Merry Kris Mess... said by many during this time of year even though it is spelled Christmas, it is said as "Kris Mess". Overall we got this holiday from the Roman Catholic Church and back in time during what many call the Middle Ages but others call the Dark Ages. Based on which side of the fence you were on. Christians were being killed by the millions in the "Dark Ages" for rejecting the "Christ mass". The Christ-mass or called the Eucharist in the Roman Church IS when the Roman Catholics eat the body and drink the blood of one of their gods, Jesus Christ. Pagans have been doing this for many years before the Roman Catholic Church came into existence. When many Roman Catholic priests came to know the truth regarding the Roman Church being the Whore of Babylon then they came out of her BUT they took a lot of their false teachings with them whether eating their gods or confessing their sins to a "priest" or getting water baptized for cleansing from "original sin" and many other false practices BUT one of their biggest evils was praying to Mary as the Mother of God and God doesn't have mother, He is God and there is none other, Mary is the key figure in Roman Catholicism and she is really above God , They think they can pray to Mary and she can tell Jesus what to do for sinners on her behalf.

I will deal with one more person called Satan Claws, (Santa Claus) OR Saint Nicholas or Kris Kringle. I used the last choice from the list since it sounds closer to what others say. The Devil has many names in the bible too and a few are listed here. He is called a liar, deceiver, god of this world, murderer & accuser to name a few, In the final days before the Lord Jesus Christ comes there will be an apostasy and MANY Christians will turn from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. Christmas is just one of many that Satan will use to destroy Christians and their witness in this world.


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