The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 9

Another day and while Joe is at work, Cindy goes to the doctor to find out why she is having problems. She gets there about noon for her appointment. Phil, their doctor for years is glad to see Cindy again. Cindy explains that she isn't feeling well in the mornings. She tells Phil that she feels nauseauted a lot more than normal. Phil runs a few tests and she seems to pass them fine. He asks her some questions and then he does a urine test. The results come back and they say that she is pregnant. Phil tells Cindy. She can't believe it. Not at this time in her life, she can't have a baby. She has plans to travel with Joe, maybe even try out for modeling. She knows that having a baby might mess up her figure. She looks at Phil, disgusted that he would tell her such bad news. Her mind is going, "Why God, why?" Phil then tells her that Planned Parenthood is right down the street and they could help her without anyone knowing including her husband. She thanks Phil and goes out the door.

As she is walking back to her car, she sees the Planned Parenthood sign down at the corner. Her thoughts go back to when she was in high school and how she was told that in the early stages it isn't a baby yet, it is a zigote, an embryo, a fetus, etc. So maybe if she takes care of the problem in the earliest stages then it would be all right to terminate her pregnancy. She decides to go to Planned Parenthood and ask a few questions. She gets to the door, says a short prayer and goes inside. They greet her at the desk, very pleasant, very friendly. She explains that she is pregnant and wants to know about development and when it becomes a baby. They ask Cindy a few pertinent questions so they can feel where she is at with the pregnancy. She goes into how she is thinking about becoming a model, that she and her husband are planning on traveling. The girl talking with Cindy agrees that this 'potential' child would be a burden in her life right now. She tells her that it isn't anything but a mass of cells at the moment, it isn't a human yet. Cindy listens as the girl tells her that it starts out as a single cell and she compares it to full grown humans which are comprised of millions upon millions of cells to make us what we are. Cindy seems to follow her logic and it sounds very logical, very good. She thanks her and schedules a time for an abortion. The receptionist tells her to come back tomorrow to have the laminaria put in so that they can open the uterus to scrape out the products of conception. Cindy tells them that she will be back in the morning. She thanks them for their help, consulation, and encouragement. She goes out to the car, feeling like the Lord is putting this together for her since he knows that she isn't ready for a baby.

She gets into her car and drives to the grocery store to get a few items for supper tonight. She buys Joe some of his favorite foods. She is going to celebrate their future plans for traveling around the world. She has been dreaming of this for years and ever since she was a teenager she has been saving money for such a time in the future. Joe has been helping her with the goal, her dream, her desire since he met her a little over three years ago. They have about $7,000 saved up. She is getting so close to experiencing what she has been wanting to do for a long time that she can smell the Caribean Sea, taste the bananas in Africa, the coconuts in Guam, sense the thrill of riding the snowmobiles in Alaska. There are so many things that they are going to do together.

Joe gets home around 5:30. He kisses Cindy and tells her of his day at work. He was a little upset with one of his fellow workers. They got into an argument regarding the rights of animals. Jerry has been an animal rights activist for quite a while. He was telling Joe that he shouldn't eat meat since he was a Christian now and he believed that God was the Creator of all things then surely he would know that God created the fruit and vegetables for mankind to eat not animals. Joe didn't know enough of the word to argue sufficiently as to the reason that he ate meat so he ended up hollering at Jerry, telling him that animals and people were different. Jerry says, "How are they different Joe?" Joe is at a loss for words. He turns around and heads back to his work place as those who are looking on are either laughing or puzzled as to what has happened. Cindy looks at Joe with her big brown and at this moment, sad eyes. "Joe, that is a thought. If God made the animals then why do we eat them?" Joe looks back at Cindy and says, "I am not sure Cindy but I will find out." They go to the supper table but for some reason the big steak meal wasn't as good as it normally is to either one of them. Cindy tries to liven up the atmosphere by telling Joe that she wanted to celebrate since they are getting super close to their trip around the world. Joe looks up from his steak that he has been eyeing for the past two minutes. He says to Cindy, "Right, next week I get my vacation pay which will add another $700 to our sum total." Cindy says, "Alright!"

They finish off their meal and go into the living room to read some of the word regarding life. They don't get very far in Genesis when they see that God gave the herbs, and it talked about a garden and even after the fall they saw that they would work by the sweat of their brow to make the land bring forth food for their consumption. The land, the ground! Joe was getting more confused. He and Cindy go to bed early. As they were walking to the bedroom, Joe says, 'Where is Clyde when you need him?" Cindy turns to Joe, "Clyde knows a lot of the Bible Joe but we can learn, study, meditate and God will teach us too!" Joe says, "Yea, Cindy he will."