The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 4
A short drive to think

Joe drives out to the river which is about 5 miles from his house and parks and thinks about what has been going on lately, seeking to put pieces of the puzzle together. Why are these things going on in his mind and why is he letting it bother him so much? Why has he been getting so mad so easily lately? Why do people even mentioning Jesus bug him now? Why does he seek to find out more even though he doesn't really like where this seems to be taking him? Why all the confusion? He remembered reading in the Bible where it said that Satan was the author of confusion not God. So why is he so confused, God is the one he is trying to find out about not Satan but it seems to make sense that Satan would be confusing him at this time in his life when he wants to know if there is a God that is deeply concerned with his life.

His mind is drifting on and off. Too many questions and not enough answers. He looks at his watch, he has been there a little over 2 hours. He couldn't believe it. What is Cindy going to think now? He starts the car and heads home, as quickly as possible. He gets pulled over for speeding. He was doing 55 in a 35 speed zone. The cop asks him is he late for a funeral. He feels that he is, his funeral. Time slowly passes, each minute that he is there seems like an hour. He finally gets his ticket, thanks the officer and drives off. The cop scratches his head, thinking, 'I don't usually get a thank you for a ticket.' He gets back in his car and keeps watching out for more speeders.

Joe almost runs in the door when he gets home. Cindy isn't there. He is wondering where could she be. He sits on the couch and starts praying once again. The unusual is getting to be usual, or more common now. As he is praying the phone rings. Joe answers it, it is Cindy. He jumps right into it. "Cindy, where have you been?" She sounds a little shaken and scared. She tells Joe, "The car had a flat tire and I was on a side street on the out skirts of town. There were a bunch of guys, most of them had long hair and they saw me and started coming over to where I was at. They get to me and I was scared to death or almost, Joe. One of them says, "Could we help you? Do you have a spare tire?" I look up at the one speaking and I tell him that I think that I do. Then he asks for the key to the trunk and I hesitate but I give it to him. What else could I do? He takes it and goes to the back of the car and unlocks it. I hear him moving things around back there but I just sit and pray, "God, if you are watching, work this out. I still don't know what to think about you or even if you are there or if you care but please work this out for good." As I am praying the guy comes back and says, "The tire is flat. May I take it and get it fixed for you?" Once again Joe, I didn't have many options so I tell him, 'Yes, you may!' He takes off with the tire, I don't know where he is going. He was walking. I just sit and about an hour later, he is back. He puts the tire on for me and gives me some pamphlets. I thank him and I offer him some money and he says, 'No thanks, I did it because Jesus told me to. He wants me to help others and I seek to do just that and share his life with them.'" "Joe, then he tells me about Jesus for about 15 minutes and he leaves. I couldn't believe it. God is here, there, somewhere or is it everywhere?, Joe. He cares and I think I know he does." Joe was crying. He tells her, "Hurry home and be careful, don't speed, you could get a ticket." He then tells Cindy good-bye, hangs up the phone and starts praising the God that he doesn't even know yet.