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Thinking about Music?!

I haven't mentioned music much yet on this Page, even though music is a very strong force and it can be used for good or for evil. I wrote a little bit on it and here it is:

I sit here thinking about music, the many different styles. How some people like rock, others country, some classical and then we have many who like rap, the many styles of contemporary music. What really blows me away is that so many businesses have decided for us the kind of music that we should listen to. I've called the phone company just to ask about my bill and wanted to know certain charges on it, who they were to and they stick this elevator music in my ear as I am waiting. I didn't call to get a concert, I just wanted to know about some calls that were on my phone bill so I hang up and call back. The same thing happens over and over so I end up writing the phone company and asking them who is the call to. A few days later a lady from the phone company calls and tells me who it was to. I thank her and I let her go. I go to a laundry mat in Nampa to wash my clothes not to hear some guy sing about his experiences with a girl or his pick- ups in a bar or whatever. Music that puts you to sleep and I didn't go there to sleep but wash clothes. I just want to wash my clothes. I talk to the owner next door. She tells me that she has 40 customers to every one like me that likes that music. I just ask her to come next door with me and show me those 40, that I am the only one over there. But that doesn't seem to matter, there still are 40 to my 1 that likes it. It doesn't matter where they are, what matters is that they like it. I call the Idaho Press Tribune to have my classified ad corrected, it was wrong. They put elevator music in my ear to switch me over to classified. Once again I didn't call to listen to music I called to have my classified ad corrected so I hang up and every time that I call back I get the same thing, elevator music. She tells me that she can't help it, that if I don't want to hear the music then I will have to come up there. So I hang up and drive to the Idaho Press Tribune just to tell them that my ad is wrong. I go to a Mexican restaurant to eat. I really like Mexican food. I go in and lo and behold, elevator music is going, all I want is to eat some Mexican food and the music helps to make the food go down the wrong way. I talk to the guy who runs the place. He says that he can't turn it off but he'll turn it down. Another eating place, the lady who runs it, tells me that it so low that I can't even hear it. I ask her, "If that it true then why is it on?" I don't go there near as much as I did and when I do, I go with a portable tape player since I must listen to music I figure that it should be something worth listening to like rap gospel, rock gospel, or something of that style that has answers and not just the questions or empty fruitless garbage. I do the same thing at the laundry mat and other places. I've been to Fred Meyer and they are some of the first to bring about what I predicted would happen, they are playing light rock now especially at night and at a louder volume also. So many of us seem to think that it doesn't matter, I would advise those to study music a little bit deeper. It most certainly does, the old saying- Garbage in, garbage out still applies. And we are getting plenty of it pumped at us from all sides. We need to voice our complaints and not just hope that it will change or go away, it won't, it'll just get worse. I go to eat at the Sub-Way, I really like submarine sandwiches and I go in to eat with a few friends and I ask the girl working behind the counter would she please turn off the music. She gives me this disgusted look and she says that maybe there are people that like it on. I look in the place and there is one guy in there and he is leaving. She looks at me and goes to the back and she comes back a few minutes later smiling and says, "I can't, it's in a box." I thank her and I go back and sit down, we just have to talk a little louder because the speakers are out in the dining room area, they are not in the place where they make the sandwiches since I can hardly hear it when I am over where you place the order. How come they are the fortunate ones? If you don't like what you are hearing then voice your complaints. It's still a free society supposedly. I know from talking to many people about this that there are many out there so let it be known.

After saying all of that. Click on "Larry's Norman's Street Level Cafe" and it will take you to one of my favorite, if not my favorite singer's Page but before you go, click on the "Stop Marching for Peace" and listen to a small clip of one of his older songs. He is a super neat brother. Check my Page out a little bit more while you are waiting for it to download which will probably be about 5 minutes.

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