Life Get (14K)

        That is a pretty common expression going around. I think it a very good statement and Christians should have been the ones to come up with it. We need to be going out in the cities and the countries telling people to "Get a Life" since the only One who offers real life is Jesus. Those who know him personally should be out there moving in his love, boldly proclaiming, "Get a Life" to a lost, lonely, and sin-sick society.
        The Bible tells me that mankind is dead in sin without Jesus. That means that they don't know God, not in a personal way. You can't fellowship with him, sin has closed the door. Now the Good News, Jesus is knocking at your heart's door. Open it up. In other words, ask him to come into your life, to cleanse you, to forgive you and he will. He'll make you a new creature, wipe your slate clean, empower you to live for him. God has so much to give us in Christ Jesus. The first and the foremost is freedom from sin. That is just the beginning. We will have an eternity, time without end, to know him better and all the wonderful things that he has in store for us. So....."GET A LIFE!"

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