Happy New Year!

         Well, this is the time of the year when we wish others a 'Happy New Year' even though we know that it is just another day to drag on our miserable existence. We are miserable if we don't know the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. Now let me go a little deeper on that comment. You might say, "Danny, if you truly thought about that statement then you would know that there are many people who are truly happy and most certainly not miserable in their life and they do not know Jesus in a personal manner. I could say yes to that logic but then again, when they are truly alone with themselves and their minds start thinking on eternity then the misery comes forth because they KNOW that they are not ready to meet the Holy One whom they have denied all of their lives. They have had themselves on the throne of their life and even if much of it seems to run smoothly, they know deep down that they are not ready for death, that final trip to... They don't even say the word to themselves at times or even out loud except when they are telling someone whom they do not agree with to go there. They seek to make it an everyday 'cuss' word, to downplay the agony of the place. Whether we use it in cussing or slang or flippantly we know that there is an awful end for us if we have rejected the God of the Bible. We know since he put it within each of us to know, to know that he is there and he wants us to know him in a personal manner so he can come into our lives and change us and make us what we were meant to be. So this year let it be a truly happy new year by coming into the very life of God. Just ask Jesus into your life as Lord and Saviour and he will come in and make you new and give you a purpose worth living for. He will be with you when you go though negative, sad times or uplifting good times. He will never leave you or forsake you.

         Why do so many people go out to celebrate the new year by getting their minds and bodies all messed up with alcohol? Is that truly a celebration? I mean to wake up and not even know what you did last night? Besides waking up with a hangover, you are wondering who or if you laid with someone? Do you have AIDS or one of the many other verneral diseases now? So many tell me that life right here is hell on earth. I tell them that is strange since I am living in a heaven on earth. Common sense tells me that if a person lives for the devil and the other fallen angels then their life would be hell on earth but if a person lives for God then his life would be a heaven on earth even in the midst of persecution, hatred, envy, or whatever else Satan can come up with to try to make a Christian's life miserable.

         Many religions are unprepared for hell so they either do away with it, or make it temporal to burn you for a while until you are burned clean or pure. How fire does that is beyond me. Or they make the fire some fictious thing such as burning with your lusts for all eternity. Some even make it a name since God is eternal and they say his name is eternal then they will tell you that eternal hell is just a name but it isn't eternal. Some religions say that hell is a fire but you burn up like a match stick and you are gone. That doesn't show God's justice, righteousness, holiness or anything else. The things that mankind will do to deny a truth is incredible, to say the least. God made us eternal creatures and we will live in heaven or hell but it is our choice, the Lord lays it before us and lets us decide. We will not have anyone to blame but ourselves if we reject his free gift of everlasting life.

         So this could be the greatest year that you have ever had. Not only is he the Creator of the new year coming up, he is the Creator of time itself. The Lord is eternal, he has always been but he became a man to ransom you so invite the Lord Jesus Christ, the one who created you, died for you and rose to make you new into your life as Lord and Saviour. Then you will be a new creature living in a new year.

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