Is Obama the Anti-christ???

I would like for people to check out these videos and the articles and give me your thoughts on them. Time is short for all of us whether Jesus comes tomorrow or many die tonight with a heart attack, a car wreck, cancer, or the millions of other ways that people die. Whatever the case, ALL of us are leaving this planet in one way or another. I pray that you will be ready and the one who makes us ready is the Lord Jesus Christ. But it must be real, coming from the heart, seeing your need. He MUST be your LORD as well as your SAVIOUR or he can't help you.

"Vendetta: Obama's War on the Bible".

Is Barack Obama THE ANTICHRIST? 100% PROOF
I keep going back and forth on this issue. I KNOW he is ONE of the anti-christs which is to come BUT he just might be the ONE!

America has enjoyed TV for too long.

The ending is by a mad man but the video has a lot of important information.

ww3 - Must happen by Spring - Dollar will collapse in 2014
The scripture that says the love of money is the root of all evil will make more sense to you when you watch this video. "10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." I Tim 6:10


WARNING: Civil Unrest In America 2013-2014
This is pretty eerie. What you need to realize: A police state is only happening BECAUSE the people are not thinking for themselves but are allowing the government to think for them.

Obama / The rise of the Beast 666 / NWO (Part 2)
The video above has some good information in it and it uses the true word of God, the KJV BUT I don't agree with everything he says but a lot of it seems right on. I surely DID NOT care fcr part 1, he was using the wrong word of God, some new preversion and it was junk. He talked about Yahweh and he thought he was the true God of the Christians BUT he is NOT. Kittel gave us Yahweh, a false rain god. Kittel was an anti-Semite, Jew hating German who changed the Hebrew OT long time ago. The KJV uses the correct Hebrew and Greek manuscripts and the new bibles use the corrupt Hebrew and the corrupt Greek manuscript.

Is Barack Obama the "Anti-christ"? Watch and See!

ObamaCare: Mandatory Microchip Implant for all Americans!!!

Urgent Food Stamps To Be Ended Unless Microchipped (RFID aka THE MARK OF THE BEAST REV 13:15-18)

HHS ObamaCare Video Contest Submission


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