The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 10
Preparation time!

Joe wakes up and spends some time with God, he is still a little down because of the confrontation that he had yesterday. He gives Cindy a great big good-bye hug. After Joe leaves for work, Cindy gets ready to go to Planned Parenthood to have the laminaria inserted into her cervix. She is nervous and she is not sure why. She leaves about an hour later. Meanwhile, Joe is at work, apologizing to Jerry for hollering at him yesterday. Jerry accepts the apology and says, "Joe, I appreciate you standing for what you believe. I am a Christian too. I keep the ten commandments and I go to church on Sunday and I try to live by the Golden Rule." Joe looks up at Jerry and says, "Where is Jesus in what you just said?" Jerry is puzzled and replies back, "What do you mean Joe? Those are the things that Jesus wants me to do so I try my best and he knows that I don't do everything right but I am trying and that is what counts. He wants us to do right by the animals, other people, our environment. Just to make this world a little nicer for everyone. Joe wasn't in the mood to get into it with Jerry on the animals again and now the evironment. He knew that he had to get before God with this and he would understand and if he was wrong, the Lord would show him. He tells Jerry that he will talk with him later.

Cindy walks into Planned Parenthood, they were glad to see her back. Shelia takes Cindy into one of the back rooms where she partially undresses. Shelia inserts the laminaria and tells Cindy that it will be quick and easy just as the abortion will be tomorrow. Cindy leaves a short time later. She drives to Joe's work place to eat lunch with him. She gets there, gets her Bible and goes into the office to wait. She is going through the Psalms. She is reading Psalm 139 today. As she is reading verse 12, "Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee." She started thinking about that one as she does many of the scriptures that she reads. Her mind was going to how God is so concerned with every part of her life, how he used that long haired guy to share truth with her and he not only shared the truth, he lived it. He actually went and had her tire fixed and didn't charge her anything. Then in verse 12 she was seeing that God sees all that we do whether in the dark or the light, they are the same to him. As she is meditating on this, the secretary comes over to her and starts talking with Cindy. She sees that Cindy is reading the bible. "Cindy, I haven't seen you in a while!" Cindy looks up startled, "Oh Judy, how are you doing?" "Fantastic, Cindy! So I heard that you and Joe married." "Yes, we did, Judy. I am so more at ease now. Things that bothered me when we were living together are gone!" Judy says, "What do you mean?" "Oh, things like fear, doubt. You know! I mean like was he running around with some other woman when he was not with me! That fear and doubt have been replaced with trust, commitment to one another." Judy jumps in at this point. "Yea, I wonder about Harry sometimes or maybe I should say many times. He comes in after work and if I am not all dressed up, looking sharp he goes out to get a drink or a few drinks as he tells me. He doesn't come back home till around midnight at times. I wonder what he has been doing! He says just drinking and playing cards with the guys."

"Judy, marriage is nice but we need a reason to keep those marriage ties and Jesus is the reason, not only for the season but he is the reason for all time." Judy is perplexed at this and she says so. "Judy, what I am trying to tell you if the heart is not right with God then marriage is just a piece of paper which can be trashed at anytime. We need desparately to have someone in our lives who can help us to do what we know that we should be doing." Judy seems to be catching a tiny ray of light from Cindy. About that time, Joe comes into the office. "Cindy, they told me that you were here! I am so glad that you came. Come on, let's go meet Clyde!" Cindy says good-bye to Judy and tells her that they will talk again later. They go to the back through the double doors.