The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 3
Questions can bring conviction

Even though the night was fairly sleepless for both of them, the morning hours came quickly. Joe gets up and eats a quick bowl of cereal and kisses Cindy good-bye and hurries off to work. While at work, Joe thinks about the things that he was reading in the bible last night and he hopes that Clyde is outside at his regular spot during the lunch hour, he would like to ask him a few questions. The lunch hour finally comes around, Joe thought that it would never get here. He grabs his lunch sack and hurries outside. He gets to the spot and no Clyde. He is thinking, 'Why God?' He sits down with his lunch and starts picking at it, eating a little and wondering, thinking about so many things.

About 5 minutes later, up comes Clyde. Joe is so happy, he could scream but he decided not to. "Clyde, well fancy seeing you here!" "Joe, you know I eat here every day." "Oh, yea! That's right. So why is God such a good and righteous God if so many people are going to hell as you told me the other day?" "Joe, God gave mankind a choice as to whether they are going to follow him or listen to the voice of the evil one, Satan and follow him. Adam and Eve listened to the wrong voice and did what Satan told them to do, they ate of the forbidden fruit. If you ever read Genesis in the bible, you would notice something very interesting about what God said would happen if they ate the forbidden fruit. He told them the very day that they ate from that fruit, they would die. But if you continue reading, you would see that they didn't die until hundreds of years later. Did God lie? No, he didn't Joe, they died spiritually at the very second that they ate and they died physically hundreds of years later. Spiritual death is breaking relationship, contact, fellowship with God. The moment that they ate, the relationship and fellowship was broken and they sought to hide from God when he came down in a body to walk and talk with Adam and Eve as he had before.

Now because of that sin, all people after them are born into sin. Because our parents are sinners, we inherit that nature and we are born sinners. Jesus came a few thousand years later. They prophesied about the Lord and his coming to redeem mankind all through the old testament. Now when a man or woman is born again by receiving Jesus through his finished work on the cross, they become new creatures. God comes into their life and what they lost through Adam and Eve's sin, they gained back and more through Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection for them when they accept him into their lives. In other words, they have spiritual life once again. The bible puts it this way, 'Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.' God makes us brand new inside. When we were lost and undone, no knowledge of God. He took the first step to bring us back into a relationship with himself. He sought us out and we are the ones who turned our backs on him, we are the ones who spit in his face every day by our life styles. He is calling people today by his Spirit. He wants all saved, Joe. All means all and he wants you!" When Clyde said that, it stunned Joe, he wasn't prepared for it. He says, "Clyde, I appreciate you sharing with me. Well, lunch is almost up and I have to be back at my post. See you later!"

Joe gets up in a hurry and heads back inside. He can feel perspiration on his forehead, beads of it. 'Whesssh, glad to get out of that one. What would Cindy think if I got religious on her? He is all thumbs during the last part of the work day. His boss noticed it too. He goes up to Joe and asks, "Joe are you having problems at home?" Joe answers, "No boss, why do you ask?" "I noticed that you aren't doing your job as well as you normally do." Joe says, "Well, to tell you the truth, there is a lot on my mind and I am dealing with it and I know I really need to concentrate on what I am doing here. Sorry, I will try harder." The boss goes on to tell Joe since there is only an hour left in the day for him to leave now and try to work the things out that are on his mind. Joe thanks his boss and clocks out and he is gone but gone where, he can't escape the things that are going on within him. Now what?