The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 21
Fasting for answers

Lunch time comes and this is the appointment date set by the Father. Jerry walks up to Joe as he is eating his chicken sandwich that Cindy made him for lunch. Jerry says, "Well Joe, I see that you still haven't learned that God doesn't want you eating the animals, a part of his creation!" Joe stops eating for a bit and he says, "Jerry, I love you man and when you first brought that up to me I was bugged especially since I have become a Christian, when I was in the world I didn't care whether you were right or wrong but now I wanted to know so I sought the face of God on this and here is what I came up with." Joe proceeds to share with Jerry the differences in man and animals from the image of God, our creativity, our abilty to love and hate, to choose whether it is right or wrong and if we choose the wrong we will pay and if you choose the right then we will reap the benefits of it. Joe goes on to point out some scriptures that shows that God has given us the animals to eat after the flood.

Jerry is, for the first time that Joe can remember at a loss for words. He looks at Joe like the cat got his tongue. He gives Joe the peace sign and walks off. Joe is totally amazed at what just happened. A couple of hours later when they have a 15 minute break, Jerry goes up to Joe and says, "Animals breathe like us, they sleep like us, they walk, they talk in their own language, etc. They are like us, Joe!" Joe knows that Jerry is fighting to stay afloat now. Joe says, "Jerry, I told you what God has to say about the issue and that is enough for me." Jerry says, "I am a Christian, Joe and I don't eat animals. They are God's creation." Joe turns once again to Jerry, "Jerry, God has spoken and that's that, we always try to figure out a way around him or what he has said and that is because of our sinful, proud, rebellious nature." Jerry jumped in, "I am not rebellious, Joe. I pray every night to both- Father and Mother God!" Joe's ears perk up, "What did you say, Jerry?" Jerry repeats himself. "Jerry, the bible talks about a Father God and the Son of God and the Holy Spirit but there is no hint or anything close to it of a Mother God. I know the Roman Catholics have a Mary who is the Mother of God but that too is strange to scripture. Mary is the mother of Jesus' human nature. God doesn't have a Mother. A Mother shows a beginning and Jesus doesn't have a beginning as God, only a beginning as man. He was and is the God/man, 100% God and 100% man." Jerry is looking for words to answer back but they are not seeming to come. He knows that he is normally fast on his feet with words but he doesn't understand what is happening. It comes finally. "For Jesus to have a human mother, he had to have a human father!" "Not so Jerry!" came the reply. "The Bible says in Hebrews 10:5 regarding Jesus, 'Wherefore when he cometh into the world, he saith, Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not, but a body hast thou prepared me:' God created a body and he dwelt in it. God can do all things and just as Jesus was said to have been born of a virgin, he was. So in our terminology today, we would call her a surrogate mother. Just as the world, the universe, everything was spoken into existence so the body that Jesus Christ lived in was brought into being without sexual relationships with a woman. God willed it to be, he spoke and it was done.

You see Jerry, I am a child of the Most High God because he adopted me into his family when I received Jesus into my life by and through what he did for me on the cross thousands of years ago. He is totally awesome. Jerry, you have been telling me that you are a Christian because you don't eat animals since they were created by God, etc. Is that why you say that you are a Christian or is it something else?" Joe's eyes are on Jerry now and his mouth is closed waiting for an answer. Jerry's feeling hot under the collar, so to speak. As Joe is looking at Jerry, Joe's mind goes back to Clyde and when they were talking this same subject and how he couldn't wait to get away from Clyde. Clyde? he misses Clyde but Joe knows that he is in a far bettter place and he wouldn't wish him back for anything in the world. He has the same Holy Spirit living in him that Clyde has. All of the sudden Joe's is snapped back to reality, "I gotta go Joe, the break is almost up!" Joe looks at Jerry as he is walking off or is it running. Joe gets up and goes back to his station. He is singing and praising the God who set him free, the one who gave him a purpose to live for, even to die for. Before he knows it, the last bell goes off showing that the work day is over. He gets his lunch box, tells his boss that he is in his prayers and leaves. His boss looks up at Joe as he is walking off and he is thinking, 'That guy sure has changed these last few months. If I did believe in miracles, I would say that it is a miracle but I don't believe in them so I can't say that. I wonder what happened? I mean really happened?"

Joe gets home and he shares with Cindy about his encounter. They praise God together and then they pray to God together. They lift him up before the God of mercy and grace and he hears his children that are walking with him. He hears and when he hears something always happens. Then they get off the floor. Joe tells Cindy the next thing that has been put on his heart. "Cindy, I am going to fast these next seven days. You are pregnant so I am not going to ask you to do it with me and besides, God can talk to you just as well as he can me. He is your Father also! They laugh. Joe is playing on words again to try to catch up with Cindy. Cindy says, "Okay, Joe but I need to go check on your last meal." Joe says, "Cindy, you make it sound as if they are going to electrocute me tomorrow." Cindy turns and says, "No, Joe they only do that to people who kill abortionists to stop them from killing innocent babies." Cindy walks on to the kitchen. She puts the food on the table and calls Joe to supper. They do the usual in the Wood's household now. They come before the true Provider of all of their needs and thank him, truly thank him for what he has given them on a day to day basis.

Joe then starts discussing with Cindy the focus of the fast, those who are going hungry every day and not much is being done about it. Joe says, "I want to understand more of what it is like to go without food for a few days so I can understand more of where they are coming from. We have a lot of hurting people in this city alone Cindy, and ever so many more in the world. Maybe we can reach a little section of our world. Maybe, by the grace of God." Cindy looks down and says, "Yea Joe, hopefully so!" They finish their food in quiet, each thinking about the goal, the assignment ahead of them and the money that they have to work with, it seems so impossible but God has given them a vision and without a vision, the people perish.