The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 19
Preparing for a home coming

Well, the work day went by fairly fast. Joe jumps in his car and as he is driving home, his mind goes to Clyde since he knew that Clyde would be back to work tomorrow, his vacation time is over then. He can't wait to see him and tell him all the things that the Lord has been teaching him since he has been gone. His mind goes back to Jerry, the animals, his talk with Cindy last night. He sees the lord's hand in all of it and he knows that the Lord is preparing him for the confrontation in the future but today wasn't the day, he isn't going to go up to Jerry to try to get something going. Joe knew that he wanted to see God bring the talk together because the Lord knows a whole lot better than he does on the time schedule. Joe gets about 2 blocks from home and he sees a woman changing a flat tire. He stops and gets out and runs up to her car and asks for permission to help her. The lady looks at him and she hasn't broken one of the bolts loose yet so she isn't the one to argue with him. Joe takes the lug wrench as she lifts it up to him to take. He starts taking the lug nuts off. He gets them off within about 3 minutes and then takes her spare and puts it on the car and takes the flat tire and puts it in her trunk. Then she offers to pay Joe something. He looks at her and says, "No thanks, ma'am! God used a long haired guy in my wife's life to teach me this lesson." He then gives her a tract that says, "Smile, love is here!" She is still trying to figure out his comment but she just takes the pamphlet and thanks him and Joe is on his way home. The lady is scratching her head, "Smile, love is here!" She is thinking he must be joking. She looks at Joe's car as he is driving off. The bumper sticker on the back says, "Jesus is the way and any other way is the wrong way!" Her mind goes to when she was a child and how Jesus was important then. But this is now, this is reality, this is a hard, cruel world. She says out loud, "But I will read this, young man!" She gets in her car and drives off.

Joe gets home and runs in to see Cindy. She isn't there. He wonders where she is gone off to now. He sits down for a few minutes and prays for the lady that he changed the tire for earlier. He prays that she will read the pamphlet and even call them sometime since Joe had his name and number stamped on back but most of all he prays that she will come to know, Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory as her own personal Lord and Saviour. Cindy comes into the house about 30 minutes later with a black eye. Joe jumps off the couch, "Honey, what happened to you?" She is smiling, "Joe, it wasn't funny at the time but I knew that I was open to the Lord. I offered this young man a tract and he takes it and when he sees that it is about God, he looks up at me and says, 'Your God is dead! I am a Satanist!' I was a little shocked by his words and the look on his face but the Lord calmed me down almost immediately. I go on to share the life of God with him, God gave me a love for the guy and I so wanted him to meet the Lord Jesus Christ for himself. I talk about how God is not dead, neither is he the God of the dead but he is the God of the living and all those who know him will live for all eternity. He is listening but you can still see the hate, the anger in his face. I continue on seeking to show him that Satan is a dead god and he will be losing for all eternity in the lake of fire as will all those who follow him. Well, that is when it happened. He comes up and lets me have it and started running. I was crying for a few minutes but the Lord was not only there, he was touching me and the pain was going away to be replaced with a pain in my heart for the young man. I forgot about my eye almost immediately and started praying for the young man. He might be gone but he still had the pamphlet and the words that I said ringing in his ears. Joe, now I understand a little of what it means by or through experience to praise God in the midst of persecution. It might be mild compared to what a lot of God's people went through in the word of God or even during the dark ages when the Roman Catholic church killed millions but at least I see to a small degree that the same God who was with them was with me and he gave me a peace as I have read time and time again of the Lord giving his people peace in the midst of persecution of the worst kind. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever Joe!" Joe is calming down as he is listening to Cindy talk, the peace of God is now flooding him and he was hot, super hot. To think that some guy would hit a girl, that is low. Cindy then bows her head with Joe and prays for the Satanist. The prayers of God's people who are moving in and submitted to him can move mountains and that is what Cindy is expecting in this young man's life.

Cindy goes to the car and gets the baby's things that she bought such as a baby bed, a play pen and a few other items. She bought them at a used furniture place, she wanted to conserve money for the food and clothing for the street people that they have been talking about lately. Joe then tells Cindy a little bit of his day at work and how he is waiting on the Lord for the opening to talk with Jerry about animals and the differences regarding them and mankind. He also tells Cindy about the lady with the flat tire and he changed it for her and then she offered him money. He tells Cindy that he turned it down and he goes on to tell her that it is a lesson that he learned from a long haired guy. Cindy laughs and hugs Joe. She says, "Now I will go work on fixing us some supper. I am tired and hungry, it has been a day to say the least." Cindy goes into the kitchen and Joe sits down at his computer that he got a few weeks ago. He has been learning a lot on it. There are ever so many opportunities on the Web or even local bulletin boards to share Jesus with people. The doors are opening all the time. Joe believes that time is short here and he wants to be used in big ways for the Lord's glory. Whatever door God opens he wants to go through it.

About an hour later, Cindy calls him to supper. He gets up and goes to the dining room. They are having lamb chops. Cindy says, "I never ate lamb and I couldn't resist when I was at the store. My mind went to the lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world. He ate lamb until he became the Passover lamb." They bow their heads and once again enter into the throne room of the Lord God Almighty since they knew that they could go there boldly because of what Jesus, the one true lamb of God, has done for them by his finished work on the cross since they have accepted that free gift and now they are in his family. The veil has been split, there is no separation between God and man anymore when a person goes through Jesus.