The T.V. Addict's Psalm 666

Written by Danny Bunn, B.A.

1. The T.V. is my Shepherd; I shall always want.
2. It maketh me to lie down in filth and garbage, it leadeth me beside muddy waters.
3. It destroyeth my soul: It leadeth me in the paths of apathy for the devil's name sake.
4. Yea, though I live in the very grips of death, I will fear no evil: for it poureth forth filth and lies into my mind and heart daily that I don't think evil is all that bad anymore.
5. It prepareth a table of fleshly feasts and I seem to enjoy them more and more and I hear the Lord's voice less and less.
6. Surely evil and misery shall follow me all the days of my life and I am not sure where I will dwell forever.

I wrote the above "psalm" for those who "love" t.v. more than they do...
I see so many Christians in these last days being consumed with the boob tube. It is no more than an expensive piece of junk. Like I heard when I was taking computer programming, garbage in, garbage out. That is true with computers and it is true with T.V.'s and there is all kinds of garbage coming out of both but the difference is: Those using computers must basically choose to find the garbage and the T.V. chooses for you and you will get it and sad to say most seem to want it.

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