The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 31
A Time and a Place...

All good things must come to an end, I guess. So around 9:00pm-12:00midnight, slowly the group of people are trimming down as they head for their homes to get ready for another week's work but they are more fired up for the Lord, more in tune with his Spirit, more encouraged in the faith. They want to be used to see more and more changes brought about in this world for the glory of God. Jesus said that if the world persecuted him then they will persecute us. Joe and Cindy have seen a little but very little. Other members of the body of Christ, his church here on planet earth had incredible stories to share with them, how the Lord wrought miracles in the midst of persecution, harassment, etc. The more that they get together and spend quality time with the Lord of Glory, the more they realize the awesome love that he has, he just wants us to spend time with him, seek his face, so that he can prove himself to us. The more that they feel a part of one another, the more they are becoming what he meant them to be, his body. Christians are called light in a dark world, salt, overcomers, victors. Jesus said that the world would know we are his disciples if we move in love towards one another. Something that many in this group hunger for, to see that God love to go deeper than shaking hands and saying, "See you next week, bro!" Not to be afraid of one another like if it is a guy talking to a girl then treat her as if she has leprosy. No! Treat her as a sister in the Lord. Don't lust her but love her. God is love, he isn't lust so love by his Spirit. Love your brothers and sisters in the Lord equally. That isn't saying to treat a girl like a guy or vica versa but love. God made women different than he did men so remember that. The Lord wants to be more than some faint figure in a book or even in the book of books, the King James Bible. He wants to fellowship, commune with his people and that seems to be spooky to many Christians. The written word is quick and powerful since it came from the one who is quick and powerful. His word shows us his character, his ways, his love and as we look to the Lord he shows us more, leads us deeper in his life.

There are so many things that the ones who became Christians and left the Roman Catholic Church never completely left behind so Christianity was Romanized to a large degree. Whether it's the holidays, the ways of some worship services, the sacraments, the rituals, the programs, they are not needed. What is needed is that we worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth. That we minister the hope, the life that is offered to all by what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. Most all cults got a lot of their false teachings from the Roman Catholic Church. Water baptism doesn't save, Jesus saves and those who preach water baptism saves teaches baptismal regeneration which is another "gospel". If Christians just lived, acted like the 1st Century Christians in the Book of Acts what an incredible difference it would have on society as a whole. To see the love, the life of God manifested in his saints, those who have been born-again, born of God. That is what the whole world hungers for and many have no idea what it is that they need and God's people know and he is going to require their blood at our hands. What an awesome, incredible, unbelievable thought. Yet this God who has called us to be witnesses has furnished us with all that we need to be the witnesses that he has called us to be. We will not come short in any area as we look to him.

Well, the day is just about over and a few more leave, those who do not have to get up early stayed the latest. The house that they are meeting at is owned by an older brother who is retired so he is really not concerned how late they stay. Tony ends up sleeping on the couch after Peggy wakes him up and tells him that he would be more comfortable on it. She hugs Tony again and tells him that she is glad to have him in the family of God. Tony nods in agreement as if he was embarassed. Peggy turns to leave and tells George that she will see him later. He smiles and tells Peggy to have a nice day in the Lord tomorrow.

Well the sun has gone down, retired for the evening, so to speak then it is good to know that the Son of God never retires. He is ever watching his people, leading them into a deeper, closer, more intimate communion with himself. The day and the night are all alike unto him. Cindy well knows that doctrine now and she is so thankful for it. Tony is laying on the couch trying to comprehend all that has happened today. He was a child of the darkness- the devil's but now he is a child of the light- a son of God. He starts praising Jesus once again. He cannot get over what has happened and he pinches himself to see if he is really awake, if he is really experiencing these things and the pinch hurts so he concluded that he was awake. Praise the Lord! He rolls off of the couch and gets on his knees to the one who created him and everything else. The one who knows the hairs on his head as the street preacher said, this Jesus Christ who loves him with an everlasting love, who gave his life so that Tony and all others like Tony who come to him might have life. "Whosoever believeth..." Those two words are a mind blower. Now Tony is one of the whosoever believeth. Salvation is a prayer away and he prayed and God answered. The one who has no beginning, who will have no ending, the one who is everywhere present, all- powerful, all-knowing...

Tony can't think about it anymore, his mind seems to be short-circuiting. It's time to sleep but how is he going to do that. He climbs back on the couch going over the scripture that the street preacher gave him to memorize. Tony keeps going over and over the verse. He dozes off to sleep as his mind is going over the last few words of the verse, "...I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly."