe short of genocide by allowing the planned immunization. Here is my article, which you may quote in full, if you please.

The Ministry of Health of the Government of Kenya has taken out adverts in the mass media and engaged in an active campaign in the last couple of days publicizing the immunization against measles for "all children from the age of 9 months up to 14 years...even if they have completed their clinic immunization." (see advert carried in the Daily Nation, June 14, 2002, at page 19). I was dismayed to note that the proposed immunization targets even INFANTS and children who have already undergone immunization conclusively, which begs the question, "WHY should such children be subjected to fresh measles immunization if they have already had their jabs?" Is there a new strain of measles that has sprung forth without the Ministry of Health informing the public? I doubt, and I think the whole progamme is well orchestrated and schemed from an international level.

No public statement has been issued by the Ministry of Health to clarify this, but worse still, no one is asking, "Why the urgency now to immunize against measles?" "Why is the immunization totally "free?", yet Kenyans have been "cost-sharing" medical expenses at every level? Neither is anyone querring "WHY employ resources in "re-immunizing" ALREADY immunized children?" or "Who will underwrite the expenses of training the field officers who will be undertaking the immunization process when public health institutions are being constantly told that there are no resources to supply drugs to them?" "Are the field officers to undertake such immunization possessed of the requisite skills?" "Where is the incinerator to getrid of the disposable hypodermic needles?" or even the more poignant "WHAT EXACTLY do those vials carrying the measles "vaccine" contain?". At least I have not heard any such questions from any quarter, which is frightening, bearing in mind that it is our children who are the targets here. I do not think in the least that my questions are either misplaced or baseless when you consider my point of departure.

Is it a coincidence that this same "immunization" campaign is right now current ALL OVER Africa? Should you doubt this, please see the "commercial" break on VOATV, on the African Affairs talk show hosted by Shaka Shali, streaming to Kenya via CITIZEN TV which commercial is urging African viewers to have their children "immunized" (please also see, which is a web page by a Bill Gates'-funded organization). Why Africa, yet it is reported that in Alabama, U.S.A., that "[o]ne in four children under two are not appropraitely immunized in Alabama" (please see ). The campaign appears to be something deeper, diabolic, sinister, and exceedingly eerie, for, why is it that WHO and its co-worker UNICEF ARE NOT assisting African Governments stock these governments' public hospitals with drugs that are so basic to human health? Measles is NOT a crisis in Africa, even as statistics will indicate (please see African measles statistics at ).

I posit that this current measles "immunization" programme is part of the United Nation's stated goal of reducing world population, expressed very lucidly by one Jacques Cousteau, in 1991 in UNESCO Courier ;and I quote him "In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day". (please see It was frightening therefore, to see that the organizations funding this "immunization" campaign, (UNICEF, and WHO) are United Nation organizations, which as stated, has a hideous plan to reduce world population with the aim of effectuating the so-called "New World Order". Not too long ago, there were rumors in Kenya's central province that the milk supplied to primary level schools under the "free school milk" programme was laced with infertility contents. Did any one fully investigate this before dismissing the "rumor"? I do not know, but is it coincidental that there is now reported a high incidence of HIV-AIDS in many parts of central province, especially Thika. I do not want to sound sensational at all, neither do I want to lend credence to "rumors", but facts must be stated. It is now emerging that WHO (World Health Organization) was part and parcel of the process in the creation of the HIV-AIDS virus in conjunct with the CIA (please see Specifically, the WHO African smallpox immunizations was reported in The London Times of May 11, 1987 to have been the genesis of AIDS in Africa (please see The manifestations of those infections are being witnessed in the current inexplicably high HIV-AIDS cases in Africa. For, is it credible that Africans are more promiscuous than the rest of humanity? No way! Promiscuity is prevalent equally in all human populations, and there is no other way to explain the fact that 80% or thereabout of global HIV/AIDS infections are in Africa, other than there was a deliberate, calculated, seeding of the virus.

