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Based on Calvinism, God is in control of everything, every breath, every sin, everything SO why would Calvinists argue it ANY. God has it ALL under control. NOTHING changes, IT ALL goes the way that he wants it to. Why would ANY Calvinist care what anybody else says, they are ONLY doing, saying what they have been decreed to say before they ever existed SO If a Calvinist REALLY believes his doctrine THEN he could care less what people say and do, it has been preordained. If you admit that God decreed you to argue senselessly then that is another sin you are laying on the back of God since he is making his people argue with others about something that NO ONE has any say on whatsoever, WHICH would be senseless arguing. CRAZY!!!

I preached on Calvinism a while back and here is couple of them to listen to and I typed it out so you could follow along better. It is not word for word but it is pretty close.

John Calvin's View of God- Part 1 video

John Calvin's View of God- Part 1 notes
Written by Danny D. Bunn B.A., (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

John Calvin's View of God- Part 2 video

John Calvin's View of God- Part 2 notes
Written by Danny D. Bunn B.A., (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Danny Bunn preaches on "Predestination and Election"
Predestination and Election(video)
Predestination and Election(notes)
Everybody is predestined to be saved IN Jesus BUT you must be in him and that comes about by receiving him into your life as Lord and Saviour.

Everything Is Not Fixed! (video)
Written by Danny D. Bunn B.A., (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)
Everything Is Not Fixed...(notes)

Once Saved Always Saved videos (Pts. 1,2,3) in my Preaching Videos Section on my Menu Bar.
Once Saved, Always Saved?
Written by Danny D. Bunn B.A., (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)
Once Saved, Always Saved (notes)

newpulse (3K)

Romans 8:7-8 Does NOT Support Total Depravity
God taught me a lot of things based on Rom 7 and 8 and he is the closest to what the Lord showed me years ago on those two chapters. Our outward man, the flesh will be at war with God the whole time we are here and that is why the word tells us to crucify the outer man and walk in the spirit, if it be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. I agreed with most he said here and had a few minor problems BUT it is worth everybody watching this one.

God cannot be Sovereign in Calvinism
In my words, a ďsovereignĒ God CAN do whatever he chooses to do and he MOST certainly CAN CHOOSE to give man a free will and he DID. Satan is the one who wants puppets, robots and God wants those who choose to love him, follow him WHEN he calls and he is calling all lost people all over the world at different times in their lives in many different ways.

Arminius was a Calvinist
Around 43 minutes he talks about demons and I am pretty sure that he does NOT believe in them since he is KJV and the KJV does NOT talk about demons since they do not exist BUT there are plenty of devils which are totally evil spirit beings. Overall this was a very good teaching on Arminius and a lot of this I did NOT know BUT what I DID KNOW that I did NOT agree with either side of these two groups, there were tons of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who were no part of either of these groups back in the day.
I really like 55 min to 55:35 showing the stupid views that so called bible colleges take you, just deeper into darkness.
Around 1:17:50 is incredible thinking that ANY Christian will or can believe this nonsense.
There is too much to talk about so just watch it AND really think about what you are hearing, donít be brainwashed, THINK!!!
Godís written word by his Spirit IS what sets us free. BOTH sides leave OUT the POWER of the word of God AND that is their biggest mistake.
We are not predestined to believe BUT after we are saved we are predestined for certain things in the Christian life, God has predetermined that he WANTS ALL saved SO it is NOT God keeping anyone out of salvation.
I agree with him that eternal security is NOT perseverance of the saints. I say perseverance is what we can do, in other words, persevere. AND eternal life is what God freely gives those who believe AND a believer is one who believes. If you quit believing, you are NOT A believer and I donít think he would agree with me on this BUT I donít know that yet since I havenít shared my thoughts with him.

Why John 15:16 does not support Calvinism
I had a few minor problems with it but very good overall

John 6:44 From a Non-Calvinist Perspective
This is where Christians and non Christians miss it a lot. They do not study in context and that is ultra important for the result of the study to be correct.
He says some really important things in this one too.

Why Proverbs16:4 Does Not Support Calvinism
I have said it many times over the years that you cannot get regenerated before you are born again since it is the same act. God makes you new, he regenerates you when you receive him as your Lord and Saviour. Jesus Christ came to save sinners, in other words the filth, the dirt of this world NOT the self righteous. A so called righteous person CANNOT get saved, he has NO NEED of salvation, he is righteous already as far as he is concerned. I could give plenty of scriptures to show this truth and I like sharing my favorite which is Mark 2:17
17 When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.
ANY so called righteous person HAS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for Jesus and God is not looking for them, he came to save the lost and IF you do NOT think you fit that word then I would love to talk to you. Jesus DID NOT come to save the righteous, they do NOT need salvation even though the word makes it plain that there is NO righteous person on this planet outside of the blood of Christ.
Romans 3:10 is pretty clear also:
10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:
I will share a couple more now.
Romans 3:23
23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;
AND Romans 5:8 also
8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.>br> Jesus came for SINNERS and that fits EVERYBODY on this planet.
To put it in simple terms IF God could make a person righteous WITHOUT the cleansing blood of the Lord Jesus Christ THEN Jesus Christ was a complete idiot to do what he did and go through what he went through IF God could make people righteous anyway. Crazy!!!

