The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 29
Answered Prayer of Healing & Deliverance

Cindy goes into the kitchen to start making supper. She is singing and praising the one to whom every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to confess as Lord to the glory of God the Father. She knows that his name is Jesus and he was prophesied as being called Emmanuel in the O.T. which is God with us. People acknowledged him as Immanuel or "God with us" everywhere he went, they were worshipping and praising him and worship and praise is reserved for God. This man who was named Jesus was just like us, he was tempted, tired, hungry, weary, on and on it goes. He went through what we have been through so he could be a faithful high priest and we will need no other. He is the perfect one in every way. Her mind goes to certain things that she doesn't understand but she is still young in the Lord but as she continues to seek his face, the Lord is revealing more and more to her. He so desires that we spend time with him. We spend time in the things that we really want to know, to learn in the natural such as biology, chemistry, etc. so why not spend time with the Creator and learn at his feet as did Mary when Jesus walked this planet.

Cindy is thinking about the fall and how that mankind fell into sin, all of creation was affected, probably in ways that we cannot imagine. There were not things such as burning, scorching heat, thorns, thistles, dry, barren desert land, freezing Anartic weather. There were no sicknesses, diseases, no pain, suffering and look at the world now. That is about all that we see all of the time and it is so easy to become insensitive to it. To ignore it or pretend that it is the Lord's will for people. We have drifted so far from the Lord and so hardened to his voice yet he continues to call, to convict, to draw, to heal those who are looking to him. The word talks about how it is impossible to please God without faith and Cindy has heard preachers say that it isn't really important whether you have faith or not, whether you believe the Lord or not for certain things, he will do it anyway. That seems so unbiblical to Cindy as she is going over verses that she has memorized such as III John v.2, Philemon v.6, or Matt. 22:21, John 15:7 and so many others that she has read in the word of God.

Then her mind goes to Jesus when he walked this planet and how he healed all who came to him in faith, all of them. Doesn't the bible say that Jesus did not many mighty works because of their unbelief? Also that Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever? Are these verses and others true today or is it that we are in another dispensation, another time period and God doesn't do those things today? But wait, weren't the disciples doing those things when the church age started, after Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection? Well then aren't we in the same dispensation that they were living in? And what about those who say that healing passed away with the disciples? Didn't Jesus say that those who believed on him would do the works that he did and even greater because he is going to the Father and whatever we ask in his name, he will do it? Is that promise still true. Cindy is thinking, "I am a believer and I believe, are those promises not for me? Jesus said to those who believe not just to the original disciples!

We are called the body of Christ, why would we have that title unless we did by his Spirit within our lives the very thing that he did? Doesn't Jesus still want to heal, to deliver, to totally save others through our words, our laying on hands, our dependency on him for the things that we need to do the things that he has called us to do? He even went on to say that he will do it within us and through us because we are asking in faith. Cindy comes out of her semi-trance to the real world of burnt meat loaf and to tea that has been cooked dry. Oh well! Praise the Lord anyway. She tries to tidy things up a bit and redo a few items such as make some more tea, and scrape off the burnt parts of the meat loaf. She thanks the Lord for a mind to use, and a new spirit to hear from him now. Cindy knows that the Lord will teach her the things that she needs to know as she seeks his face on it and not just going to a pastor, or Sunday school teacher or a deacon, or bishop but to him, the Lord of Glory. Test the spirits, keeps coming to her mind. Cindy stops the thought flow for a second and turns her attention to prayer and understanding, to insight, for help! She knows what a lot of older Christians haven't taken the time to learn and that is true knowledge, wisdom, understanding from God. He WILL lead and guide us unto all truth as we look to him.

Well, time to put the food on the table as she looks at her watch and it is 15 minutes after 7:00pm. She is thinking, "Joe should be back any minute." No sooner thought than she hears the front door open, "Honey, I'm home! What's for supper?" Cindy hollers back, "Go wash your hands and come and get it!" She is thinking, "I hope he likes burnt meat-loaf!" Joe comes into the dining room about 5 mintues later. He says, "Smells goo... burnt!" She says, "Correct! I was talking with the Lord!" Joe says, "Oh, and he told you to burn the food!" Cindy laughs! "Joe, sit down and crunch away. This might really be your last meal!" Joe says, "I am sorry honey" and then says, "I am sorry God!" Cindy says, "Apology accepted from both sources, I am sure!" They pray and share their day with each other. Joe mentions a few things at work but nothing spectacular and Cindy shares some of her questions that has been going on in her mind today. Joe listens intently and says, "Yea, I see where you are coming from Cindy, we need to really get before the Lord on that!" Cindy nods in agreement, "For sure!" Before she leaves the dinner table, Joe brings the rose and card that he bought her for being the most wonderful wife in the whole wide world. Joe is thinking, "Even the most wonderful people can burn food every once and a while, I guess!"