The Fiend Called Nicotine!!!

I wrote a few poems on nicotine. I hate that junk and I always will, it was the cause of many, many bad moments in my life. NOW it has caused another bad moment with a person that I deeply care about. It is a spirit and has destroyed many believers/unbelievers' lives. It is a justified "Christian" addiction. It must be stopped, the Lord is not looking on this garbage in a loving manner. God hates addictions and bondage on any of his people.


My mind goes to that god called nicotine,
To make it simple he is really mean.
He's out to destroy your spirit soul and body,
When you mess with him it ain't going to be a party.
When you first met him it seemed so fun,
You never knew he'd put you on the run.
When you catch up with him you'll ask for more,
He said yes yes you can have galore.
Just keep your knee bowed to me,
I'm the one who sets you free.
Free to enjoy your fleshly appetite,
You are mine today and tonight.
I will feed you and consume you,
We'll come together we were two.
Now we are one, you and I,
Without me you cry, cry, cry,
You can't have others in my way,
I control you every day.
Right then Jehovah God speaks up,
Child, I will free you, drink from my cup.
I am the same yesterday today and forever,
Satan is not really all that clever.
Fight the fight and run the race, submit to me:
And I, the Almighty God, will set you free.


If the God of gods cannot replace a god in our lives then nothing can,
If Jehovah is powerless before a god then nothing can save man.
If sin can be justified in our lives because of an addiction,
Then all wrong can be justified and that is truly fiction.
We must be willing to fight against sin,
Because it is no man's friend.
It destroys from within and without,
And to that statement there is no doubt.
Even if it hurts we must fight,
Yeah, fight with all our might.
Since God furnishes his strength from within,
So listen closely because he is our best friend.
He promises to give victory,
Walking in him frees from misery.

The Fiend called Nicotine

Nicotine does far more than just feed the green machine,
That devil will destroy your life, he'll wipe you clean.
The bible says Christians are God's temple,
That is pretty plain and simple.
The word goes on to say those who defile God's temple,
He will destroy, yeah he will not be gentle.
In many relationships nicotine steps in,
He wants to make sure he's the one to win.
He wants to continually keep his slaves,
Until he helps to put them in their graves.
I will forever hate that fiend,
Yeah, that fiend called nicotine.

Nicotine Wants!

Nicotine is a super strong devil,
He doesn't want you walking on the level.
He wants you walking in dependency upon him,
He wants you living addicted and grim.
He wants you living for him everyday,
Yeah he wants to be on your mind in every way.
He wants to keep you from God and his word,
He wants to keep you in his unholy herd.
He wants to keep you from healthy life and peace,
He wants to be your one sick release.
Even though true release is what he cannot give,
Is ultimate desire is death not that you might live.
He wants to give you lung cancer, emphysema, a cardiac arrest;
Yeah those are things he wants to give you, that is his very best.
In closing he is one sick pest and there is no rest,
In his wants and desires we should never invest.

Written with my Sheila on my mind on Friday November 13th 2015

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