Hello my name is Eddie Sandoval:

        One year ago I had a complete physical and my EKG, Cholesterol levels, blood pressure, my weight, and my fitness level were all text book perfectly health.
        NOW one year late, I have high blood cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) with low good cholesterol, and my doctor says I had a heart attack. My left arm and pec muscle ached one night and a few times my hand was numb, so I had my doctor look at it and then I was referred to heart specialist who did the blood perfusion test with the results in one week to come. And the heart doc also said he thinks I had a mild heart attack.
         I've always eaten smart, and since the infarction I reviewed what I eat. I frequently eat at SUBWAYS SANDWICHES since they profess to have a health product. I always order 6-inch wheat bread (sometimes 12 inch), lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and olive oil & vinegar to absorb fat-soluble vitamins A,D,E.
        One day I thought I would ask just to be sure if the unlabeled plastic bottle contained EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. I thought every place used the good/healthy olive oil. The lady at Subways said yes it is olive oil, and I asked her if I could read the bottles label. The Subways employee brought out a Subways labeled plastic gallon jug from the back employee area with a Subways label, a Subways franchise product for all the Subways, and to my great horror in bold print it said 90 % Canola Oil & 10% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
        The whole time I thought I was enjoying the Mediterranean diet of a healthy oil and vinegar. I hope you will inform your readers.

Yours Truly,
Eddie a. Sandoval

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