Think twice before you shop at Wal-Mart.

         I would like to share a little bit of information with you regarding Wal-Mart. I am a minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been going to stores for abour 18 years where I have been handing put pamphlets regarding certain issues but always the main topic would be the Lord Jesus Christ and our need for him. I don't go to stores to hand out pamphlets, I go there to shop but if I end up talking to someone or see a opportunity to give a pamphlet about the Lord then I will. I have been doing it without hardly any problem to speak of until I went to Wal-Mart. I was shopping in one part of the store and my wife in another part with our children. I meet another Christian brother whom I have met before. I tell him to go to the eating area with me and we can talk a little. He agrees so we walk over to where they have a little food outlet.

         He orders his food and goes to a table to sit down. I go up to the counter to order. After I order my food, I hand the girl behind the counter a pamphlet entitled, "United We Stand". She thanks me and there is another older lady standing on the same side of the counter that I am on. I saw that she worked at Wal-Mart too so to be nice I offered her one to. They both thanked me. I go to the table to sit down. As the man and I are talking and eating, a lady comes from within the store area holding my pamphlet in her hand. She looks pretty upset. She gets to where we are sitting and asks us, "Did one of you hand this out in the store?" The man with me says, "No" and then I speak up and say, "Yes, I did!" She goes on to tell me that I can't do that in the store. I tell her that I can, that I have been tracting in every store that I go to from WinCo, to Shop-Co, Fred Meyer, Target and many others and I have never had a problem. She says that the sign out front plainly says, "No solicting". I ask her to define that for me. She does and I tell her that I don't agree with her definition and I can't quit doing it, I have been doing it for years with no problems to speak up. Anyway, she proceeds to call the security guard on me. I talk with him a little, telling them that this country was founded on the Lord and even though we are going backwards, communistic, we are not there completely yet. I then ask him for his definition for solicting and his was different than hers since I asked was handing out money solicting there. I got two different answers from the two different people that I was talking to.

         So they put me out of the store for doing something as wicked, heinous, profane as sharing the Lord Jesus Christ with them. I think I am beginning to see as I have been studying Wal-Mart and certain things that they do why they would get convicted when someone talks to them about their need for the Lord God Almighty. The more that I read on the Web about them, the worse they sound.

         Check some of the links below. You can also e-mail me if you have any comments regarding Wal-Mart, maybe you were an employee or even a customer and they did something negative to you too. Let me know. Thanks!

Wal-Mart destroys communities that it moves into and if you study it out you will see that it is just into making money, it is a one world order store.

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