The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 30
Saturday night live

Saturday is here and they get ready for their Bible discussion, teaching, praise and worship time that they go to every week-end at a Christian brother's house. It goes for the two days mostly, people are coming in and out over there the whole week-end. It is a good time of sharing, praying, receiving teachings from brothers who have been walking with Jesus for a while. They bring food and most people who have some to bring do the same. They have street people showing up, business men, housewives and their husbands, hippies, red-necks, you name it and they have probably had them over at one time or another. It reminds Joe of what he has read in the book of Acts where it talks about the Christians having all things common and how they were meeting the needs of brothers and sisters just as he saw at this house in his city. He thought that it was super cool.

Today when they are there for a few hours and people are sharing their prayer requests, their joys, their failures, their needs, etc., Joe gets up and shares with them the building that they are leasing for a Christian soup kitchen/coffee house. Many of the brothers and sisters there were excited about it and volunteered their help when possible.

There was a guy who had been living on the streets for about 7 years now there and his eyes started watering and he stood up and spoke, "I don't know what ya'll got here but I know that I want it. I haven't ever seen or heard people, especially this many in one group, speak in so much unity, agreement, love. I can't hardly comprehend it. I don't know what it is but I sure want to hear more and why ya'll do and say what ya'll are saying and doing." Joe speaks up again and he says, "Would you like to work at the coffee house/ soup kitchen?" The guy doesn't hesitate a minute, "Sure I would but look at me. I like long hair, my clothes are pretty shoddy and I haven't had a bath in about a week." Joe looks down at the ground and he speaks again, "Friend, I thought at one time that people who weren't making money, living with a girl, partying, and so many other things were losers. I found out that they weren't and I saw what you are seeing and hearing. I saw that I had a need for the Lord Jesus Christ and he doesn't look on the outward appearance but on the heart." The visitor almost shouts now, "I want this Jesus! Please tell me more about him!" What happens next totally shocks the visitor, a long haired man, whom Cindy knows very well now since he was used by God to bring her into the kingdom, gets up from the couch with bible in hand and starts ministering the word of God to him and to everyone else there.

There were about 20 people there at the time but the one young man who was seeing his need would have been enough to set this preacher's mouth ablaze with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. He starts preaching in John 11 about Lazarus in the tomb and he compares it to the world dead in their sin and Jesus being the resurrection and the life. The young man listens and is crying big tears of sorrow and joy for what Jesus has done back then and what he is doing in his heart right now. When the street preacher got to the part where Jesus said, "Larazus come forth", the young man jumped to his feet and came forth as he was crying for Jesus to forgive him for all the junk that he has done in his life and asked that he too might experience the resurrection life in his spirit right that instant. The remarkable took place in that living room and ever so many were hugging the guy and crying with him and they could have sworn that they heard angels rejoicing. The air was electric with the Spirit of God and the light was turned on in a man's spirit as God desires to do with each and every human on this planet. To bring mankind out of darkness to his marvellous light. Jesus being the light of the world lighteth every man who comes to him since in Jesus there is no darkness, no darkness at all.

The group of Christians listen as the young man whose name is Tony shares with them some of the things that he has been through, some of the battles that he has fought and lost and didn't know why but now he is beginning to understand. They start praising the God who is there and as Cindy said, "Is everywhere!" A guy gets out his guitar and they start praising and singing to the one who is worthy, the one who overcame and the one who is coming again and they know his name is Jesus. The praise and worship goes on for about 2 hours and a sister gets up and shares her problem at work, her boss has been telling her that if he gets another complaint about her talking religion at work then she will be fired. A few in the group ask her, "When and how are you talking religion?" She goes on to tell them that she shares Jesus with a lot of people at the lunch hour and that is her time and it is not interfering with her work in any way whatsoever. Another sister speaks up and says, "Well it sounds as though you are going to have to decide if you are going to be a man pleaser or a God pleaser!" That was the confirmation that she was expecting and she says, "Well job good-bye, Jesus is my joy, my strength, and my provider." The praise starts up again for a few minutes and then another brother says, "Let's pray for her and bring this to the throne of grace", there are nods of agreement and prayer time sets in. A brother starts out, "Father, we stand on your promises, on your word, you told us to pray in faith, believing and you would answer. We just lift up Terri before you Lord, we ask you to keep her there if she can be used in a mighty way for your glory and honour but if not, we ask you to lead her by your Spirit to another job that you want her at. She will not compromise what you have called every Christian to be and that is a witness and I praise you for her determination to obey you inspite of the threats from her boss." He closes his prayer and another comes into the picture praying. This continues for about 2 more hours and they are praying for the new brother in Jesus, the lady with her job problem, for Joe's coffeehouse/ soup kitchen and whatever the Lord lays on their heart.

During the evening hours, there are groups of Christians praying, some sharing, some discussing certain scriptures in the word of God such as I John 5:7 and how so many new "versions" of the bible take that verse out. Another believer mentions Psa. 12:6,7. Peggy, a girl there who used to be a Jehovah's Witness mentions how Psalm 9:17 in the NIV is nonsense to a Christian but as a Jehovah's Witness, she thought that it was right on the money. She is thinking, "Right on the money. Yea, that is what it is for the bible publishers, right on the MONEY!" She knows that the true word of God, the KJV says that there will be a falling away in the last days and what better reason for it to happen at the rate that it is happening except through messing with God's word. People don't know where to turn for the answers. She looks around the place and it is about 11:00pm now and some are asleep on the floor and one on the couch, the street guy who got saved tonight was sleeping soundly in one corner of the living room. He looks so contented, Peggy was thinking. Peggy gets up and goes over to Joe and hugs him. Joe was kinda surprised and Cindy was smiling. Joe says, "Well that was a surprise, what did I do to earn it?" She smiles back and says, "I just thought that was a way to say, 'I appreciate you and I thank you for giving that street man a job at your new place." Joe says, "Don't thank me, thank the one who made the sun, thank the Son of the one as a Christian singer once said in one of his songs." They are so thankful for being in God's family but they know that there are rough times ahead.