Stop the Pollution!

We need to save the earth and stop the pollution. It is ruining our society. We need to get the garbage, the unclean materials, and the mess out of our lives. Recycling is the key to bring about results in manís way. There are many ways to clean up some of the worst pollution in life. We can outwardly look good by doing the right things such as not cussing, smoking, drinking, partying, messing around, etc. and we will look like we have our act together to some but deep down we know that we donít.

In other words, we can turn over a new leaf but that doesnít give us a new life. There is one who can clean up the really bad junk in life. He is the master at recycling. He wants to bring us through his recycling process when we repent and turn to him for life. He cleans us up and gives us a brand new heart, which in turn empowers us, delivers us from the pollution in this world. Many different forms of this pollution are destroying our lives. These things are to do with the heart and mind. Because of these forms of pollution we have ever so many other problems that will go away as the mind is being cleaned up by the word of God.

Drug addicts, homosexuals, murderers, thieves, liars, adulterers, fornicators, drunks, con artists, have all been delivered from this sort of pollution when they gave their lives to Jesus Christ. But the pollution goes deeper than this. Deception is a form of pollution. We can be deceived into thinking that we have our act together by our own ability and strength. Those who are housewives, husbands, welfare workers, doctors, nurses, businessmen and others that are good in society seem to think that they are all right. We are not good in ourselves, the bible says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. All need the cleansing blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sin within all of us is the problem that kills and all the outward acts of good wonít solve the problem.

In reality, his cleansing is better that recycling. Jesus makes us new inside when he gives us a new heart, spirit. He comes into our lives and takes up residence and delivers us from things that hold us down, destroy us. This occurs when we turn from sin and receive his forgiveness, his cleansing and empowering. He is the master creator as well as the master organizer. The Lord Jesus Christ sets things in order as we submit to him.

If Christ Jesus is going to make a new heaven and a new earth and he is, then he most certainly can make your earth better right now. He wants to deal with the worst pollution there is, that is the pollution in your heart and mind. So ask him in faith for the forgiveness, the cleansing that you need so you can walk victoriously over sin.

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