"The Mafia"

written by Danny Bunn B.A.(Born-Again Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

         This story starts off with the leader of the mafia sitting behind her big oak desk. She is a skinny, frail product of conception(1) with brown eyes and streaks of gray running through her dark hair. She buzzes on her intercom calling in two of her highly trained killers who started out as embryos, fetuses, babies(2) or other names that men called them when they were younger, too young to remember. In the door they come. They are quick, intelligent, very good at what they do. The short, fat product of conception asks the boss, "What's up?" The boss answers the question. She tells them to go down to the Pro-Life Bank of America and make a five-finger withdrawal of at least $100,000.00. She further tells them in her philosophic jargon, "Abort(3) anyone who gets in the way of your social endeavor." She makes one last comment before they turn to exit out the door saying, "I know that the people there are life in the biological sense but it is not life that has any meaning to me, hence it is not life as far as I am concerned. Keep that thought in your mind and it will make the job easier. Now go out and perform your abortions(4)."

         They understand the terminology and turn to leave. They jump into one of the cars that their boss owns, a Jaguar XJ6 and drive towards the Pro-Life Bank of America. Their car is fairly close to the color of money and that reminds them of all the money that they are going to receive for the dirty, messy job that they are about to do but someone has to do it, don't they? Their thoughts turn to how they are helping society by thinning out the population. They have convinced themselves that there was an over-population problem as well as believing that murder is the solution to the problem. Their boss named the organization well, "Planned Murder of America."

         They were driving towards the bank and wondering why didn't the police see it as clearly as they did. As they pulled up in front of the bank, their minds went to Planned Parenthood of America, "Planned Barrenhood" as their boss liked to call it. They went in with a smile on their faces believing that the Supreme Court will see the benefits that their organization can do for America also. There will be more jobs available from the use of body parts of people already out of the womb since Planned Parenthood has the market on lives in the womb. Or even saving America money by going into nursing homes and wiping out the old, killing the handicapped in hospitals, or people with AIDS. There are so many social problems that can be solved the same way that Planned Parenthood and others who perform abortions are solving the baby problem(?), unwanted pregnancies, etc. Even though they knew in the back of their minds that Americans are a dying breed. Too many babies have been killed in America for it to survive.

         Pushing that thought aside, they knew that the potential for legalized murder was overwhelming. They stop thinking about all of these benefits for a short time and go inside to do their job. Once inside, the abortions start. Heads are being crushed and ripped off just as arms and legs are being torn from bodies. The screams are getting louder but no one on the outside can hear or can they? Not many would want to get involved, so in turn, they probably don't hear. Whatever the case, the two abortionists(5) are doing their job well. They get the money since that is the main motivation and turn and leave their newly made abortion chamber. Once outside, they start praising the gods(6) for organizations like Planned Parenthood.The boulder has started rolling downhill and who can stop it?
Postscript: Jesus can stop the boulder from rolling downhill in your life if you ask him to forgive you and come inside as your Lord and Saviour. He'll help you to do what's right, to live for him and help others.


(1)Product of Conception-- Any unique individual who has come into being the moment the sperm penetrates the egg in a woman. A new life has conceived, hence you are the product that your mother conceived.
(2)Embryos, fetuses, babies-- A few names for human beings in earlier stages of life.
(3)Abort-- kill, wipe out, destroy, exterminate.
(4)Abortions-- murders, killings, destructions.
(5)Abortionists-- murderers, death technicians, those who destroy.
(6)gods-- Anything or anyone that you put before the one true God.

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