"Where's Ben?"

Death is a strange thing. People try to ignore it, thinking that they won't have to deal with it until they are old. Or others go completely the opposite way- being obsessed with it, watching one murder movie after another, reading books about death and people's experiences with it, listening to songs about death and suicide, talking about it all the time. Why? Both sides are pretty weird! One ignores it about like they do God. Always feeding on something to keep the mind busy. Whether it's the radio, T.V., or newspaper even though they do help to keep the mind off of God since none of those three hardly ever talk about him but they talk about death almost constantly because it's happening all the time all around them and they can't ignore it as easy as they seem to ignore God. And yet still the majority of people tend to think - maybe them but not me. I'm sure most of those who died thought the same thing.

I have a friend, his name is Benjamin, he was coming over to my house on a motorcycle so I could take him to get some parts for his car. He was 21, yea, 21- he never made it to my house but he did make it to a lot better place, he was ready to go. And he was ready to go only because of one reason- Jesus! You see he repented and received Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. When Christ, the Lord of Glory comes into your life, you know it!! And he knew it! I'm going to miss him, he was a neat brother. But I will see him one day soon, Praise God! Yea, we had our disagreements but he loved Jesus and he wanted to love him more just as I want to and to know him better day by day.

It's hard for me to comprehend that a person could live (exist) here all their life and never come to know the Creator. He actually became a man and died for our sins to bring us back to himself. We try so hard to ignore him or anybody who shares him with us. And all that he wants to do is set us free, completely free. We associate him with religion but Jesus said, "..I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly." He did not say, "I am come that they might have religion and have it more abundantly." That's one thing that we don't need any more of. But we do need him, all of us, to fill that empty vacuum that we all have and only God can fill it. He created you to know him and you will never be truly satisfied, content until you experience his life. Turn to Jesus today, He's calling, He's convicting, He's drawing people to himself. Just tell him that you need him, that you want victory over sin, that you want that full and abundant life that he promises and he'll give it.

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