The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 11
Shinning lights in darken corners

Joe turns to Cindy as they are heading for the back. "Cindy, why are you walking so slow?" Cindy looks at Joe, "Cramps, I guess!" Joe just says, "Oh!" They get to where the others are eating lunch and Joe introduces Cindy to some of the ones who have never met her. He gets to Jerry. Jerry shakes her hand and goes into his animal protection spill. Joe continues taking her to others to meet, he doesn't want to get into it with Jerry again, not now. After she meets the ones that she never met, they go over to a spot to eat lunch. Joe sits down and says, "Cindy, you sure you are all right?" She says, "Yes Joe, I am just feeling a little tired, I guess." Joe prays over the meal and for Cindy. They then eat and discuss different things for the future. The conversation goes to children and Cindy asks him when would he like to have children. Joe tells Cindy that he thinks kids are neat but maybe in a couple of years. Cindy agrees. He asks her why did she bring that up. Cindy tells him that she was just curious. They finish off their lunch. Joe hugs Cindy and she leaves for the house. She gets back to her place and cleans the dishes left out last night. That laminaria feels a little strange in her. She goes into the livingroom to sit down for a while. She starts to read some in her KJV Bible again. She turns back to Psalm 139 that she was reading at Joe's work to continue on where she left off. She finds where she was reading when Judy came up to her and she starting talking with her. It was verse 12, she goes back to thinking about that verse. "Yes, Lord you see me in the night time as well as in the day time, you see me wherever I am at or whatever I am doing. You will never leave me or forsake me. Cool!"

She looks down to read the next verse and as she does the phone rings. She grabs it and says, "Joe and Cindy's place, children of the most high God!" The person on the other end says, "What did you say?" Cindy repeats it. The girl says, "Oh! Cindy this is Judy. I had to call you and ask you a few more questions about our discussion today. You were telling me about being married is really no different that just living together unless there was a strong committment to God or something like that." Cindy goes on to explain that without a God then there is really no reason to be committed to one another, there is really no right or wrong. She further explains that there are many who are true to one another who don't know God but it isn't because God tells them to, just because they want to. They don't want a different mate, they are content with the one they have but what if they weren't, what would keep them from leaving their mate. Common sense tells me nothing if they do not know God. There are no absolutes without him. If we came from monkeys then we would have the same morals, absolutes that they have. Judy was halfway following Cindy. She then says, "But Cindy, I do believe in God. I pray pretty often." Cindy goes on to tell Judy that she prayed at times too, before she was born-again but it was just a religious activity not really a relationship thing. Cindy then tells her that many people pray but that doesn't mean they know God, they know of him, they know he exists but that is as far as it goes. There has to be a relationship with him. We must be born-again. Judy stops Cindy, "What do you mean, born-again?" Cindy tells Judy the story in the Bible of Jesus talking with Nicodemus and Nicodemus was a very religious man but Jesus told him that he must be born again. Using the illustration, Cindy seeks to show that religion doesn't save a person. Many religious people don't know God just as Nicodemus was religious. They must have new life from above and that is accomplished when they receive Jesus into their lives. Judy then tells Cindy that she was baptized and confirmed. Cindy tells Judy that it is just another religious thing and it doesn't save. Jesus is the One who saves, rituals, water baptism, sacraments, whatever we can come up with doesn't save. We seek to put something in the place of the Almighty God to gain satisfaction from him, something that we do in our own sinful strength and it will not work.

Cindy continues to talk to Judy for about an hour. Light is going forth in darken corners of an office. Joe comes into the house as Cindy is just about to let Judy go. Cindy's Bible is sitting on the couch beside her and Joe picks it up and says, "What have you been reading?" Cindy tells Joe that she has been trying to finish up Psalm 139 but there has been one interruption after another. Joe says, "Well, I am here now and you will get to finish now just as soon as you fix me a glass of tea. Cindy says, "Joe?" Joe says, "Okay, I will fix me a glass of tea and I will be right back." He goes into the kitchen as Cindy is shaking her head.