Why Calvinism is not for me...Take Two by Peter Lumpkins

Calvinism & the Robot Analogy: A Response to A Rebel's Cause Radio

Here is a preacher preaching on Romans 9 since a calvinist I was debating didn't approve of what I said because I was not a seminary student, I just let the Holy Spirit teach me his word. I put where I preached on Romans 9 right below the four by Adrian Rogers

Adrian Rogers - Are Some Predestined for Hell?(1/4)

Adrian Rogers - Are Some Predestined for Hell?(2/4)

Adrian Rogers - Are Some Predestined for Hell?(3/4)

Adrian Rogers - Are Some Predestined for Hell?(4/4)

newpulse (3K) Danny Bunn preaches on "Predestination and Election" by dealing with Romans 9
Predestination and Election

The Jews Are the Elect, Election is Not Salvation (Why God Did Not Elect Calvinists)

The Parable of the Wicked Fireman - Calvinism - Kerrigan Skelly

Hitler & Calvinism
A satirical video

Conversation With A Calvinist - Open Air Preaching MTSU - Kerrigan Skelly

Calvinism According to John Calvin (From The Horse's Mouth"

         I thought the information in the video below was enlightening coming from a hard core Calvinist. I hope you see how he is using so-called logic, man centered Philosophy instead of talking the word of God. It is pagan to believe that God would choose a group of people for heaven and for hell who have no say so. He thinks a dead man, spiritually speaking can't make decisions yet God talks to the spiritually dead all through the word.          Love and sovereignty are mutually exclusive of each other. Love to be true love must be able to resist if it is really love. I tell my wife, "Honey, I am going to make you love me by my sovereign will." IS NOT LOVE. She must be able to resist, the Calvinists make God unrighteous by forcing his love on a select group of people when he made it plain that we choose when he calls or we deny when he calls. Jesus Christ said that when he is lifted up, he will DRAW ALL men to himself in John 12:32. Romans 5:18 says it too in a different way. God will have all men saved but we must answer the call.

newpulse (3K)RC Sproul- Why Are Reformed Christians Influenced by Arminianism

"I don't understand Election" Paul Washer answers
         It was incredible to me to see that Paul Washer was that simple minded, I could NOT believe what I was hearing in regards to his answer to the kid why he believes in election. I am going to break it down for you SO you can see the ignorance of his arguments. They are totally off the wall comments. First he tells the kid to check out his pastor's web site and it is the best you will ever hear on election. Paul goes on to say if a man is truly dead in his sin, he can't talk to God, he hates God, etc. I am thinking why doesn't Paul talk about all the DEAD men who are talked to by God and talk to God starting with Adam and many, many, many more after him. I was amazed that he actually used this form of logic, so called. Ck. Isa 10:1-4 for one example.
         WHAT Paul Washer does NOT seem to understand is that a GOD who wants ALL men saved will save those who come in his way as he has said all through his word. Then he uses the Lord of the Rings to prove the word of God??? Why doesn't he use the word of God in context? Once again what Paul W. DOESN'T understand is that mankind even though dead in sins can hear from God and DO so.
         At one point the kid corrects Paul when he keeps saying man cannot come to God. The kid says, "Man WILL not come to God." Paul then says, "Man cannot come to God cause they will not come to God. Why doesn't Paul just tell the kid, I believe that most will NOT come to God cause they CANNOT come to God cause God doesn't want them. It is that simple in Calvinism.
         Then to add insult to injury, Paul W. goes deeper into how a dead man can't do anything. He compares it to seeing a physically dead man and telling him "Come on let's go to the hospital down the street." AND this is a guy who is respected by a lot of Christians, spooky. He actually thinks the same truths apply to a physically dead person that applies to a spiritually dead person. There are many differences.
         Time for an illustation to try to illustrate my point.
         NOW just imagine that your physical father is like the Father God of Calvinism. "Son we love you and we feed you, take care of you, pay your way through college, bought you a car, we let you have heat in your room in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. BUT son we are NOW going to torture you because we helped create you and you didn't help in the least, you were incapable of helping us and we as your co-creators will torture you slowly and gracefully as Calvin did to those who would not submit to his "godly" ways."
         Calvinists seem to think if you play any part in salvation, even the part where you "receive" the Lord Jesus Christ then it is WORKS to them, hence negated. AND again Paul W. seems to think that accepting the GIFT of salvation offered by God is SOMEHOW a work but Eph. 2:8,9 tells me the opposite. When I give my kids a gift, I don't give it to them because they somehow worked for it, earned it; I give it to them because I want to and because I love them.

FREE WILL- Answering silly Calvinist challenges

Re: John 3:16 Conference: Former Calvinist in the Q&A Session
The video he is discussing is the one right below this one.

