The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 26
Prayer changes things and things change prayer

Meanwhile back at Joe and Cindy's place, Cindy has been praying for Tom, Judy, Jerry and others that she has been sharing with or the ones that Joe has told her about. Her mind goes back to the guy who said that he was a Satanist and punched her. She lifts him up before the Father God. She hurts for him, she still remembers the look on his face when she was telling him that Satan will burn in hell for all eternity and all those who follow him and reject the Lord Jesus Christ. How he started cussing her and then he struck her and he was gone. She asks God to continue to minister to him through others who are born-again, who he either knows or meets on the streets or wherever. Her mind goes back to Clyde and the street gang who killed him. She lifts up Metalhead once again before the throne of grace. She knows that he must be going through quite a bit at the moment and she knows that he now has the same one living within him that he killed Clyde for preaching. Then she thinks about how Clyde's two brothers and four sisters have contacted the New York Police Department, the courthouse, the Mayor's office and asked them to let him go free, he has repented of what he has done, he is a NEW creature in Christ Jesus and the old man, the murderer, the thief, the liar, the con-artist, the over-all sinner is dead and Metalhead is alive in Christ. How the Mayor marvelled to hear such things from Clyde's own family. He figured that they must not have been a very close family but the more that he found out, the more that he saw that they were very close. He was even more in amazement. He told them that they can be character witnesses at the trial and say what they would like to say there.

Cindy has tears running down her cheeks now. The love of God, the mercy of God is trememdous and to see that love, the mercy shed abroad in the hearts of his people adds to or to say demonstrates more the power that there is in the amazing love of God.

The door-bell rings and Cindy gets up to see who is there. She peeks out the window and it is Judy. Cindy opens the door and invites Judy in. She says, "Well, long time since I talked with you?" Judy smiles a little and Cindy gives her a hug. Judy starts putting questions before Cindy in rapid fire secession. "How do you know there is a God? Where is he? Why doesn't he talk to me? What is he? Or is he really a she? On and on the questions were being fired out towards Cindy. Cindy jumps in, "Hold it, hold it, slow down Judy. I don't know all the answers but we will deal with one at a time and seek the Lord's face for things that he hasn't shown me yet. "Judy, how do you know that you have a mother and a father? Because you know them, right?" Judy says, "That's right!" "Okay, I know that there is a God cause I KNOW him, Judy! I used to know certain things about him but now I KNOW him, I have a relationship with the Lord and that makes all the difference in the world. You have a relationship with your family, hence you KNOW them, you don't just know about them, you KNOW them. God is a Spirit and he is everywhere present. He is love since that is a big part of his makeup, he is called love in the bible. You asked is God a he or a she. I just told you that God is Spirit and he is everywhere present and when God came in the flesh, he became a man since he gave man authority on planet earth and he made man the head of the household so he became a man and as a man died in our place so that all who receive him as Lord and Saviour become new creatures in Christ Jesus."

"What else did you ask Judy? Oh yea, you wanted to know why he doesn't talk to you. Sin has blocked the way to God and that way can be cleared when a person repents and turns to God for forgiveness and cleansing. There is a road block in the way, so to speak, between us and God and Jesus is the way to God and he is also the street repairer so we can get to God. So not only is he the repairer of the street, he is also the street that we walk on. He is the narrow way that leads to life and yet he is the life that the narrow way or road leads to. Repentance is turning from sin to God, it like making a 180 degree turn. We are going one way, the way to hell and we turn around and go the other way, the way that leads to heaven. The word of God, his written word brings conviction of sin and when we act on that conviction and seek his forgiveness then he turns us around, empowers us to live for him.

The discussion has been going for approximately three hours. Judy is silent now. The air is super still as if you could hear an ant walk across the floor. The silence is deafening, Judy clears her throat to make sure that she hasn't lost her hearing. She was relieved to hear herself. Judy looks up about 3-5 minutes later, it seems like hours to Cindy. "Cindy, I really appreciate you talking to me these last few hours. You said some pretty interesting things. I am going to go now. I will talk to you later. Thanks for everything!" Judy gets up off the couch and so does Cindy. Cindy gives her another hug and tells Judy that she loves her and to call if she wants to talk anytime, day or night. Judy looks at Cindy and says, "You mean that, I can tell. Thanks again. Bye Cindy!" Cindy opens the door and Judy is gone.

Cindy thanks God for the opportunity to minister life. Not only does God give mankind a part in his plan to bring about physical life but he gives those who are born-again by the Spirit of God, an opportunity to be used by him to bring about spiritual life, new creatures- nonetheless. Super cool! Just to share with people and see the Spirit of God working as the sharing is going forth is tremendous in itself.

Joe comes in from work tired so he goes straight to bed. He is beginning to see the fight in the spiritual realm is getting heavier and he knows that it will get even heavier. He needs to be prepared spiritually by wearing the armour that God furnishes and being more sensitive to his voice.