The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 1
Sexual diseases on the loose

Joe wakes up to a nice warm day. "Well, another fine day. I can't wait to get to work. The freedom that we enjoy in America is wonderful. To think that we allowed thick necked people to rule us and tell us that we couldn't do certain things such as abortion, homosexuality, adultery, and fornication. That we need rules, we need nothing but 'freedom' to do what we feel is right. Yes sir! This country is waking up to that truth. We need anarchy. Government as a servant to the people isn't needed." He tells his girl-friend good-bye and rushes off to work.

Time goes by quickly and before Joe knows it, it's lunchtime. He goes out to a different spot to eat and lo and behold, Clyde, one of those weird Christians is out there reading that old black book called the bible. You would think that they would learn that book is filled with myths, contradictions, confusion besides all the fairy tales in it. It is nice as a storybook for kids but to see grownups reading it for their own edification, enlightenment is a joke. Joe is thinking, 'I won't rub it in too much.'

"Hey Clyde, how's it going?" Clyde looks up from the bible and sees Joe. "Really good, Joe. How about with you?" "It's getting better and better all the time Clyde. Did you hear the latest on the news last night?" Clyde looks at Joe perplexed, "No, what news is that Joe?" Joe goes on to explain how the one world government is coming together and how peace in the world is at our fingertips, how things are mellowing out with religion and how they are even coming together. Clyde just nods and goes back to reading the word. Joe is bugged that Clyde isn't commenting on what he just said. He continues by saying, "Clyde, what do you think of all that good news?"

Clyde shuts his bible and looks up at Joe and his eyes seem to penetrate him. Joe felt a little uneasy. Clyde then spoke. "Joe, the Almighty God who gave us the words in this book has already spoken regarding the things that you are talking about and he said it a few thousand years ago but it wasn't good news, it was sad God rejecting news. The God of the bible wants all men saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth but he who knows the end from the beginning knows that the majority of the world are going to reject him and his finished work for them on the cross. Yea, Joe- in the natural, a one world government and a one world religion sounds nice but it will not work. What is basically going on, is a world full of sinners trying to make it work without the God who created this world and everyone on it. And that my friend is an impossible task."

Joe felt something that some might call conviction but he wasn't going to give in so easily. "Clyde, what makes you still want to believe a book written thousands of years ago by men who were of a different culture, background, time frame, etc. Most everything in that book isn't significant today. So why do you persist in your religious activities?" Clyde shook his head and prayed a short prayer to the Lord. He then said, "Joe, this book is more vital today than the newspaper, t.v. and radio that you listen to. This book told the fall of kingdoms hundreds of years before they fell. It tells of things that will happen in the very last days. Things that only God could know. Psychology and religion tell us that man is basically good but the bible tells us that man is basically evil. The world tells us that we evolved from lower forms and yet the bible tells us we were created in the image of God and mankind fell into sin and that is the reason for all the problems today, the confusion, the heartache and misery in the world. There is a war going on between good and evil, between God and Satan. It is a battle for the souls of men and women. God has called a people out to himself in the Old Testament, they came to be known as the Jews and they were to be the instrument that God was going to use to reach the world with his truth. They continued to miss the mark, fall away from the one true God and do their thing as we see happening in the world today through most all of mankind. There is a God shaped vacuum within each of us, we all hunger and yet we seek to fill that hunger with sex, drugs, popularity, money, entertainment, whatever there is at the time.

Have you ever really wondered why they have the music blasting in most stores, restaurants, and many other places? It sure helps to cut down on the thinking about much of anything, especially eternity. Do you ever wonder why they have bar codes on most everything that we buy? Can you not see the scripture come to pass that says in the last days they will not be able to buy and sell without the mark of the Beast? They are working right now on injecting a computer chip in mankind as they are doing to animals and prisoners and others for different reasons but they want it for all. Do you agree with the formula, what's wrong + what's legal = what's right! Man- because he is a sinner seeks to justify the wrong and condemn the right. He seeks to do just as they sought to do in Psalm 2 and that is to overthrow the God who created them, which is a joke. Do you think that homosexuality being legalized as a right is just another fruit to show that we are going away from being prejudiced, judgmental, just plain ole' closed minded? Think for a minute, Joe? I mean really think. Where is this so-called freedom taking us? We have ruined our kids' lives with these 'freedoms'. We have so many sexual diseases going around that they are out of control. AIDS is the biggest killer but there are many more that are incurable in the sexual realm such a herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, and others. Compton's Encyclopedia has this to say,

"The names of such STD's as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and gonorrhea are known to most people; however, other STD's such as trichomoniasis and genital candidiasis may not be as familiar. Some STD's affect only a few people or do not cause life-threatening problems. Other STD's, such as gonorrhea and chlamydial infections, affect many people or cause severe health damage.

"STD's are a major health problem throughout the world. In the United States STD's strike an estimated 20 million people each year, or an average of one person every 1.5 seconds. About one half of STD patients are under the age of 25. Nearly 2.5 million teenagers are infected with an STD each year.

"The health problems caused by STD's seem endless. The diseases can cause arthritis, sterility, nervous system damage, heart disease, and death. Women and infants suffer the most damage from STDs. For example, each year more than 1 million women suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease resulting from gonorrheal or chlamydial infections. About 200,000 of these women become sterile each year. More than 300,000 babies are injured or die each year from STD's. Or take drug abuse, it has risen to sky high proportions since the Clinton administration, it went up 105 percent between 1992 and 1995, almost 11 percent of all kids ages 12 to 17 use illegal drugs on a regular monthly basis; use of marijuana is up 141 percent on Bill Clinton's watch; and from 1994 to 1995, teenagers' use of cocaine is up 166 percent according to World magazine, Aug. 31, 1996."

"Joe, do you honestly think that the 'freedom' to do wrong is really freedom? Is it 'freedom to destroy human life in the womb of the mother? Is it 'freedom' to spread sexual diseases by living, existing in a sexually perverted life style? Is it 'freedom' to get drunk and drive around killing people? Is it 'freedom' to mess around with little innocent kids sexually and do many other things to them, even to the point of killing them? On and on we could go Joe, can you honestly tell me that this is 'freedom'? Joe just sat there thinking about what he just heard. He had never heard it from that perspective before and he wondered why he had never thought of those things, they seemed easy enough to find out about and he knew some of those facts but he never put 2 and 2 together until now and he was wondering why.

Joe closes off the conversation and tells Clyde that he might see him later. He gets up and leaves. Joe is thinking as he is walking off, 'Why couldn't I see that as easily as Clyde did? Why? Why? He asked a good question, 'Is it truly freedom to justify doing wrong?' Well, is it? Think Joe! "I need to do that but not now, later. I need to think about my job right now." So Joe has new thoughts that he never really thought about. Is life really all that wonderful?