The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 25
Men, Women, Sex, and Problems

Joe is in his sixth day of the fast and he didn't know if he was going to make it through those first three days. What a headache he had but he would just trust the Lord with his head as he did with his stomach and his will. Those days were rough, it did seem to get easier after that but he still had a desire for food but it was submitted to the Lord, a desire nonetheless. Joe has been spending his lunch breaks memorizing scripture and talking with the Lord, he has memorized Jeremiah 15:16, which says, "Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O LORD God of hosts." He is beginning to understand the importance of the word of God in his life and why God compares it to food. He didn't know that food was so important until he decided to go without it. Then he saw how important it was.

Joe starts thinking, "How easy it is for us to take things for granted, and we never know what tomorrow brings." It is like Christians who are not feeding on the word of God, they are just barely getting by as a man who doesn't hardly eat, he is just barely getting by. Even though one is in the spiritual and the other is in the physical, they are both just barely making it. God wants us to do more than just get by, he wants us to live overcoming, victorious lives and we will as we walk with the Lord of life, Jesus Christ. Joe's mind comes back to the here and now. He is almost at work. Joe speaks out loud, "Another day, another dollar. I guess that I should say, another day another $.25 for me and $.75 for the government."

He parks his car and goes inside to work. He is fifteen minutes early so he goes to the coffee break area. Jerry and Tom are sitting at a table drinking a cup of coffee. Joe says, "Good morning everybody!" They look over at Joe and nod in unison. Joe pours himself a cup of coffee water without the coffee and sits at a table close by. Tom says, "Hey Joe, you can sit over here with us. We don't bite." Joe says, "Oh, I am sorry, I figured that I might be interrupting something so I just took another table." Tom says, "No, we were just talking about death. Death regarding animals and death regarding people. Tom was telling me that one deserves to live just as much as the other. They are life and life is life, there is no difference." Joe jumps in on that last comment. "Jerry, if you really believe that then why didn't you answer my comments the other day when I was talking about the differences in animals and people." Jerry glances over at Joe and says, "I didn't think it was worth arguing with you, Joe. I have already shown you time and time again that they both bleed, hurt, walk, even talk in their own language." "But Tom, you said that you were a Christian and I studied it out like I told you that I would and I got back with you and showed you that God created mankind on a much higher level than he did animals and because of the fall in the Garden, man acts lower than the animals. I went on to show you that man are eternal creatures, created in the image of God but now it is a fallen image stained by sin. One again, you did not answer. So why are you now telling Tom that animals and man are the same. You used to seek to prove that to me using the bible and when I showed you what the bible really had to say on the subject then you just walked off. If I am wrong in the scriptures that I used I am willing to listen to you, just show me from the word of God."

Jerry mumbles, "Joe, you didn't listen to me before and you will not listen to truth now. All you want to do is shove your religion down our throats." Joe comes back into the conversation and says, "Jerry, I really believe deep down that you know that is not true. I have never sought to shove anything down your throat but many times you would catch me eating a hamburger or chicken sandwich and you would jump on my case about it. Jesus died to save mankind not animals." The work bell goes off. Jerry is thinking, "Just in time!" Jerry says, "Well, we need to get to work, we will take this up later Joe and I will show you clearly that eating animals is against God's will for us." Jerry gets up to go to his post. Joe looks over at Tom and he just shrugs his shoulders. Joe smiles and gets up to go to his post. Tom says, "I would like to hear more later on what you were saying Joe!" Joe looks around surprised and says, "Sure Tom, anytime!"

Tom's mind goes back to Clyde, "He is an honest man, he was always on time, he hardly ever complained, and he did his work superbly. He was one of my best workers and he gets killed in New York telling some punk rockers about Jesus. What kind of God do they have that would even allow such atrocities?" Tom stops thinking about it for the moment, he would be very interested to hear Joe defend a God like that. Tom gets up and goes back into his office. He just fired another one of his employees who was caught trying to take some money out of the cash drawer. Tom caught him red handed and then he tried to deny it. Tom told him to be thankful that he is just firing him and not bringing the cops in on it. Tom is thinking to himself, "What is wrong with people? Why do they do some of the junk that they do? As far as that goes, why do I do some of the junk that I do? Why did I have that one night stand with that secretary a few years ago and my wife finds out and she leaves me? Why did I even do it? Was it really worth it?" Tom shakes his head, "I gotta get my mind off all these things and think about this business that I have put ten years of my life into and thousands upon thousands of dollars. Things just don't seem to make sense, if I really came from a monkey, what has sense to do with it or love, hate, desire, confusion, right, wrong? Enough!", that comes out of his mouth with a burst of noise that scared him. His secretary comes running into the office, "Did you call me?" Tom shakes his head, "No, Lynn. I was just thinking out loud. Do you know what happened to Judy. Why didn't she come to work today?" Lynn says, "Well, it is something to do with her live-in partner who went off with some girl at a bar and Judy is down, to say the least." Tom says, "Okay, thanks Lynn. If I need you, I will page you!" She says, "Okay" and turns to exit the office. Tom is alone with his thoughts once again and that is the last thing that he wants right now. He looks down at all the bills, the paperwork in front of him and he wonders, "What's the use?"