The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 13
Prayer helps break confusion

Cindy falls asleep a short time later. Joe picks her up and lays her on the couch. He gets a pillow and a blanket out of the bedroom and brings them back into the living room and puts the pillow under her head and the blanket over her. He then goes into the bedroom and starts praying for her and certain people at work such as Jerry and others he has shared with. After about 30 minutes, he still is disturbed at what happened earlier with Cindy. He prays that God will give her a peace with whatever is going on in her life and to give her the answers that she seems to need. He prays that God's will be done on earth in her life as his will is being done in heaven, his one and only perfect will. He finally feels at peace with the situation so he gets off his knees, gets undressed and gets in bed. His mind goes into dreamland as he is going over certain scriptures in his mind such as Mat 21:22, "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." He knew that he was praying in line with the written word of God so in turn, he knew that things were going to work out for the good.

During the night, Cindy wakes up and her mind immediately goes to Psalm 139. She starts thinking, "What am I going to do now? What about our vacation? What about my modeling career that I have been wanting to do for years? What about my figure? What about...?" Enough, she has already planned the abortion and the life isn't really life yet, it is just a few cells. Cindy keeps going over the verses and what the counselor told her at Planned Parenthood. She was trying to reconcile them. Then her mind went to Joe and how he told her that Clyde told him that Planned Parenthood was one of the biggest child killing organizations around. But how could he say that? They seem so respectable, so much on the straight and narrow. Her mind goes to different things and she finally goes back to sleep. The alarm goes off at 6:30am and Joe is up, he spends about 30 minutes in the word and in prayer and he takes a quick shower, gets dressed and Cindy is in the kitchen finishing cooking breakfast. Joe sits down, they talk a little as they are eating, he finishes his coffee and he is gone. Cindy's mind goes back to her appointment today at Planned Parenthood. She gets the dishes cleaned up and goes into the bedroom to get ready for her appointment. She keeps thinking about different things, over-population, child abuse, unwanted children, time, money, etc. Cindy shakes her head, "It isn't a human life yet, now is the best time. I have only been pregnant 10 weeks." She gets up and heads for the car, backs out and heads for the clinic.

As Cindy walks into the clinic, they are once again cordial, temperate, kind, they take her into one of the back rooms and she partially undresses and puts her feet into some sort of stirrups. She is feeling more and more uneasy as the time goes by. A few minutes later a man comes in and asks her how is she doing. She looks at him and says, "Not too well!" He tells her that she will be feeling much better when the small inconvenience is over and done with. Then like a flash of light, a thought comes to her mind, "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations." Cindy is thinking where did that come from as the man is turning on his abortion machine. Cindy hollers, "No, No, No, I don't want an abortion!" The doctor pushes her back down as she attempts to get up and she bumps her head on the table causing a massive headache. She is determined though. She comes up again, only to be pushed back down, something is rising within her, some would call it adrenalin but she knows better. She comes up for the third time and pushes the man aside as if he were just a piece of trash in her way and runs out the door of the clinic. She is crying as she is racing towards her car, crying out of fear, confusion, and also joy, she knows that she has done the right thing. Now to watch the Lord work even greater miracles. She gets in her car as they are calling out to her from the building to come back. She pities them and hates what they stand for: "Women's liberation!" or so they call it and the only one who can truly liberate is Jesus whether it be a woman or a man. He is the Liberator. Liberation is not killing an innocent child for your own selfish goals, liberation is not controlling your own body at the expense of another's life. Liberation is not making sin legal so you can ruin your life and others. True liberation is being set free from the power of sin and only Jesus can do that. He liberated, freed her from the power of sin and he is daily doing it as she feeds on his word, memorizes it and applies it to her life. Free, free, she has never felt so free, she is free to do what is right not free to do the wrong.