The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny D. Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 5
A spiritual war is going on

On the other side of town, Clyde is praying for Joe and Cindy. He knows by the conversations that they have been having and the word of God that has been going forth that Joe is under conviction. Clyde would love to see them in the family of God and he knows that God would love it even more. The verse came to Clyde's mind, 'For God so loved...." During this thought, Cindy comes rushing into her house, "Joe, Joe, I'm home." Joe runs out of the kitchen to greet her. She says, "Joe, God is so wonderful. I just know that his hand was in what happened today. Look at this pamphlet that I was reading in the car. It had a title that caught my attention, 'Smile, Love is Here!' I said to myself, all the junk going on in this country and that long haired guy gives me something like this.

Then I open it up and it is discussing John 3:16 in detail. Listen to this Joe, it starts out by saying, 'One of the most well known verses in the Bible isn't really even known in a small degree by most. Let's read it and discuss it. It's John 3:16'. I am thinking that is the verse that you were reading to me the other day and you said that you learned it as a child. I kept reading the pamphlet and he went on to talk about who God is, what love is, who were the ones that he loved, what they prompted him to do and what happens to those who believe. He even had a prayer at the end and said if you prayed a prayer something to this effect and meant it then you are now saved. My mind went to you when you told me Clyde told you that it doesn't have to be some certain set of words for salvation to come about in a person's life, it is the heart that God looks at and the mouth will line up with the heart. Joe, I want this Jesus, this God!" "So do I babe!"

They bend down on their knees to the LORD God of heaven and earth and they each say a prayer to the LORD. Joe speaks first, "God, I don't have all the answers, I don't even have many of the answers but I know this much that you are the Answer and I ask you to forgive me for my lifestyle, my rebellion and forgive me Jesus. I ask you into my heart. Amen." Cindy jumps right in. "God, I am tickled pink that you love us so much. I can't comprehend all the things that you have been bringing together lately. I thank you for being there today on the street. I thank you for that guy you sent my way and the help he provided but more than the tire, I thank you for this pamphlet. LORD, I ask you to forgive me for the sin in my life, Jesus I thank you cause for some reason I know that you hear. My life is yours! Amen!" Fast, simple and not even the prayer in the pamphlet but it worked. They were children of God, his son and his daughter now.

Meanwhile back on the other side of town, Clyde is closing his prayer, "And Jesus I thank you that you are working in their midst. I praise you for the things that you are doing right this minute. I bless you that you are drawing, convicting, calling them by your Spirit. I can't thank you enough that you loved them even when they have laughed at you, spurned your holy name, and spit on you too by their life styles yet you are still giving them another chance. In the blessed name of Jesus. Amen!" Clyde gets off his knees. He is hyped for the things that he sees the Lord doing in the lives of those around him. He serves a risen Saviour and he makes no bones about it.

Also at another section on the out skirts of town, a long-haired guy is praying for the girl who had a flat tire today and he is lifting her up to the one and only God that he has served for years. Yes, he too was lifting up this girl, another person whom Jesus died for. He prays that her eyes might be opened to behold the wondrous love of God and he fervently prayed that she would read that entire pamphlet all the way through, knowing that God would back his word up that was within it. He remembered the fear he saw on her face when he went to the car door to ask for the keys to check the trunk for a spare. He wanted to tell her that she could stay at his place while he was gone to fix the tire but he knew that it would be useless to even bring it up, knowing that he had to walk to the gas station since his truck was out of order at the moment. He knew that she would be sitting in the car awhile. He finishes praying and thanks the Lord for the things that are being done in the spiritual realm at this very moment. He knows that God wants us praying in faith. He then goes to his computer to share life with others on the Net and the local Bulletin Boards.

Joe says, "You know honey, Clyde was telling me about how others are used by the Almighty God to bring people into his kingdom and how he works through the prayers of his people, their ministering life to others, by putting forth his holy word, etc. I wonder if there are others praying for us right now! I wonder?"