Rhetorically, Why is that teenagers are being reported to have full-blown AIDS in Africa? (please see The East African Standard of February 1, 2002 at, wherein it was reported that " [a]bout 20 percent of young people [read teenagers] aged between 15 and 19 years old have been infected by HIV/AIDS". Now, if a 15 year old has full blown AIDS and the incubation period of HIV is on average said to be 10 years, is it not logical, that going by the "myth" of HIV/AIDS in Africa is principally transmitted through sex, then, such a teenage "victim" had sexual intercourse at age 5 with an equally HIV-infected 5 year old? The "seeding" of the HIV/AIDS virus must have been done during these so-called "vaccinations/immunizations" and we are seeing the spontaneous emergence of AIDS commensurate with the "immunization" projects of the past. The major problem confronting us is that of being brain washed into accepting waht these UN organizations have been shoving at us, "immunization" included, because they have been shorn in an aura of respectability, so that no one in Africa (or very few) readily question their motives or resuts. I posit too, that because of this blind acceptance of these organizations in Africa, they are the best tools to efectuate the diabolical "New World Order".

Chances are that I am immediately at risk of being branded a "suspect" the moment I state these UN bodies have criminal records and a hideous agenda on Africa. But then, these organizations have had botched results in similar "immunization" campaigns elesewhere, and they cannot be trusted to oversee this "immunization" in Kenya.

Take the case of Mexico and the Philippines. In 1994, WHO conducted an "experiment" in conjunction with the government of Mexico using "vacinnes" and the girls who grew up into women were found to have become infertile as well as having had their immune system crippled. Similarly, in the Philippines women who as girls had taken the tetanus "vaccines" administered by WHO in conjunct with that goverment later had miscarriages, still births, or premature births, in what is clearly a criminal and inhuman act (please see Listen to this: "World Health Organization stands behind the tetanus vaccine, emphasizing over and over again that it does not contain any abortifiacient, contraceptive or sterilizing agent. However, [in] the same report ... WHO officials have them saying that the tetanus vaccine does contain some hCG but that this is a good thing because hCG is not anti-hCG and that the hCG is an inhibitor against miscarriage/abortion" (ibid). Why lace a tetanus vaccine with a compound related to birth and/or birth control and NOT tell the recipient of the vaccine? Do you now see why I say these organizations are criminal in these "vaccinations/immunizations"?(please see further information on this at

Again, the United States of America (whose CDC is behind part of Africa's present "immunization" programme) manufactured polio vaccines using monkey kidney tissue between 1955 and 1963 which contained a monkey virus (Simian Virus number 40). There is NOW a high incidence of cancer surfacing in the US in which the said virus was detected (please see for details In a 1999 report by Dr. Allan Cantwell, wistfully titled "Are Vaccines Causing More Disease Than They Are Curing?", there is a chilling reference to the failure of polio vaccines in the U.S. and that in fact, the reported cases of polio could be induced by the vaccines! (please see Please also see the damning facts stated by a vaccine developer at

Consider this also. A vaccination programme in Egypt went disastrously WRONG after Hepatitis C was injected into the population, in a programme "from the 1950s thrugh the early 1980s". As we speak right now, "between 15 and 20 percent of Egypt's population of 63.3 million...have been infected with the [hepatitis C] virus" (source: If the foregoing is nothing to convince anyone, then I can say nothing more on that, except that I also note that in the imminent "imminization" programme, there is also this contained in the advert :"At the same time [during the "immunization" Children below the age of 5 years will also be given Vitamin A". In what form? Jabs?

Did you know that MERCURY is an ingredient in vaccines? Did you also know that mercury is the chief suspect in autism in children? (please see No studies in Kenya are, to my knowledge, available on the dangers of measles vaccinations among children and the related dangers of autism (I never ran into any during my research). Potentially, therefore, those administering the "vaccines" will be treading on virgin ground, and any complicatins that may subsequently arise may not be readily suspected to have been caused by these jabs.

I challenge all of you reading this, ask yourself "Why do I so unquestioningly trust government in cahoots with a suspect UN system to protect ME and my child?" Further, ask yourself, "With the painful existence that is today's nightmare, what is THIS benevolence extended at no cost to me, and I am being URGED by all means to ensure that my child is "immunized"? I challenge you to think again whether we are not being culled. I challenge yo to think whether your son, your daughter, your nephew, your niece, your cousing, isn't going to be a victim of a diabolical New World Order scheme to cull world population, and the "poor" of the world who are a "burden" on the "developed" world are not the automatic target. I challenge you to think again why this campaign is taking place in ALL of Africa NOW. Are we in for some unprecedented genocide?

Note: I take responsibility for this information. I wrote myself. I give you liberty to publish it if you will, but please acknowldge me as the source.

From: harrison Kinyanjui