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You are more than welcome to check out these articles that I have written on a few different subjects.

"Super Important!!!"

newball (4K) The Two Most Satanic Holidays? (Updated)newball (4K)

Sleeping In The Light? newball (4K)

newball (4K) Are You Religious??newball (4K)

newball (4K) Time of Peace?



Word Games

One Day Soon...

America has fallen!

"Smile, Love is here!"

Mark of the Beast?

The Atom

"Go To Hell!!"

"Be Cool, take things easy, eat, drink, and be merry. Have fun!"

"I Love You!"

Sex, Sex, Sex, Rated XXX

The Worst Thing That I Can Think Of!

"Where's Ben?"

The Way of a Man With a Woman!

"Get a Life!"

This City, Continent, Planet, and Universe...

Freedom to Live and Love!

The T.V. Addict's Psalm 666

Drinking Christians!?

Part of a Local Bulletin Board Discussion

An e-mail regarding homosexuality

Stop the Pollution

Thinking about Music...

Stop the Music!

Disagreement or Hate! Which is it?

Wanna Drag?

United we stand!

A Study on the 12 Steps in AA

The Christmas Story, Santa Claus, the elves, and the tree...

Death- 4 skits

Jesus is!

Once Saved, Always Saved???

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