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I think of all the word games that we play every day. How we use another word for something that hides the original meaning or changes it entirely. I would like to give a few examples now. Take for instance, Abortion- a killing of innocent life in the womb and then we come up with this high- sounding word, Pro-choice, what is the choice? A live or dead baby.What about homosexuals, the world came up with a title for them that will blow your mind, Gay- which means happy, light-hearted, merry and none of these fit the homosexual community. Homosexuals have one of the highest suicide rates of any group. Another big one is Happy Hour-this is term when a lot of drunks really get their minds and bodies completely messed up and then they call it Happy Hour(?).

Now I come to one that is big with me since I do a lot of it and that is tracting, handing out pamphlets. The new word for that is persecution. I was out at a Mormon Ward, just sharing Jesus and handing out pamphlets, a lady in a car asks me, "Why are you persecuting us? I tell her if she calls giving out little pieces of paper with truth on them, persecution then she is in trouble when real persecution comes along. The men in the car just laugh, thanking me for the pamphlets and they drive away. I have heard the same comments from Roman Catholics, in regards to giving them truth and it becomes persecution. We call a drunkard, an alcoholic- 'that's to do with sickness' and I tell them that I agree if you are talking about a sin sickness and Jesus is the healer and the deliverer. Then we come to prostitute- that's a woman of the street. We're a schizophrenic society, not knowing what we really believe or want. Just a confused group of people and remember Satan is the author of confusion but Jesus is the truth and his truth can set you free.

They tell me that having sex is 'making love', love can be acted out physically but so can lust. Normally when two people are talking about making love they are talking about taking someone home for a night or longer. If you want to call that anything, let's call it 'making lust'. It makes more sense and it is closer to the truth. God is the Creator of love and he designed how it should be used in the physical realm whether sexually or through our day to day associations with people. God made us social creatures and there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Jesus said, "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you; that ye also love one another." The more that I study Jesus' life, the more that I see a need for that type of love. It's an unselfish love of the highest order, one that takes the Almighty God's presence within our lives to accomplish it.

There are many, many more but I just threw out a few to show how those in the world are messing with people's minds hoping that they won't check these things out for themselves. Justifying sin, trying to make right wrong and wrong right but Jesus came to set you free from sin, confusion, and whatever else is tearing you down. Come to him, he is steadfast, sure, unchangeable.

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