The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 27
Religion or Life, which one?

Cindy saw that Joe looked a little down, physically and spiritually. She spends some time praying for him and thinking about so many things that she has been reading in the word and the problems, the disagreements in the Body of Christ over things such as tongues, healings, no unity except with different denominations and they are not too unified. There should be so much more, not compromise but true unity based on God and his word in our lives. So many put their doctrinal absolutes above the word of God absolutes. God is the Saviour of mankind and only those who come to him for life are saved. That is pretty basic in most Christian circles that she knows of but then there are those who want you to agree with them on everything else or no fellowship and that is sad. None of us have it all together. Things are just not that way. The Baptists think that they have it together the best and so do the Charismatics, and the Lutherans, etc. They all have their problems, areas that they miss it in. No one group has everything perfectly right on. Jesus did say that we are to love one another as he loved us and that is not a compromising love, that is a strong love that he moved in. He told the most religious people of his day that they were hypocrites, sons of the devil. He was moving in perfect love then since he always moved in perfect love. He never missed it. So people who want agreement at any price aren't moving in God's love, they are moving in a selfish, one-sided love, a love of their own comfort, pleasure. If we even want to call it love.

Cindy stops thinking about that for a minute. She heard a noise. "Joe, is that you?" "Yes hon, could you come in here and pray with me?" Cindy jumps up, "Sure!" She walks into the bedroom and Joe is already on his knees. She gets down beside him and the prayer party starts. It is super glorious to be within the very throne room of God and know that you are there. He tells us to boldy come and we can because of the shed blood of Jesus that is our covering when we accepted him through his finished work for us on the cross. They pray for an hour or so, the time didn't mean anything to them. They had hurts, confusion, needs, and they were seeking the healer, the provider, the deliverer and he always comes through and they knew that he would again. Why can't the true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ come together in agreement with his Spirit and his word? Why? Why? If a child can't err in the way then why are so many adults with so many doctrines being divided and separated because of his word or is that one of the major problems, the many books that claim to be his word and they are not. That is one of the problems but another one could be that a preacher or someone who has been to college for the ministry is hard to convince that he is wrong even when he is or knows he is. Repentance, confession of wrong beliefs especially over an extended period of time are super hard to give up. This is not compromise, it is facing up to the truth that we don't have all the answers.

The Holy Spirit is here and he is leading and guiding us to all truth just as he promised but we can't come before him with this preconceived idea that we have it all together when we don't. God is all knowing and we are not but he is teaching us as we grow in his grace and truth. There are ever so many things that he has taught us. We know that salvation is a gift and that gift is a person and his name is Jesus. We know that he has promised to leave us his perfect, infallible, inerrant word and he has. We know that we are to study to show ourselves approved unto the Lord God as he commands us to. We know that he hates the shedding of innocent blood, We know that he has spoken out on sexual perversion and even destroyed some cities in the Old Testament because of sodomy. We know that he is coming again and that is the blessed hope. We know that God is against so many things that the world is for such as sex videos, booze, lying, cheating, stealing, etc. but we are to be unified and not shut believers down because of things that the word isn't super clear on such as eternal security even though salvation is completely, fully in Jesus. There can be no disagreement on that. He did it all and if we can get out of him by our choice that is not impuging on his righteousness, his holiness, his character one bit. He will never leave us or forsake us but he didn't say that we could never leave him or forsake him. He did say that even when we are faithless, he is faithful and we have been that way so many times in our Christian walk but he is there to pick us up, to dust us off and leads us on further in the way.

The prayer time ended and Joe and Cindy go to bed. Another day will be here before they know it and our life here on earth is but a vapour, we are here today and gone tomorrow.