The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 1
Sexual diseases on the loose

Chapter 2
Which way do we go?

Chapter 3
Questions can bring conviction

Chapter 4
A short drive to think

Chapter 5
A spiritual war is going on

Chapter 6
Good news in a sad world

Chapter 7
Darkness and light can't live together

Chapter 8
Marriage with the help of Cracker Jacks?

Chapter 9

Chapter 10
Preparation time!

Chapter 11
Shinning lights in darken corners

Chapter 12
Truth going forth

Chapter 13
Prayer helps break confusion

Chapter 14
That still small voice in a noisy world

Chapter 15
The Planned Parenthood Experience

Chapter 16
God's timing

Chapter 17
His time comes

Chapter 18
Knowledge puffeth up, Charity edifieth

Chapter 19
Preparing for a home coming

Chapter 20
Life is a vapour

Chapter 21
Fasting for answers

Chapter 22
Hunting for a Building

Chapter 23
Life needs truth to continue

Chapter 24
Bar life is a lonely life

Chapter 25
Men, Women, Sex, and Problems

Chapter 26
Prayer changes things and things change prayer

Chapter 27
Religion or Life, which one?

Chapter 28
Truly living even in hunger

Chapter 29
Answered Prayer of Healing & Deliverance

Chapter 30
Saturday night live

Chapter 31
A time and a place...

Chapter 32
New life

Chapter 33
The Cream of the Crop

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