Western Book of the Dead

"In the beginning-i.e., before the beginning- there was NOTHING. And MATTER came out of NOTHING. And MATTER was CHAOS. Strangely, and for no reason whatsoever, CHAOS started to change. Simplicity begat complexity, randomness begat order and, most peculiar of all, inanimate MATTER begat organic MATTER.
Many, many, many years passed and quite by chance organic MATTER developed in a strange direction. It became more and more complex, and then for no apparent reason at all, it became conscious of itself. It called consciousness MIND and it gave itself a name and that name was MAN.

Now MAN equipped with MIND found that MIND played peculiar tricks on him. He found that instead of just accepting himself as a part of MATTER, he had a longing for significance, a desire to live for a purpose. Instead of being pushed about by blind chance, he wanted to direct his own affairs. He also found that there was a state of being that was entirely satisfactory and he called it LOVE.
Man kept on searching for purpose and meaning and after a while strange rumors began to spread- rumors that spoke of a Creator-God who was LOVE, who had created man in His own image. Many men believed the rumors. It gave their lives meaning; it told them that the universe was not purposeless after all. Inspired by hope, these believers started to write, to paint, and to chip away at stone. Some of these craftsmen were extremely skillful. They seemed to be expressing the longings and aspirations of all men. To these exceptional pieces of craft a name was given, and that name was ART. And the men who wrote them, painted them, or chipped them were called ARTISTS. And all their ART said: MAN IS SIGNIFICANT.
It was also rumored that the Son of LOVE became a MAN, showed them how to live, then died. A legend has it that the Son of LOVE came back from the dead and disappeared in a cloud. In some parts of the western world the BELIEVERS of this legend spread a very influential form of the message: MAN IS SIGNIFICANT.

For many years this state of affairs existed, but MAN became restless. Was it so? Was MAN a creation of LOVE? Why should he simply believe a rumor? Had anyone used his REASON- a very special activity of MIND that had proved to be successful in understanding MATTER- to find out if the rumor was true? Did the rumor actually correspond to what really was? A thorough investigation began and it lasted many years.
After an era of investigation MAN came to certain conclusions:
(1) The rumors were certainly false. REASON found no EVIDENCE to verify the God hypothesis. God, they said, was the result of wishful daydreams, a figment of the IMAGINATION- which itself was an early aberration in primitive MAN, now happily under the control of REASON. And if the rumor of God was false, so surely was the complex rumor about His Son.
(2) MAN was not some mysterious higher being who was significant. He was, on the contrary, of no importance at all- simply a complex product of cause and effect. A meaningless piece of MATTER on a larger but equally meaningless piece of MATTER called EARTH. He had emerged from primordial slime and was really neither more or less than that.

At first nothing changed. But a few years passed and a few perceptive men began to notice a difference. Music didn't seem to sound the same, paintings didn't look the same, and books didn't read in the same way. Some people started to complain, but the ARTISTS- always very honest, transparent people- simply said, "We are interpreting REALITY. If REALITY is meaningless then we must imitate that meaninglessness. You must not give yourself airs, you are nothing. You are a cosmic bit of protoplasm condemned to death on this planet." At that, the critical group stopped harping and started to say how beautiful the NEW ART was. They didn't want to use the word beautiful because everybody knew it didn't mean anything, but it had been around for so long why not use it anyway?
Then, too, a few perspective men noticed changes in the way men and women behaved. Once they had loved each other. And their LOVE was thought to be a reflection of God who was LOVE. But now there were just SEX-liaisons of the moment. And families began to die as families and the children were left to the whims of the court. And men called these liaisons LOVE, though they knew the word didn't mean anything.

All sorts of startling consequences followed. Some men said, "If MAN is only a machine caught up in the vast mechanism of nature, why not treat him accordingly?" So the MANIPULATORS set to work and used men just like other objects of nature. And behold there came a very efficient system called UTOPIA, and the occupants were called NECROPHILES. Of course, it was really nothing new, for the MANIPULATORS had picked up their model from the ants, a natural group of beings who years previously had attained the perfect state of affairs. Another group of men resisted UTOPIA. They said, "In spite of all that REASON has proved we will continue to believe that our longings and aspirations are meaningful." So they tried to forget their DESPAIR (a feeling that MAN experienced when he wanted to hope and did hope knowing that it was hopeless) by taking chemicals and behaving like animals, living for each successive moment and trying hard to make each moment pleasurable. Most of them got tired of playing these games after a while and disposed of themselves in various ways. Some went to DEATH, some to PSYCHEDELIA (a beautiful country with a synaesthetic landscape), some to NIRVANA. Some even went to UTOPIA. And so nonsense was worshipped instead of sense (they called it absurd). Reason was abandoned- because, you see, it couldn't give answers to the really big questions after all. In its place came UNREASON (they call it irrationality). And MORALITY was abandoned- because that peculiar ability to distinguish between the GOOD and the BAD had been popular once, but that was when the rumors of God were rife. The GOOD was God's holy character and had to be obeyed. The BAD was disobedience or revolt against the GOOD. But the GOOD and BAD departed with REASON and God. And now there was no longer TRAGEDY- only MISERY.

SO MAN ceased to be MAN- a rational, moral creature, a being who once transcended the causality of nature. Instead he became a meaningless, enigmatic machine-like piece of MATTER. Even the MANIPULATORS who controlled UTOPIA creased to be MAN in the old sense of the word. After denying their mannishness for so long, they finally lost it and so became the most terrifying animal on the face of the earth.
The old rumors still persist- found in the outlying regions and small cliques of NON-CONFORMISTS in UTOPIA- that LOVE is. Some still say that MAN is. But these are the same ones who say no MAN ever really died, that even the ancients are alive (some well, some not) and living in ANOTHER WORLD. Such rumors are being suppressed whenever they are found."

This document was brought in by a foreign correspondent.

What I want you to see from this little document is how we are headed down the same road. We are seeking to deny God, pretending homosexuality is an alternate lifestyle. In reality it is a deathstyle. Justifying killing unborn babies for social convenience. In turn, we shall see as Jesus predicted the worst time in history is ahead of us because we have ignored his voice and are doing our own thing, whatever that may be. There is a payday for all of us someday soon. So as the document says, "Man has become the most terrifying animal on earth." Mankind, God's highest creature within his creation and we act lower than animals because of sin.