The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 24
Bar Life is a Lonely Life

The phone rings at 4:00am. Cindy grabs the phone hopefully before it wakes Joe up. She knows that he has to get up in a couple of hours. She meekly says, "Jesus is Lord! May I help you?" The voice on the other end is weeping. Cindy says, "What is wrong?" The voice says, "Cindy, it's me, Judy! Do you remember me?" "Yes, of course Judy! You work where Joe works!" Judy says, "Yea, Cindy that's right. I don't know where to turn. I remembered the conversation that we had on God when you were up at the shop and so I just felt compelled to call you. I have a friend that I have known for years but she would have a hissy fit if I called her at this time of the morning." Cindy says, "It's all right if you call me anytime day or night if you need someone to talk to Judy. What happened?" Judy goes on to explain how her and Harry were out at some night club and Harry meets some girl there and he leaves with her. Judy is crying big time. Cindy says, "Judy, calm down a little bit. I know this is hard on you but listen to me." Judy tries to bring her sobs down to a whimper. Cindy comes back into the mostly one sided conversation, her side. She prays silently and she submits it to the Lord.

"Judy, when we talked that day and from the things that you told me, then you must have known that things like this have been happening or at least half-way guessed it." Judy whispers, "Yea Cindy, I guess so!" Cindy keeps talking, "Judy, we all are born sinners and some sinners specialize at certain sins better than other sinners but we all sin. We need the Lord of life, his name is Jesus and he wants to deliver us from sin. Sin destroys lives, relationships, kills us ultimately. Sin that is not repented of will send us to hell, Judy! Jesus so desires to free you from the things that hold you down, that confuses, that destroys us but we MUST come to him for life. We have a choice to make, we are either going to live for the Lord or we are going to live for self." It got quiet for a few minutes which seemed like hours since the very air was tense. Judy finally spoke up. "Cindy, I don't know what to say. I want peace of mind, I want joy within me. I want this confusion that I have been living in gone. Cindy, I am so tired of so many things but it doesn't seem like anything lasts long. I had peace, joy with my Harry when I first met him. How do I know that this Jesus thing won't be just as temporary?"

Cindy speaks up, "Judy, All I can say to that! I have been walking with Jesus around a year and I am getting stronger and stronger in him. I am getting closer and closer to him. I see his honesty, his love, his fellowship for me growing not diminishing. I can only tell you Judy, that I have seen more and more of his word coming to pass in my life as I claim his promises and step out on what he has promised me and I see it fulfilled in my life." The quiet came in once again. "Cindy, I want those things that you talk about but I can't just throw my life, my past away like it never existed." "I see that Judy, but you know that the life you are living isn't going well at all. As I told you sin destroys and it will be no exception with you and yours." Judy says, "I never really thought of it as sin, I might have called what I was doing abnormal with the majority of people living around me but I love Harry and I just can't comprehend it as sin. I have been taught that sin is wrong and I do not feel that I am wrong living with Harry. We both consented to it and neither were forced into it. We are not hurting one another!" Cindy talks again, "So are we to determine or decide if two consenting adults agree on anything for each other then it is not sin? So that would tell me that two men who want to shack up together as husband and husband wouldn't be wrong or two people that consent to beating one another would be all right to do? We can keep going with that type of logic Judy and we know that it can't be true. We know that just those two illustrations that I used are wrong and we can use many more."

Judy asks, "What makes it wrong then?" The answer came back quickly, "The words from the Almighty God and they are recorded in his book, the Holy Bible, KJV." Judy asks, "Where can I look to read this, Cindy?" Cindy tells her to read the 10 Commandments in Exodus 20, and read Ephesians 5 and Matthew 5, I Corith. 7. As she is telling Judy, Judy jumps in, "Wait a minute Cindy, wait a minute, you are going too fast. Let me get a pen!" Judy jumps up and Cindy prays again a short prayer to God; "Lord, you use me. You anoint me. Your word will break her, will convict her. You will draw her since I KNOW that you want her saved. You love her with an everlasting love." Judy is back and she says, "Okay Cindy, go ahead." Cindy repeats them and adds a few more to check out. Cindy didn't mention to Judy why she knows so many of these verses. The Lord used them in her life when she was shacking up with Joe. About two hours later, Joe comes into the kitchen where Cindy is sitting at the table, bible in hand and phone in the other hand. Joe says, " Who are you talking to hon?" Cindy says, "To Judy!" Joe nods. "Tell her that I said hi!" Cindy does so and goes back to the word of God.

Truth has been going forth for almost two hours, truth from the very mind of God. Truth that sets the captives free. Truth that it seems so many Christians take for granted. Since so many bible perversions have been coming out and they all contradict each other, Christians don't know what to think or believe in so many areas. Cindy heard that some bible publishers are Roman Catholic, the one who owns the copyright to the NIV is the one who does the Bart Simpson cartoons, a lesbian was on the committee when the NIV was translated. Ever so many thoughts were coming into Cindy's mind as to the problems, the confusion, the contradictions that are in the new 'versions' of the bible. She knows, how well she knows that Satan is the author of confusion. Cindy goes back to ministering life by the Spirit of God. She knows that the Spirit will quicken the words of God to her at the proper time, as he is preparing her heart.

Joe comes back into the kitchen about 45 minutes later to kiss Cindy good-bye. He had breakfast in the bedroom, feeding on the word of God in there. He was full and overflowing. Cindy saw that he looked pretty nourished as she told him good-bye and to have a good-day. Joe says, "I am planning on it. Tell Judy, see her at work or somewhere!" Cindy smiles and nods and Joe is gone.