You've all heard them say it. "Yes, I'm pro-life, BUT. .."

Once they utter the terrible "but" there is no longer any reason to wonder what they will say next. They can be depended on to mumble one of the growing list of reasons "pro-life" Christians give for doing nothing that has the power to force this nation to abolish legalized abortion. As a regular feature of The Abortion Aboltionist, we will focus on one of the "pro-life buts." This issue the "pro-life" leader who embodies the mindset and the tactics that must be judged and removed from influence before legalized abortion will ever be abolished in this nation is:

Gary North

Gary North has never missed an opportunity to play the role of the Christian condemner of Paul Hill. And, like the abortionists who he tacitly justifies as he condemns Paul Hill, Gary North has profited financially from his "choice" to back stab Paul Hill at every opportunity. The picture below is of an ad on Amazon.corn, only one of the myriad stores selling books in which Gary North heaps lie after lie on the head of Paul Hill.

While Paul Hill Awaited
Death, Gary North Turned
Him Into A Cottage
Industry, Making Money
by Bearing False Witness
Against Him



Gary North said, "I say that you are headed for hell because I speak judicially." (All quotes are from North's book. Lone Gunners For Jesus.)

Gary North wants us to believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will send a person to hell who stops a murderer from killing a little baby. Anyone who believes in such a Jesus must realize their jesus cares so little about babies that he will send them to hell even when they kill to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Even the most perverted pagan can see that such a jesus has less compassion for the weak and defenseless among us than an orangantan mother has for her own young orangantans.


Gary North said, "The New Testament is clear: when a man is excommunicated from his church, he is to be regarded by Christians as a heathen." North clearly implies that excommunicants are to be treated as heathen by God's people on earth because God will treat them so come Judgement Day. But North utterly confuses the facts by omitting that excommunication by an earthly body of people has power only when the excommunication is done in direct obedience to the commandments of God. It is a lie to say, as North said, that the actions of a "church" can bind the conscience of any Christian when the actions of that church go contrary to what God commands in Holy Scripture. Martin Luther was asked to "cease speaking in public" and subsequently excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church. Thomas More was excommunicated by the Church of England for refusing to affirm Henry Vlll's right to obtain divorce. According to the "logic" of Gary North, those excommunications required all Christians to treat Martin Luther and Thomas More as heathen and. further, required God to send them to hell because they were excommunicated.


North accuses Paul Hill of self-doubt.

North said. You shot and ran. This indicates to me that you knew in your heart that your act was, biblically speaking, an act of murder..."

But this is a lie. Paul Hill did not run. He put the shotgun on the ground and waited until the police came to arrest him. Nor has he run since.


North lies when he teaches people that Paul Hill was not authorized by God to kill an abortionist.

North defines "murder" in this way: "What is murde[r] biblically speaking? It is the slaying of a human being by someone who has not been authorized to do so as a covenantal agent."

North goes on to define who has covenantal authorization to "slay." His list includes a man using "defensive action" on behalf of his household, but North notes that "this right is never said to be universal in the Bible; it is limited to the protection of one's family."

Under North's "covenantal" construction, any man who uses lethal force to defend the life of someone outside his immediate family is a murderer (unless the government authorizes his actions). North conveniently omits the fact that the least of God's children are members of God's family. And if North is a member of God's family, those people are his brothers and sisters as well.


Gary North lies when he acts like he is not a muderer.

North speaks as though he and other pro-life Americans have not killed any human beings like Paul Hill has. He speaks as though this is what separates him from Paul Hill. and allows him to see himself as standing within God's covenant, while Paul Hill stands without.

Gary North has failed to recognize that by participating as a citizen in the American government that promotes, funds, and empowers people to kill his unborn neighbors, he is guilty of murder under his own definition. Unless of course he is prepared to argue that the abortionist is a covenantal agent authorized to kill unborn babies, or that he is authorized as a covenantal agent to empower the government to kill babies.

Throughout everything North says about murder, it is clear that Gary North believes himself to a person who can never be accused of murder. He sees himself as a lawabiding citizen of both the kingdom of God and the United States of America, a lawabiding citizen, who therefore has the right to judge "murderers" like Paul Hill.

North's confusion can be traced to this one fact: he will not let himself see that as a citizen of the United States of America, he is seen by God to be collaborating with every murder of every baby authorized to be killed by this government that derives its authority from the consent of the governed. It is this fact that an entire generation of Christians has to date successfully denied access to consciousness.

Key to the perpetuation of this denial is the need to create a great chasm between themselves and men like Paul Hill. Christians in denial cannot allow themselves to actually understand why men like Paul Hill are driven to the uttermost extremities in an attempt to be delivered from the collaboration with evil that is the present lot of every citizen in the United States of America. Christians will not allow themselves to feel what motivates a follower of Jesus Christ like Paul Hill to decide there is no path of obedience open except to take the law into his own hands and act out the love the Lord Jesus Christ has for the least of His brothers.

Pro-life buts Gary North's own words condemn him. He attempts to judge Paul Hill by warning him God will cast every unrepentant murderer into the lake of fire. But he lies about Paul Hill.

Unless Gary North repents, it will be his lying ass--and the remainder of the entire unit of the being named Gary North--that will splash forever in agony in the Lake of Fire.

Written by Neal Horsley for "The Abortion Abolitionist". A magazine for those who are completely against abortion, the killing of the innocent life in the womb.

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