John 3:16 Conference: Former Calvinist in the Q&A Session
         Around 15 minutes and on you will see James White "hem hawing" all through his talk. You will notice James White gives NO scripture to back his points. I see the guy being saved out of Calvinism just telling that the God he heard from was the one who does NOT want one person in hell. God hates the death of the wicked, he wants them to repent. God all through the word pleads, calls, convicts many and they do not answer his call. Amazingly I heard NO verses coming from James White after he condemned the guy at the John 3:16 conference for not giving any. I thought that was funny, to say the least. What Calvinists don't seem to see or don't want others to see IS "They don't have to defend or proclaim the Gospel" as James White is seeking to do or claims to be doing, God will save those he wants saved and they don't need to do anything in reference to claiming or defending.

         AND below is the one that James White didn't edit for his presentation.

         The video below has a man talking about being saved out of Calvinism and he said some really good things but the man who answers his question didn't really say anything of importance to speak of. The answer is being unified as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, not being unified as Baptists or any other denominational group, we need to get in line with the word of God (KJV) and seek the Lord's face and he will lead us and guide us into all truth as we look to him.
Saved out of Calvinism - John 3:16 Conference

Corky Calvinist's Confused Theology - Episode 1

Corky Calvinist's Confused Theology - Episode 2

Bible verses to expose the errors of calvinism, OSAS, predestination of salvation and no free will

Ex-Calvinists For Christ: A Call To Repentance

Adrian Rogers Refutes Total Depravity & Destroys Calvinism. Without the T, Tulip Collaspses.

Calvin's TULIP - Does Paul teach Calvinist/Augustinian doctrine in Romans- Pt 1

Calvin's TULIP - Does Paul teach Calvinist/Augustinian doctrine in Romans- Pt 2

Five Point Calvinism
Above is a written discourse on the 5 points of calvinism. John Calvin was a very confused person, to put it lightly.

         The three videos below are very well done dealing with Calvinism from it's books and beliefs from other calvinist preachers.
What's Wrong With Calvinism; Part 1: Understanding Calvinism. With Dr. Jerry L. Walls

What's Wrong With Calvinism; Part 2: The Heart of the Matter. With Dr. Jerry L. Walls

What's Wrong With Calvinism; Part 3: Why it Matters. With Dr. Jerry L. Walls

The Five Dangers Of Calvinism - Ralph Yankee Arnold
I think he did a very good job in preaching on the 5 Points of Calvinism.

Here is an excellent video on Calvinism with a question that needs answering.

All of Calvinism Refuted By one Verse

         I found out some surprising things by listening to Dave Hunt on Calvinism since I usually just study a relgion based on the word of God and NOT on history so he gave me a lot to think about.

Dave Hunt - What Love Is This? Calvinism's Misrepresentation of God

Dave Hunt on John Calvin

newpulse (3K)Calvinism Lies Taught By YouTube Teachers
         This one is a really good one since she brings into the picture how the new bibles are deceiving a lot of believers.

Pastor Chuck Smith Exposes Calvinism

The False Gospel of Calvinism

The False Gospel of Calvinism- Part 2
         I guess he is a once saved, always saved and tries to prove that the ones who were sanctified by the blood of Jesus in Hebrews 10:27,28 WERE NOT Christians but they were believers and denied the faith later on. Then he uses 2 Peter 2:1 and this is another person who walked out of the faith. If he bought them with his blood then they WERE saved but left the faith. As the bible shows us in many scriptures that we can and do deny the Lord who bought us. Read how the Jews left the faith through unbelief and the word makes it plain that we as believers can deny the faith too. Check Romans 11:20-23 to name just one out of many showing we can walk out or deny the faith that we once knew as believers.

Calvinism Exposed

Dr. J. Vernon McGee Refutes Calvinism - Doctrine of Election and Free Will- Part 1

Dr. J. Vernon McGee Refutes Calvinism - Doctrine of Election and Free Will- Part 2

Why I'm a Zero Point Calvinist - Part 1 of 3

Why I'm a Zero Point Calvinist - Part 2 of 3

Why I'm a Zero Point Calvinist - Part 3 of 3

Is Calvinism Just Another Ism?
Written by Danny D. Bunn B.A., (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)
Is Calvinism Just Another Ism?

The Sovereignty of Calvary
by Bill Jackson
The Sovereignty of Calvary

Foreknowledge, Predestination, and Election
Written by Mark G. Cambron, D.D.
Foreknowledge, Predestination, and Election

Want to talk? (208) 447-8880

Ravi Zacharias Answers Stephen Hawking - Part 1

Ravi Zacharias Answers Stephen Hawking - Part 2
         Even though these three videos are in my evolution links, I am putting them here BECAUSE my mind went to Calvinism when I listened to 7:10-9:10. Calvinism puts Christians to sleep in a little different way than Evolution does.

Ravi Zacharias Answers Stephen Hawking - Part 3

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