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Darwinism and the Nazi Race Holocaust
Check out a few of the things that scientists are learning from nature or should I say the God of nature. Their scientific abilities don't compare to his.

Renewable energy from hornets?
On the same page also check out the articles entitled:
Mammoth issues in the news
Mice grow younger in genetic rejuvenation
Human teeth in Israel raise long-age eyebrows
Dino date collides with impact theory
Cricket didn’t change in 100 million years of evolution?
Yet another failure of evolutionary theory
A flick of the tail
It’s life … whoops, no it isn’t!
More veggie dinos than ever
Amazing new brain facts
Humpback whale flipper inspires fan design

Brilliant engineering: the weevil ‘hip’-and-leg joint
ALSO check out the other articles on that page:
Sun and Planets ‘constructed differently’
Water ‘Just right for life’
Much to learn about biology
Mutation rate varies between families

Really focus on the one above, we are passing away much faster than we thought a short time back. Adios, evolutionary theory, adios
Seeing with sound
Think about the one above too, really think about it.

Galactic mystery
Fish genes are going, going …
Doubting Dutch debate death
Fewer dinosaur species
Whale graveyard Mystery in Chile
Amino acid alphabet soup?

If you feel like you are going "batty" at times with all the junk going on in this world then take a little time and relax and read about some "bats" in life. It will help you to see a little of how amazing God is.
Bats—sophistication in miniature

A movie came out a few years ago called, "Expelled- No Intelligence Allowed!" staring Ben Stein. It threw the evolution, atheist community into a tizzy, so to speak. They had to do something about it, too many people were finding out the truth about these false religions. So they got together and built a web site entitled, "Expelled Exposed" and started putting out a lot of lying propaganda. Expelled Exposed
After you check out the site above, then go to the two sites below, you will see all the lies, misinformation, falsehoods, deceits, trickery and the like that was on the site, Expelled Exposed.
"Expelled Exposed" Exposed: Your One-Stop Rebuttal to Attacks on the Documentary Expelled

N.C.S.E.XPOSED No Victim-Blaming Allowed!

Since the media and the government do not want you to see the agreements of Darwin and Hitler, these articles below would be worth your time in reading.
What’s wrong with uttering “Darwin” and “Hitler” in the same breath?

Darwin and Hitler: In Their Own Words

Don't Doubt It- An important historic sidebar on Hitler and Darwin

Connecting Hitler and Darwin

William Lane Craig’s intellectually dishonest attack on biblical creationists

Here is a good site that will help you to understsnd the purpose of "Talk Origins". A lot of helpful information for Creationists.
The True Origin Archive- Exposing the Myth of Evolution

GEM- Genesis Evidence Ministry with Teno Groppi Check it out, he has his act together with the correct bible and the correct view on astronomy and many other scientific views too.

Science Against Evolution Official Home Page

Evolution Facts

Evolution the Lie

Evolution News and Views

YEC Headquarters

Darwinian thought police strike again

Do Creationists Publish in Notable Refereed Journals?

Brain Shaped By Experiences

Is Natural Selection the Same Thing as Evolution?

Feedback: Are There Beneficial Mutations?


Evolution New Articles inside...
More new links too. Check them out!

Watch these videos on "Creatures that Defy Evolution"
Some short clips from the series, "Creatures that Defy Evolution"

How to Teach Evolution

Why Abiogenesis Is Impossible

A few thoughts on different cultures and people from an anthropologist, Don Richardson

Interview with Don Richardson- Part 1

Interview with Don Richardson- Part 2

Interview with Don Richardson- Part 3

Above is another page packed with information regarding evolution and creation.


The slideshow is ready now...
Check it out... Did the media once again prove evolution???

Even though "Pastor" Charles Darwin taught that it was the woman who was closer to the monkey than the man. "Darwin concluded that adult females of most species resembled the young of both sexes and from this and the other evidence, "reasoned that males are more evolutionarily advanced than females" (Kevles, 1986:8). Many anthropologists contemporary to Darwin concluded that "women's brains were analogous to those of animals," which had "overdeveloped" sense organs "to the detriment of the brain" (Fee, 1979:418). Carl Vogt, a University of Geneva natural history professor who accepted many of "the conclusions of England's great modern naturalist, Charles Darwin," argued that "the child, the female, and the senile white" all had the intellect and nature of the "grown up Negro" (1863:192)."

Another excellent page dealing with the nonsense religion called evolution.

Evolution and the Pope... Check inside

$250,000 offer to anyone who can supply any empirical evidence
(scientific proof) for evolution.* When you get there you will see the offer on the main page.
Click on it and read the information he gives on how to collect.
The offer went up from $10,000 to $250,000...

Free Bible Resources
Go to this link to watch a lot of Kent Hovind's videos
on creation vs evolution whether it is his seminars or debates
and other subjects. Many of them are here.

A well written article on Geocentricity


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"Amazing new brain facts

A study by Stanford University researchers using new imaging techniques has announced stunning results. Stephen Smith, the study’s senior author, is cited as claiming that they had found that the brain’s complexity is beyond anything they’d imagined, “almost to the point of being beyond belief”. In our cerebral cortex alone, it turns out that there are over 125 trillion synapses. That’s “about how many stars fill 1,500 Milky Way galaxies”. Each one of these connections also functions like a microprocessor. Each synapse in turn, it is now clear, contains about 1,000 molecular switches of its own. The conclusion? “A single human brain has more switches than all the computers and routers and Internet connections on Earth.”

The more we find out about the intricacies of creation, the more unlikely it is that it is all the result of natural processes, with no designing intelligence.

Human brain has more switches than all computers on Earth,, 17 November 2010.