The Cream of the Crop!


Written by Danny Bunn,B.A. (Born-Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ)

Chapter 15
The Planned Parenthood Experience

Meanwhile Joe is coming out of an awesome prayer time with God. He looks up and continues to praise this truly awesome, magnificent God that he serves. He then hears a noise in the kitchen. He figures Cindy must have come in the back door but he wonders why. He gets up and walks toward the kitchen and as he turns the corner, there she is- the woman of his dreams. He asks Cindy how her day went. She glances over at Joe and tells him that she will let him know some important events that transpired while he was at work today. Joe looks at her confused but he decides to let it go until after dinner, he doesn't want to eat burnt food besides sitting close to someone with cold shoulders. He goes back to the living room. As he is in there waiting on dinner, the phone rings. Joe answers, "Home of Joe and Cindy Woods, children of the Most High God. May I help you?" The voice on the other end says, "What did you say?" That was becoming a normal question for them. Joe repeats it and the man on the other end says, "Oh!, I was just calling to see if you as the man of the house would like to have cable television installed in your home for as little as..." Joe hangs up the phone but he also apologizes to God, "God, I am sorry that I did that but I don't want to hear about t.v.'s right now especially since what happen a little over an hour ago."

Joe picks up the paper. He starts reading about some arsonist burning down some abortion clinics in different parts of the country. He found that interesting especially the remark that she made, that a building isn't anything compared to letting a child live. He was thinking about that and Cindy hollers from the kitchen, "Come and get it! A hot meal for hard workers." Joe gets up and runs to the dining area. He plops down in the man's chair at the table and meekly asks Cindy to pray this time. Cindy says, "With pleasure." She bows her head and calls upon the Lord of life to anoint them, to fill them with his presence, to lead them into a deeper walk with him. To give them the strength to face each and every day with its different problems, tribulations, trials. To live as if Jesus were coming in the next few minutes. To live totally separated unto him and given over to him so they can be used in the lives of others that are lost, confused, hurting as they once were and wouldn't even admit it to themselves for so long. She continues to thank the Lord for his blessings, and for the one that they are about to experience right then and that is food when there are ever so many people all over the world starving to death, many don't have one meal a week much less a day especially not three meals a day. She praises the Lord for meeting their needs and asks him to show them what to do to help others that they come in contact with.

She then closes her prayer and Joe says, "Amen and amen to that, Cindy! Pass the potatoes." Cindy does so but then she says, "Joe, I was serious about what I just said." Joe looks at Cindy, "I know you were honey! About what?" She shakes her head and says, "About the people starving to death all around us and we don't seem to care." Joe looks at Cindy and says, "What can we do, we are just two people!" Cindy says, "Two people with the Almighty God living inside of them!" That put a different perspective on it and Joe says, "Yea, you are right, Cindy! What has the Lord shown you?" She mentions the money that they have been saving for years to travel around the world. Joe stops what he is doing and looks into Cindy's big, beautiful, brown eyes again. "Cindy, do you want to use that money to do something about people starving around here? Jesus said that we will always have the poor with us." Cindy agrees, "But he also said though his apostles that if we see our brother in need and don't do anything about it, how can we say that the love of God abides in us." Joe looks down at his food again and he is thinking, 'What if I didn't get to eat at least a couple of meals a day, how would I like it? Jesus also said that in all things whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you that we are to do the same. I would want others to help me so why shouldn't I be willing to help others?' Joe looks up from his plate of food,

"Let's do it honey!" A smile goes across Cindy's face. Her eyes looked even prettier to Joe. Almost like he has heard people say, 'the face of an angel. Cindy says, "Joe, I knew that you had the same God in you that I have living in me and I know that if he can tell me something that he can tell you the same." Joe laughs as his mind goes back to the day that they go to get married and he says close to the same words to her. "Cindy, women should be seen and not heard." At that comment, Cindy throws a biscuit at Joe and it hits him on the head. Cindy says, "That's all right, there is nothing up there to hurt!" They start laughing. They finish eating and Joe retires to the living room thinking about the new opportunities ahead of them. Cindy comes in about 40 minutes later and sits down beside Joe and starts to recount some of the day to him. She tells Joe about her sickness and being confused to what it was, how she went to the doctor and found out. She stops and is quiet. Joe says, "What was it honey?" Cindy looks straight at Joe and says, "The doctor said that I am pregnant!" Joe is stunned yet now it was coming together for him, the animal rights activist, Clyde telling him about Planned Parenthood, dying to self and living in God. He smiles at Cindy and says, "Then what did you do?" Cindy tells Joe that her doctor told her that Planned Parenthood is right down the street and nobody would ever know not even her husband. A flush of anger rose in Joe but he submitted it to the Lord.

Cindy continued on. She tells Joe how she went down to Planned Parenthood and they explained to her how it wasn't life yet, just a few cells. She went on to tell Joe that she believed it, not because it was factual evidence, it was what she wanted to hear. Joe is nodding as he is thinking this is a lot better than t.v. Cindy then takes Joe to Planned Parenthood with her in his mind so that he can experience to the best of his ability what she was going through. She then explained to him that was the day that she met him for lunch at his work place. He remembered now and brought back to his remembrance why she was wasn't walking so well, the laminaria. He was seeing clearer and clearer. Then in the evening when she was crying as she was reading Psalm 139 and she couldn't read it anymore and so she let Joe read the rest and he did and made some comments. Oh, how Joe was seeing the hand of God once again all through this and he hasn't seen the best yet. Cindy then takes him to the day of the scheduled abortion. Joe is all ears. Cindy starts by telling him about her getting ready and she was nervous, something wasn't right, she thought that God was bringing all of this together so that she could go around the world as she has planned for years and get a modeling job. She tells Joe about arriving at the clinic and partially undressing and laying there with her feet in some sort of stirrups. The doctor comes in and asks her how she is doing and she tells him not so good. He tells her that she will be doing a lot better when he gets rid of the little inconvenience that is troubling her.

This is when she tells Joe what happened next. She tells him about her laying there, confused, troubled, bugged and then it happened. She heard a voice saying, "Before I formed thee in the womb, I knew thee and I ordained thee to be a prophet to the nations." Where was that coming from? She heard it and this is when he was turning on the abortion machine. Cindy tells Joe about her hollering, "No, no, no, I don't want an abortion" as she is coming up off the table and she shares how she is pushed back down. Joe is getting angry again but the Lord calms him down. Cindy continues on, telling how she got a massive headache but she wasn't about to quit. She comes up again and again she is pushed back down. She comes up for the third time and pushes him out of the way as if he were no more than a piece of trash. Was that prophecy? Maybe that is what she was pushing out of her way. Joe is following and then she talks about running to her car, feeling free, she was free to do what was right, free. Joe jumps up off the couch and hugs Cindy for being the woman that every woman should be, a woman created by God and the female is the one who bears the children not the males and that is a true woman.

As he is hugging Cindy, Joe tells her the verse that he was memorizing that night, that was playing on his tape recorder as he was going to bed and she was in the living room on the couch before all this happened and the prayer that he prayed for her. The verse was Jeremiah 1:5 and Joe quotes it to her, "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations." Cindy looks at Joe through her tear stained eyes. "The ways of the Lord are almost beyond comprehension." Her mind is going back to God's word and God says that it won't come back void. How true that is. In a sad voice Cindy says, "I didn't quote it correctly!" Joe says back, "You weren't memorizing it either!"