The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 20
Life is a vapour

The next day, Joe gets up as usual, spends some time with God, eats a little breakfast, kisses his wife goodbye and he is off to work. He practices on some of the verses that he has been memorizing, today he is going over II Tim 3:12, "Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." Joe hasn't experienced a lot of that as he was going over the verse in his mind but he knew that it was true and the more that he stands out as a Christian, the more the world hates him because a Christian lives in the Light and darkness hates light because their deeds are evil. Oh, they don't mind him taking them to the store, cutting their yard, walking their dog, loaning them money when they need it, doing all kinds of good deeds, that is fine but don't be calling them sinners in need of a Saviour. They know that they do bad things at times but they see so many people that they are better than, nicer, better looking, richer, healthier, etc. so why would Joe tell them that they need to be saved from sin. That is going too far. All of these thoughts are going through Joe's head as he is driving to work, he arrives and now he has to concentrate on his job and do that as to the Lord. He gets out and goes inside, the ones that are usually early are not at their posts, Joe is wondering what is going on. He walks through the plant and he doesn't see anyone, he hears some people talking now as he is getting close to the office area. Ah yes, now he sees some of them.

He walks up to where they are standing around talking and says, "What's up?" Jerry says, "No Joe, it is not what's up, it's what's down? We just got news that Clyde has been killed while in New York preaching on his vacation time." Joe goes into a semi-trance and his mind went back a few weeks ago. Clyde said, "Hey, Joe remember to keep me in prayer while I am gone, I hope to be ministering to some street gangs while I am in New York City." Joe told Clyde that he would but he hasn't thought of that conversation until just now. Joe comes back into reality as he hears a voice saying, "Joe, do you hear me?" Joe says, "Yea, Jerry, I hear you! What is the story behind it?" Joe's boss knew that they were fairly close, he says, "Here Joe, here's the story straight out of the New York City paper." Joe thanks him. The boss starts to tell them to get back to work when Joe speaks up, May I say a prayer? His boss turns to Joe and says, "Sure Joe!" Joe bows his head and starts praying, "Lord God there are many things that I don't understand but I do understand this much, Clyde loved you and I know that he is with you right this minute, his life long dream has come true. He desired to share your life with people everywhere he went but he desired so strongly to be with you. He would quote the verse to me at times, 'For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.' and I have memorized that verse too since he has shared it with me. God I will miss Clyde but I certainly wouldn't ask you to bring him back, now he is in your very presence and that is almost above comprehension. And what is super cool, he went as a martyr, killed for the sake of the gospel. I praise you God for allowing me to be his friend. In Jesus' name. Amen!"

Joe looks up and tears are running down his face. His boss tells him to hang around the office for about 15 minutes and then go to his post. He thanks him and sits down. He looks at the paper in his hand and opens it up and starts reading. "A vistor to the great state of New York was brutally slain by a gang of punk rockers. The leader of the gang has been captured and is in jail, he was questioned as to why did they do it. Metalhead, the only name he would give us said that the guy came up to us and handed us some pamphlets and started talking about how much God loved us. I looked the man in the face and said, 'What do you mean God loves us? Look at us man, we are street people, God never helped us, we help ourselves.' This man had tears running down his cheeks, and then I told him real men don't cry. He went on to say that the greatest, strongest man in the world who was none other than God himself who came in human flesh, actually became a man and died for your sins as well as mine cried when he was here and you tell me that grown men don't cry. No son, men have feeling as well as anyone and crying is one sign of compassion. I love you, all of ya'll but you must come to Jesus for life. Some of the gang members started shouting, Let's kill him, he called us sinners, telling us that we need help. Well, the shouting got to me and I said, Let's do it. We ran upon the man with our knives, clubs and had a party but it was the strangest party that I have ever been at, he wasn't cursing us as most do, he wasn't even fighting back, he was saying things such as Praise the Lord, thank you Jesus that you made me worthy to suffer for your name's sake. Thank you for what you are going to do through this witnessing encounter." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, it was driving me up the wall. One of my boys, grabs his gun and blew his brains out. I looked down at his face and I have never seen so much peace on a person that went through what he went through. Something like a tear came out of one of my eyes and that got me mad. I kicked him and I said where is your God now fella! and then me and the gang took off." Cont. on A4.

Joe's mind is thinking, How did they catch the guy? How? I heard it is super hard, almost impossible to catch street gang members and their leaders in New York City. Joe quickly turns to page A4. He finds the article and continues reading. "The Police sargeant said, 'This was one of our easiest crimes to solve, the guy came in on his own free will and turned himself in and he told us how to find the others who did it. We are still on the lookout for some of them though but at least we know who we are looking for."

Joe stops reading for a few seconds as his mind starts whirling again. Why did the guy turn himself in? He looks back down at the paper and continues on. "Metalhead said that he read the pamphlet and he prayed for the God that this man talked about, the one who revealed himself in his Son to come into his life, to help him see the right way to go, to help him overcome this hatred, bitterness that has been eating at him for years. Then he said the strangest thing. "I knew he heard me, I knew he was coming within me. I just knew, there was some kind of supernatural peace or whatever you want to call it that surrounded me, consumed me. I KNEW that he had heard and then there was this feeling in me to right the wrong that I did. I couldn't understand it. I never remembered experiencing anything like it before. I jumped up and went directly to the police station to report a murder. They asked me where and who did I see murder someone. I tell them that it was me and my gang and it was some man witnessing Jesus to us.

"The case is still under investigation. We hope to give you more news as we receive it." Joe is thinking, "One of my closest friends is dead but there is a new member in the Body of Christ. Praise God! Joe gets up from the chair and goes to work at his post. He is whistling and his boss notices it. He walks up to Joe and asks him, "Why are you whistling? One of your closest friends and one of my best employees is dead and you are whistling. I don't understand it!" Joe looks his boss straight in the eye and says, "Tom, Clyde was a very good friend and I had lots of questions in my mind when I first heard what happened until I sat in your office and read this paper. Not only is Clyde with Jesus, a gang leader was saved and where this will lead, we will only know in eternity. Tom, a kernel of wheat has been buried and now we need to see the crop that will come forth. How many lives are going to come to Jesus through this, only God knows!" Tom nods his head and walks off thinking about all of this.